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Albert Einstein:
  "I know very well that many scientists consider dowsing as they do astrology, as a type of ancient superstition. According to my conviction this is, however, unjustified. The dowsing rod is a simple instrument which shows the reaction of the human nervous system to certain factors which are unknown to us at this time."

When we understand that Rasputin was the reincarnation of Vlad III the Impaler (Dracula) the dark conspiracy connected to the royal satanic bloodlines and the House of Draco comes more sharply into focus. The New Age is part of a dark mind control conspiracy and is part of the drive to create the New World Order that intends to enslave us all after annihilating 90% of the current world's population.


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   Warto wspomnieć, że według Brianstalina co najmniej ciekawym zbiegiem okoliczności jest fakt, że chmary niezidentyfikowanych pojazdów latających oraz np. podający się za przybyszy z innej planety tzw. Szarzy zaczęli pojawiać się w okolicach naszej planety i w strapionych głowach wojskowych, mężów stanu itp. w pierwszej połowie XX wieku - akurat niedługo po tym, jak głośny magik Aleister "zrób to sam" Crowley metodą zaklęć-kodów czy słów-haseł otworzył portal do innego wymiaru, w ramach kolejnego okultystycznego eksperymentu - portal, którego potem nie potrafił zamknąć. Link do tekstu Brianstalina w języku angielskim oraz rysunku istoty, która przybyła poprzez przejście, wykonanego przez Crowleya, a przedstawiającego jakby znane skądinąd rysy - tutaj (w poł. strony). Tekst innego autora: tu.
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  Tekst oryginalny - autorzy: GarySe7en i Brianstalin. Poniższe niekoniecznie powiązane ze sobą akapity pochodzą z komentarzy - odpowiedzi na pytania i fragmentów dyskusji - dotyczących filmów omawiających różne przypadki reinkarnacji. Tytuły filmów będące jednocześnie linkami umożliwiającymi ich obejrzenie znajdują się na początku każdego bloku tekstu.

"The Cult of Oprah"

The greatest spiritual masters have always told us that all is an illusion - all is a lie! They taught that when wisdom replaces stupidity, it is possible to transcend illusion and escape the endless cycle of life, death and rebirth. Higher consciousness is not about the search for truth, it is all about the cultivation of wisdom.

...Gaia worship - the new pagan religion that will inevitably involve great human "sacrifice" in one form or another

Ascension is just one of many euphemisms for mass extermination. It's quite funny when you think about it.

Past Life regression is a form of mind control and does not allow us to access the truth without distortion. We need direct experience of objective truth via mystical states - better to attempt this after cleansing our chakric systems allowing the kundalini energy to raise up the spine without mishap. Brianstalin suggests a thorough hands on investigation of metaphysics before hypnosis, black magic and mind control - because to fully understand the latter requires mastery of the former.

To ascertain just how badly the data from hypnotic trances is being distorted (sometimes a little - usually a lot) we need access to a reliable objective source first. Mystics have talked about the Akashic Records for a very long time. We all have access to them, but for a number of reasons our psychic centers have been deliberately sabotaged. Brianstalin has developed techniques to get around this and restore untainted psychic insight. There's a war for our minds going on.

Media people, like Oprah, support past life regression because they know we can never get at the truth using it. All these types know is the media, mind control, power, ego and money. Oprah, Bill Gates and others are very concerned about population control. Their desire to reduce the population by 90% is the ultimate power trip. Via mystical states we can see that ascension and the golden age of enlightenment is just a fairy story and a cover story for evil agencies to operate under.

"The Kennedy Curse"

So why is everyone I know struggling with cancer, diabetes, epilepsy and heart disease all of a sudden? The Akashic Records can be accessed with relative ease and there's nothing more disturbing there than what is going on right now in the so-called REAL world. Just wake up!

Luciferic Consciousness is very limiting. The Satanic cults by seeking to take control and manipulate the Matrix (the illusory material world) have trapped themselves in delusion and cut themselves off from higher levels of consciousness that advanced black magic can only hint at.

{data oryginalnego wpisu: styczeń'2010} Brianstalin has waited impatiently for years for someone with a dazzling display of wisdom and deep spiritual insight to debunk his research. Why? Because his research tells us that a terrible mass karmic cleansing involving death and destruction is surely coming our way.

Empower yourself by learning how easy it is to read the Akashic Records for yourself.

Bob {Kennedy} got into trouble for breaking oaths and for exterminating Red Indians. We will all end up dead just to teach ourselves the invaluable lesson of not being able to deal with tyranny in a courageous and direct fashion. Even the elites will be destroyed by their own mad fury. Then the cycle will repeat again and again.

(...) friend, we don't have any time left! Crisis is upon us.

Jesus said to His disciples, Assuredly, I say to you that it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. The accumulation of wealth is not the happy consequence of superior occult wisdom as preached by false New Age doctrines and dictates. The obsession with wealth and power is the consequence of a very materialistic and limited viewpoint devoid of any deep spiritual understanding. It is just raw Satanism.

Why didn't we prevent the bankers from doing this? Why didn't we stand up for what is good? Pleading ignorance and pointing the finger doesn't help! Our past lives will help reveal to us why we find evil so seductive. I warn you, it's not a pleasant story, but if we are willing to learn from our past mistakes - the ones we conveniently pretend to forget - we can actually be born on a better planet next time.

This is a matter of free will {jak długo czekamy od śmierci do ponownych narodzin}. Brianstalin points out that after Jayne Mansfield died in a car crash she reincarnated just 2 days later. {przyp.red.: = Pamela Anderson..?}

The residual mental self image of ourselves follows us into dreams and into future incarnations. You will notice that we don't usually change our form in dreams even though we can. This residual mental self image ensures that we retain many facial similarities when reincarnating onto the dense material earth plane. The color of our eyes and hair will change frequently as may our race and skin color. Body shapes remain the same although height can vary. Character traits are retained.

{pyt.} How did some of these people get positively reincarnated?
{odp.} The answer to that lies in the Akashic Records. It has something to do with the accumulation of good merit from possibly thousands of previous incarnations and also something to do with free will. We actually do have a lot of free will in the reincarnation process. This takes on a dark aspect when quite advanced souls actually choose to reincarnate and directly participate in the satanically controlled and owned media machine. This produces a lot of bad karma.

So what is a aborted baby or a miscarriage fit in with this? A soul does not need to enter the fetus at conception - why would it? Wouldn't it be more prudent to wait until some time after the actual birth to avoid mishap? This could be hours, days or weeks! We can see under such circumstances that Aleister Crowley's contention that he was the reincarnation of Eliphas Levi is quite plausible and is actually confirmed by the Akashic Records. Check out the dates for yourself. There is less than 9 months between death and rebirth.

When we read directly from the Akashic Records, we will find many instances where people have reincarnated into the same bloodlines. Because we have the potential to be born on other planets, it is unlikely that we have to do this. We do have free will and choice, but only after we overcome our programming and access higher states of consciousness.

Reaching for things is delusion. When we sit quietly in perfect stillness, wisdom and truth do all the reaching. If we rigidly stick to our belief systems we remain immune to truth and wisdom.

"Alex Jones - DEVIL or SAINT?"

...information contained in the Akashic Records is so alarming that the elites may well be justified in seeking the entire extermination of our species. Our own complicity in the evil plot is demonstrated by our total indifference to illegal taxes and wars, GMO foods, sodium fluoride in the water, cancer viruses in the vaccines, chemtrails, Satanism, tyranny and TRUTH!

What next? {wpis: VI'2010} The secret arrest and torture of US citizens. The end of free speech. The shutdown of the internet. Complete censorship. Economic slavery. Open tyranny. Sterilization, mutation and death from chemical weapons in the environment. HELL!

We are living proof that reincarnation is real. If we can live once, we can surely live many times. To see the process of reincarnation in more detail, we must gain access to higher states of consciousness. When this is achieved, we may find that reincarnation has only limited validity, because it is confined to a very narrow spectrum of shared reality. This shared reality has been called the Matrix in more recent times. Do not seek proof, seek enlightenment instead!

The rabble also chose Barrabas over Christ. The same rabble that has eagerly aided the creation of the New World Order in many of its subsequent incarnations. The same New World Order that openly seeks the slavery and destruction of all humanity. How many more planets are we going to destroy before we finally wake up?

Brianstalin also does readings for "normal" people, but these readings always remain confidential. Without doubt, these readings are far more fascinating than those of the so-called celebrities, who rarely seem to display very much depth of character in this or previous incarnations. If anyone would like a reading, just email Brianstalin. Attach your photo and tell him what year you were born in. Additional pix of friends and family will help him to establish the soul group you belong to.

Brianstalin constantly reminds us that we can read the Akashic Records ACCURATELY for ourselves, once we become acquainted with the most direct, focused and reliable techniques that bypass the usual subjective biases of the undisciplined ego. Brianstalin teaches these techniques online because they are very effective in Reiki healing treatments and spiritual self-exploration. In these times of great deception, the quest for GENUINE states of higher consciousness becomes all the more important.

In short, EVERYONE has been famous in their past lives and has had a great influence on the course of history. "Normal" people have had far greater past lives than any of the celebs we love to worship today. It's also important to note that we live in terrible and dangerous times and must bear full responsibility for the unspeakable things that are happening and will happen. Higher consciousness can help to neutralize bad karma and so will be of inestimable value to us in these dark times.

They are all there in the Akashic Records and everyone has access to them. Some unskilled psychics get blocked off from important past life information because they take heed of stupid messages from lower astral entities saying that access is illegal without permission. A true Master, however, sweeps such petty annoyances aside with consummate ease. Channeled astral forces like angels and demons cannot control humanity - unless we are foolish enough to let them.

{XII'09} All credit to all those who take a stand against tyranny. It would be a serious mistake to assume the elites respect the Hollywood set and the rest of us for our willing compliance to go along with Luciferic Consciousness - the ruling principle that has dominated this world and others from the beginning of time. Shame on all those (Jones included) for handing over trillions of dollars that have enabled the elite to set an earlier timeline for world war (apocalypse?) in around 2 years time.

We aren't going to survive it. That's the whole point. We are already being aggressively attacked on all fronts - economic, political, spiritual and technological (soft kill bio warfare). Just arrest the elites and it will all stop.

The only way to escape the reincarnation cycle is through the development of higher consciousness. Not the higher consciousness of Hollywood and Hitler with involves the special few becoming supermen and destroying and saving the others at will. It is higher consciousness as taught by Christ and the Buddha.

{ktoś: "...extremely boring!"}
{odp.}I think Brianstalin would agree 100%. But then again, what isn't? The elite would say lording it above their perceived inferiors and having the power to control and exterminate them - but that will become pointless and boring in the end, especially when everyone ends up dead. Also karmic law tells us the elites MUST eventually reincarnate as slaves to reap the fruits of their own tyranny. This, in fact, is what we have done! And that is NOT boring or pointless, but a very necessary lesson!

In short, enlightenment is the ability to transcend all illusion. As reincarnation is part of an illusionary process, there is no need for rebirth. Those people claiming to be enlightened by force of will (Tolle, MacLaine etc.) would have to demonstrate a whole list of spiritual attainments - levitation, walking on water, walking through walls etc.

Those who taught us that all was illusion were often dealt with severely. Some were executed and many endured assassination attempts. The majority were labeled dangerous heretics and madmen. New Agers entice us with communications with the lower Astral planes that can be accessed quite readily with drugs, alcohol, hypnosis and deep trance channeling.

{pyt.} "What is Your exact definition of illusion?"

The Church wanted us to believe in Hell or Purgatory rather than reincarnation because there's a lot of money to be had by exploiting the fearful and ignorant. Global warming is a good example of a myth to tax and to exterminate us. The icecaps at the poles are actually getting bigger. Modern trends suggest false reincarnation claims are about ego, exploitation, manipulation, mind control and career enhancement. Eg. Wilcock, MacLaine, Sherrie Laird, Ryerson, Semkiw and many others.

The governments of the world are openly criminal and all the people in the media are telling us lies. The police are turning into brutal thugs and the elite are hell bent on exterminating us all. The mind controllers are turning us into passive automatons living in false paradigms and fantasy worlds with our bodies and minds weakened by prescription drugs and chemical pollutants. Once we realize all this there's no need for confusion - it's either take action or die.

Everything is a myth! Do we really need to work from 9-5 depriving us of valuable time to become spiritually awakened? Do we need to pay taxes? Do we need to worship god-like Hollywood actors like royalty? Why is the world full of Satanic symbols and why are we being conditioned to bow down to them and love Satan? Why do the 13 Satanic bloodlines control everything? Everything in the media is a lie - every truth has been taken and distorted to support evil and exploitative agendas.

Unfortunately, the Akashic Records confirm that we are all the Devil's followers or else we would have been born on a better planet. This is also clearly confirmed by our constant desire to vote genocidal maniacs into power at the first opportunity. Also watching innocent people blown to bits on TV in wars for sport and profit means we will be inevitably damned for all eternity. The first step out of spiritual stagnation is accepting personal responsibility for all the evils in the world.

"Although a dream is readily perceived as unreal upon awakening - a dream is still an experience that can be explored and studied in detail to provide us with much needed insight and wisdom".

We can believe nothing, because nothing is what it seems. A favorite Illuminati saying is black is white and white is black. Mind control is all about smoke and mirrors. For an overall view of what is really going on we have to experience higher consciousness so we can perceive everything clearly. Jones possesses unusually clear insight into how the world operates because of his knowledge of history AND the mystical experiences of his previous incarnation.

Brianstalin explains that past life knowledge is found in the very lowest regions of the super consciousness. A realm which many self-proclaimed psychics, intuitives and elitists have not yet been able to reach. They have been blocked not only by their inflated egos, but also by a whole army of invisible and manipulative energies that we call angels, demons, ETs and ascended masters whose sole aim is to thwart all our attempts to escape the realms of delusion.

The evidence for the uninitiated is Brianstalin's research, his words and his wisdom. If this isn't enough, he invites us to explore higher consciousness for ourselves by any means available. For the initiated the direct experience of mystical states is the most convincing evidence. We must remember that we are surrounded by many evil forces and so have to ensure our experiences are not being controlled and manipulated. This is why training and guidance is suggested.

If we do not reach levels of higher consciousness we remain victims of our pre-programming - in astrological terms victims of our natal charts and the influence of the planetary positions at birth It seem Jones is responding to positive programming and it's a pity so few of us are able to do this. You may attack Alex Jones and David Icke all you like, but our lives and freedom are very much at stake and perhaps you should be condemning the loss of our freedoms instead.

If we continue to operate under normal consciousness influenced by the all pervading and controlling Luciferic Consciousness we will all willingly delight in the creation of an evil world and it seems we are! That's quite perverse and very disappointing.

Alex Jones swears eternal hostility to all tyranny over the minds of man. There is a war in heaven, too - it's an eternal war. The New Age brainwashes us into believing we are enlightened enough to believe we are above all duality - it does not teach us that we must become a Buddha or Christ first. Are New Age leaders leading inspiring lives of poverty and humility or are they on a power trip, living in big houses and buying racehorses?

Anger is a very powerful form of energy. We can learn to focus it and use it in very positive ways to save our lives and liberty.

Brianstalin points out that intuition is not enough to overcome our negative programming. Why do New Agers like Shirley MacLaine and their bedfellows like David Icke constantly insist that we MUST follow our intuition? Accessing higher consciousness using simple, objective and focused psychic techniques (that anyone can learn) is much superior to the use of primitive and untrained instinct. We aren't animals, we are spiritual beings!

People like Alex Jones cannot wake us up. He can only tell us to take a closer look and show greater concern at what is going on around us. If after all his efforts we fail to wake OURSELVES up then we can't complain if bad things start to happen.

"The Rise and Fall of de Rothschild"

The Akashic Records tell us that we are all reincarnated rotten bastards! If we weren't, we would have been born on a more civilized planet. It's not enough to be intellectually aware of what is going on and knowing the horrific fate that the psychopathic elites have in store for ALL of us. Only achieving genuine states of higher consciousness can free us from the accumulated negative karma of mass consciousness. Only then will evil have no influence over us.

Brianstalin has done tens of thousands of past life readings for both celebs and ordinary people. In ALL cases, everyone turned out to be the reincarnation of some ill-willed elitist or other that had worked diligently, in many lifetimes, towards a future Utopia where certain "undesirables" will be disposed of. Global genocide will certainly help balance some of this accumulated negative karma and knock some sense into even the most hardened criminal types.

If the elites kept reincarnating as elites, nobody would learn anything. To avoid the consequences of the fast approaching mass karma, we can take control of our lives. We can become healers and learn to access higher states of consciousness (without recourse to drugs or the satanic channeling practices that have led the elites astray). The neutralization of our negative karma will be enough to protect us.

Never fear, that's more or less what we have done. We are ALL the reincarnation of the EVIL minion. Even Shirley MacLaine & Oprah Winfrey! The people who have tuned into their god nature and decided the planet has to undergo drastic depopulation. What gives them the right to decide? EGO! It's Hitler all over again. MacLaine's words "Hitler was a great teacher" forever, ring in my ears! We seem totally incapable of accepting responsibility for the past lives we pretend to have forgotten.

"Keanu Reeves"

Higher consciousness allows us to see the whole reincarnation process in its entirety. The small glimpses that Brianstalin tantalizes us with is just a prod to explore higher levels of consciousness in more appropriate ways than the likes of Hitler and Tony Blair. Black magic, drugs, hypnosis and channeling is NOT the way to do it.

"Reign of Terror"

One of the biggest flaws of the human ego is to be oblivious of the need for continual probing and testing to get at the truth. Be wary of channeling tricky spirits and the machinations of the control freak mesmerists. There are always far more important and permanent truths than reincarnation that we may explore on the way to liberation.

Brianstalin confesses that he has found many terrible things in the Akashic Records - the stuff of nightmares that chilled him to his very core. He, therefore, traveled extensively around the globe seeking the wisest of souls who might be able to dismiss his findings. In many cases, the wisest turned out to be complete dullards and fakers - the others? They said it was all true....but, like all things, illusion, nevertheless!

"Voodoo In The White House!"

The knowledge of these things arises naturally once higher consciousness is achieved. The trouble is people do not understand how to access higher consciousness properly. Hitler attempted it through drugs and black magic with disastrous results. Higher consciousness has nothing to do with hypnosis, superior genes or the channeling of "enlightened" spirits. It involves meditation, Kundalini and the activation and opening of the Third Eye.

The Akashic Records tell us that Obama was one of Akhenaten's daughters that later reincarnated as Toussaint Louverture and, more recently, as Pope Leo XIII. Before Toussaint, there would have been many lifetimes supporting the creation of a New World Order - the mechanism through which the elites will attempt to destroy most of humanity. Such a pattern is, by no means, uncommon. In fact, it appears to be the norm. We can either accept our inevitable fate or do something about it.

We all have helped create the New World Order in our past lives. Those most serious in this undertaking will reincarnate again and again into positions of power. When the New World Order finally arrives, it will destroy many lives and be part of a mass karmic cleansing. If people can awaken from their slumbers and take karmic responsibility for the parts they have played in this evil process, disaster can be averted. If not in mass numbers, then, at least, at the individual level.

Reiki is superior to hypnotic regression for a number of reasons. A Reiki channel is working directly with higher energies that remove congested energy from the chakras. The aura of a Reiki channel expands and becomes ever more sensitized to higher vibrations and realities. In stark contrast, mesmerism is often used by egoistic showmen and con-artists with limited metaphysical ability or wisdom and used to exploit and dis-empower. Mesmerism is mainly about mind control and programming. Hypnosis deals with deep trances connecting directly to the realms of lower vibrational rates -the lower astral realms.

Nobody knows for sure what Toussaint Louverture looked like, so the contention, for example, that Samuel L Jackson is a better match is, like so many political and elitist agendas, based upon a false premise. Consult the Akashic Records directly to be sure. What's curious is that both Jackson and Obama have similar looking dull and darkened auras. Curious, when we remember that the Hollywood and political elites often brag about being channels and servants of Lucifer, the light-bearer.

{ktoś} fuckin insane!!!!!!!!!!
{odp.} Yes! And so is the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Assuredly, the Akashic Records tell of our many crimes and demonstrate how we are the root cause of our own suffering and the suffering of those around us. Lame brains eagerly claiming to be the reincarnations of satanic idols like Marilyn Monroe and KKK leaders like General John Brown Gordon should really give us some pause for thought, don't you think? We must be objective and without preconception in order to read the Records with accuracy and to fully grasp the lessons that they teach us.

We all mixtures of good and evil. As such, we are somewhat complex enigmas that are very difficult to unravel Because we relinquish a lot of control to the hidden forces around us, it's often very difficult to see what parts of us are brainwashed, self-destructive automatons and what parts are really us - the real us - the essential us - the spiritual us. When we see who we really are using higher consciousness, the knowledge of past lives arises naturally to complete the picture.

Because we are all closely connected and have interacted in a variety of unsuspected ways in previous incarnations, when we know who we really are, we automatically know who everyone else was/is, too. Brianstalin is somewhat unique, because he can demonstrate the most basic psychic skills like no other who has gone before. If we cannot clearly demonstrate universal past life knowledge, how can we begin to hope to heal and to teach? Brianstalin is also a thorn in the side to many charlatans.

But if the charlatans cannot demonstrate universal knowledge and wisdom, how can the evil conspiracy of lies that spills into all areas of our lives really succeed? The lame-brain elites have to rethink their flawed strategy or they will be labeled as incompetent liabilities and be inevitably destroyed by their own conspiracy machine.

Everything is Mind. When the mind is gradually purified, focused and awakened through meditation, expect wondrous things.

Accurate past life knowledge is a shortcut to invaluable lessons that cannot be crammed into just one lifetime. It can also be a powerful healing tool. Beyond that it's worthless nonsense, for, in truth, we have never been born, lived, died or ever been reborn. It is all a creation and illusion of the mind.

(...) expect adverse reactions. It's all part of the healing and balancing process.

But beyond all this DELUSION are realms of unimaginable beauty, which we may explore and pass through in order to achieve our full potential. At present, we are all in a miserable prison of our own making - even our poor, deluded Illuminati jailers!

If the elites really had superior genes, they would lead us out of the endless cycle of delusion and self-destruction, instead of the exact opposite! Why are the elites obsessed with lower psychism and not with genuine states of higher consciousness? It's because they have lost their way or should I say, WE have lost OUR way. For we are nothing more than constantly reincarnating Gods, royalty and elitists that constantly seeks to oppress anyone that 's stupid enough to be subservient.

"Bill Hicks, Reincarnation & Mind Control"

{pyt.} Is homosexuality evil?
{odp.} If you mean have evil people throughout history engaged in homosexual acts, the answer is yes. Adolf Hitler, Aleister Crowley, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove etc. The New World Order is promoting homosexuality and have been putting things in our food and water for years that have been doing strange things to our hormones. Is homosexuality really is a lifestyle choice or is it part a mass mind control program? The aim is to destroy the traditional family unit and undermine religion.

(...) it's important to point out that the planet is governed by genocidal dictators and our lives are in grave danger. It's time to get our priorities right. Past lives merely reveal to us why such an unfortunate situation has arisen and suggests why we must reap the bitter harvest of our former actions. However, we can still do something about it.

Pseudo science is no substitute for mastery of metaphysics. {pyt.} I've noticed that you group E.t.'s as groups to be ignored or avoided like angels (good or bad?), ascended masters, channeled entities. They're of no use, the e.t.s? like to get free energy devices or technology?
{odp.} Brianstalin has communicated directly with all these groups. He has found these communications very limited in their scope and helpfulness. However, angelic assistance in healing, if used WISELY, can produce remarkable results.

If we want to use a pendulum to win the lottery, forget it. Even if we succeed, we may not live long. Wrong focus of powerful forces just accelerates bad karma.

Brianstalin is someone who has been around for a very long time. He has known everyone of importance very intimately in one lifetime or another, upon this and other planets, in different galaxies and universes. He turns up at all the crucial turning points in history and, like many of us, has created a few of his own. We will surely continue to "live in interesting times", even after the coming holocaust. It just goes on and on and on ... until we finally decide to detach ourselves from it.

All theories and belief systems are obstacles to the truth. They attempt to squeeze our limitless minds into a tiny confined space of limited perception. Brianstalin does not theorize or speculate. His information can be checked by anyone, no matter what their beliefs are, and no matter what theories they find most comforting and attractive.

Brianstalin has discovered that our minds, bodies and psychic centers have been poisoned and sabotaged throughout history by the machinations of egoists and fools that demand we obey their authority and the divine authority of others whose goal is to keep us ignorant of the truth. I mean the elite groups supporting these charlatans and the myriads of astral beings that swarm close to the earth plane - the angels, demons, ETs and ascended masters that all conspire to thwart our enlightenment.

Let's just say that Osho squandered his spiritual gifts instead of reinforcing them. Osho used up all his spiritual gifts to gain material advantage and to live in luxury. He eventually degenerated into just another manipulator and exploiter. Instead of triumphing over Luciferic Consciousness, he succumbed to it. Reincarnation is the process that allows us to learn from these invaluable lessons enabling us to return again and again until we eventually get it right.

{pyt.} Also, if Keene was not the general and rather the sharif of mecca, then why does Keene feel so connected to the battlefield and have the birthmark on his face from a supposed gunshot wound as the general?
{odp.} The connection might be valid, but not because of reincarnation, but perhaps because of other metaphysical processes. Remember, we are all connected in some way. For example, Sherrie Lea Laird appears to have been one of Marilyn Monroe's spirit guides. When you think about it, if some of us have guides like this, then we don't need demons or enemies! Spirit guides can be very pushy - they are keen to make their presence known. They desire to control all aspects of our lives.

Access higher consciousness and you won't have to ask questions any more - you will be too busy getting the answers.

Everybody already has access to the Akashic Records. Brianstalin just reminds us with all this inner and outer demonic mind control going on nobody can sort out truth from fantasy anymore. Hypnosis and Deep Trance Channeling are very dangerous and manipulative. Brianstalin has been trained to access the AR and has developed simple and more direct psychic techniques to get us there without the interference and manipulation by the hidden forces seeking to hide the truth from us at all costs.

There are certain forces at work whose role it is to make sure the cycle NEVER ends. I'm talking about the Lower Astral and the people in the media and elsewhere who are either consciously or unconsciously in cahoots with it to make us dependent upon unreliable internal authority (instinct) and false external authority - angels, demons, ascended masters, ETs, gurus and government. None of them want us to reach the higher states of consciousness which can set us free.

Brianstalin is one of the very few who can see this process clearly and explain it using his knowledge of the Akashic Records. If we doubt what Brianstalin says, he points out that he can teach us how to access objective truth for ourselves directly. We will then in a better position to make assessments about what is really going on and even choose to do something about it.

{pyt.} Can someone please explain to me what kind of atrocities did oprah commit, and her agenda? its not a rhetorical question, its a question I'd like to have insight on. Please and thank you.
{odp.} The fact that Oprah was born on this planet means that her karma was extremely bad. She may want to pretend she is superior and chose to born here to help out the inferior slobs, but I don't think intelligent people are going to be fooled by that argument. Only criminals get to be born into a world like ours. Pretending otherwise is going against logic and common sense. For details of her crimes and our own crimes go to the Akashic Records directly and read the sorry tales for yourself. As for the Buddha and Jesus, they finally woke up to their responsibilities and demonstrated knowledge of divine cosmic law by detaching themselves from this world of illusion and becoming healers and teachers.

Just look around at the world we live in and the creatures who inhabit it. Above the control networks of demons, angels and ETs who insist we obey their obvious restrictions and manipulations lies a world of freedom and enlightenment where love is a reality and not just a concept or nice idea. Brianstalin's attitude reveals his disconnection from New Age brainwashing. He isn't afraid to speak his mind.

Sharing knowledge is an important part of understanding "divine universal law" and doesn't contravene it or reveal disconnection from it in any way. It just may seem so if you don't agree or don't understand what is being said. When this happens the message is often forgotten in the rush to nail the poor messenger to a cross.

In theory anything is possible. Love is directly experienced as part of the journey towards higher consciousness. We need not seek love for it will always find us.

If our access to higher consciousness is being deliberately blocked by ignorance, demonic mind control programs, deception and exploitation, what can we do about it? Denial is not helping.

In essence all is illusion. Remember "There's war in Heaven. The Higher Intelligences, whoever they are, aren't all playing on the same team. Some of them are trying to encourage our evolution to higher levels, and some of them want to keep us stuck just where we are."

Can we willingly stop reincarnating or exercise enough will power to stop this unconscious process? Not until we overcome the forces of manipulation that prevent us reaching the highest levels of consciousness that can set us free from all internally and externally imposed limitations.

{ktoś} "Try lying in the hospital for 2 weeks and then say 'all is illusion' lol".
{odp.} It only becomes illusion AFTER we wake up. Until then it remains a painful reality as that's all our limited consciousness knows and has experience of. Hidden forces struggle to keep us strictly anchored in an illusion where we can be manipulated and exploited by "superior" people without scruples. These fools believe they're superior because they haven't yet attained even rudimentary levels of spiritual insight.

The role of demons is to keep us trapped within the closed system of consciousness that manifests itself as the Matrix. We are fooled into believing all that is around us is real and all there is. This is in spite of what quantum mechanics tells us. This closed system creates a perpetual source of energy for the lower astral realms that hold dominion over the Earth plane. It is our emotions and passions that generate this energy.

See movies such as The Matrix series and Monsters inc. etc. for clues. Some people know all about this, because they belong to the mind control centers that are directly involved in the process.

It seems that we either belonged to the Illuminati elite or supported them throughout history according to the Akashic Records. We must, therefore, congratulate ourselves for the horrible world we have created.

Manipulation and programming do exist. To what extent this process is voluntary or not is a matter of debate. Ignorance which is nurtured by the media and the subtle influences of the invisible demonic realms is mostly clearly seen in hypnosis and deep trance channeling. Why doesn't Oprah advocate accurate and direct forms of past life recall? Because she is about manipulation and exploitation. Her last life was very similar. She is and was a false prophet.

{ktoś} I have had nothing but good luck in my life. Nothing really bad ever seems to happen to me. Things always work out and I have had weird things happen like my car mysteriously not start only to find out I could have been in a fatal accident, a few times (just as an example). Is this related to anything we have done in previous lives? (like karma?)
{odp.} You are talking about protection. If our missions are not yet complete and are still moving in the right direction we remain shielded from misfortune. When we seriously deviate or become self-destructive the protection vanishes. In the case of negative agendas we receive demonic protection in the case of positive agendas we receive angelic protection. Hitler received demonic protection throughout his career.

Most of us are unconscious participants in negative agendas. Remember we vote the bad guys into power and let them exploit us in return for TV, the media and other insipid drugs to keep us docile, happy and complacent. When we reach for higher consciousness in unsatisfactory ways, we often encounter demons posing as ETs and angels. They seek to make us dance to their tune tempting us to use higher knowledge for materialistic gain and ego gratification. We remain stuck and pose no threat.

The Illuminati bloodlines intermarry to ensure the wealth remains in the 'family'. Huge amounts of money are freely given away to ensure advantageous rebirth. These people understand a little about karma, but the fools often end up being reborn as 'commoners'. The good thing is they become victims of their own conspiracy. The bad thing is they whimper like babies and point the finger at everyone with money and power. They see 'reptilians' everywhere. They should look in the mirror!

Brianstalin says the funny thing is we are angry and bitter at the Illuminati, not because we are clever and finally worked things out, but because we are fuming away inside. We remember what we once had and have lost and are uncontrollably envious and outraged by the 'injustice'. Meanwhile some power is scooping up all the lovely energy generated by this mass sea of emotion. We remain victims and sources of energy while thinking we are enlightened. Our 'superiors' sure are clever!

If we do not think for ourselves we just get flattened by media mass mind control. Can we really trust reincarnated freemasons like Icke? Can we really trust ourselves? Only higher states of consciousness can help. Not instinct or the media or false messiahs!

Our connection to the Satanic royal bloodlines is rather alarming and tells us a lot about our bad attitudes and shortcomings. Instead of Satanic we may substitute words like controlling, materialistic, elitist, cold-blooded (Reptilian is deliberately misleading and designed to create sensation and cause confusion - Icke wake up!), unloving, indifferent, selfish etc. In general, we are in serious denial and ignorance about all this.

"Reincarnation - Barack Obama by Brianstalin"

Dowsing is one very simple way to get access.

Albert Einstein had this to say about dowsing, "I know very well that many scientists consider dowsing as they do astrology, as a type of ancient superstition. According to my conviction this is, however, unjustified. The dowsing rod is a simple instrument which shows the reaction of the human nervous system to certain factors which are unknown to us at this time."

Can some people subconsciously detect disturbing things in the President's aura? Don't you find it odd that the Akashic Records connect the President to the papacy in a previous incarnation and that some people consider the Roman papacy the Antichrist. Is it merely coincidence that the present Pope is also calling for a one world government?

The experts always tell us that we must be guided by elite spiritual hierarchies - angels, ETs, ascended masters, Lucifer etc. and their special and gifted earthly representatives. All New Age gurus are, in fact, false prophets engaging in mass mind control programs

"Daily life is a dream, an illusion - it's not real! A completely still and focused mind transcends all delusion. Under such circumstances, the devil, angels, ETs, demons and Ascended Masters lose all control and influence over us. We are able to transcend their constrictive control grid. The Illuminati is suddenly revealed as a motley group of shackled, elderly men, naked or dressed in rags, blindly walking in an endless circle. The blind have always led the blind".

Anyone can check Brianstalin's data using appropriate techniques. He suggests dowsing is best. For those who have taken the preliminary steps of removing trauma and congested energy from the chakric system, there are more advanced, but less objective psychic techniques like soul travel and time travel to explore with. Astral travel isn't encouraged, nor is deep trance channeling and hypnosis because there is simply too much negative interference from angels, demons, ETs and Ascended Masters.

360 degree masons may think they are special because they are reincarnated Olympian and Babylonian gods, but the Akashic Records tell us we have all been such things

{GarySe7en:} "Black magic is simply the use of supernatural power for selfish gain. Impure ego brings with it limited wisdom and ability. I have knowledge of many of my past lives. In a couple of them, I apparently nearly succeeded in conquering most of this planet and accumulated much negative karma as a result. In many others, I gained profound knowledge of the dark arts. Whether real or imaginary, it is all delusion. I prefer to consider past lives as abstract possibilities. Our unconscious/ conscious memories of them create many negative and crippling effects upon our present lives. As with all delusion, if these things are not dealt with harshly and cast off, they can tie us forever to the earth plane. Ignorance of such things is not a sign of progress and those who seek to make it a virtue are in serious error. Also "experts" with superficial knowledge and theories just impede our spiritual growth."

The Christians and their Holy Bible are responsible for the most horrendous and bloody crimes in history. That is certainly not the path to "enlightment". Those who activate the Third Eye correctly will inevitably encounter Jesus directly in their meditations, irrespective of their belief systems

History books tell us of the crusades, the Spanish Inquisition and the witch hunts. How do we account for the genocide in Rwanda if about 90% of Rwandans claimed to be Christians? Hitler wrote: "I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.." However, the full force of these events can be experienced directly via the Akashic Records and Reiki healing sessions.

{sty'10} If we always try to justify our evil acts and those of others, we must experience the terrible consequences the hard way. Remember my words during the coming holocaust. If we are not ready to confront reality, karmic debt and responsibility in states of higher consciousness, we will get it in other more direct and brutal ways.

{ktoś:} Well Obama just won the Nobel Peace prize..uh OH
{Gary:} Hitler was chosen as Time magazine's Man of the Year for 1938. History is like a wheel.

Truth has been misrepresented since the beginning of time by a small, privileged (but deluded) priesthood working in conjunction with dark astral forces that seek dominion over mankind. As spiritual blindness and depravity grow ever stronger and threaten to completely overwhelm us, no-one knows what truth is anymore. Only genuine states of higher consciousness can reveal what truth is. Go there for yourself to see the truth of what Brianstalin is saying or go there in order to refute it.

What if there are no light astral forces around the hell planet called Earth? If we want to connect with positive universal forces we must become skilled mediators and raise our vibrations sufficiently. On the other hand if we want to channel dark forces, just call upon them and they will inhabit our bodies in an instant. In the end there is only consciousness struggling to reach full awareness and wisdom using illusory matrices as a tool. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN SPIRITUAL DESTINY!

Everything has been created by consciousness, but an imperfect consciousness that is slowly struggling towards perfection. The duality of dark and light does exist, but it can only be truly transcended once full enlightenment is attained.

Just meditate! Don't believe New Age authority coming from Alice Bailey and others who insist that we MUST NOT sit longer than 20 minutes. It takes at least 3 hours for the mind to become still.

If the light astral forces are 'good' then why do they not help us? First we must use higher consciousness to contact them. If we fail, we just get insipid false messengers telling us we are all gods and that a golden age of spiritual wisdom that will be shortly upon us and we just have to sit around waiting for it to happen. True messengers are simply asking us why we aren't doing anything to save ourselves from the gathering dark storm that threatens to destroy us.

Sustained and focused meditation is the only sure way. To make it work requires a lot of effort and sacrifice on your part.

Switch off the TV and radio. Turn off the mobile phone. Quieten all thoughts. Close your eyes. The world has disappeared! Now that there is no illusion to distract you, there is some opportunity for wisdom and power to grow. Start by following the flow of the breath. Eventually it will fade and become impossible to detect. Now focus on the third eye. There will be inner obstacles and temptations to deal with and also terrible physical discomfort. This is the road to enlightenment.

Without proper activation of the Third Eye there cannot be access to higher consciousness. Without higher consciousness, we cannot experience enlightenment. Why do you think the Buddha meditated?

Next time time you have a lucid dream, while still inside the dream and fully aware you are in dream state, try sitting down cross-legged and enter a state of deep meditation. Illusion can only be neutralized through wise practice. Illusion cannot be destroyed by giving it any significance - it will just become stronger.

Do we not recall the many lifetimes we served in the ranks of the Illuminati, satanic royal bloodlines, ancient gods and fallen angels? We have been reincarnated at this time to reap the bitter karma of our former actions. There are ways to neutralize our bad karma in our present incarnations independent of our wealth and station. Believing we are liberated when we are, in fact, victims of delusion and ego is just one indication of how misguided we have always been.

Apparently it's going to take another 2000 years before humanity can even begin to rise above its animal nature. What we call politics is actually very thinly disguised control by brutality of the common, brainless herd by rogue, self-designated alpha males (and females). You are welcome to disagree with and even refute Brianstalin's research.

As for bad karma, buddy, do you not think that the intended extermination of around 90% of the world's population is a little more likely to produce more bad karma than the simple invitation to directly explore higher consciousness with simple and direct techniques that actually work and can be usefully employed in healing and other productive forms of spiritual self-development?

There are many forces seeking to hide the truth from us or sway us to follow their ways of thinking. It's important for us to empower ourselves with the necessary tools to see truth directly. This involves the direct experience of higher states of consciousness and also includes dismantling the ego that is always intent on seeing things as it wishes things should be, rather than seeing things as they really are.

The war is for the control of our minds. Fear is a fundamental trigger for control. But the strong who seek to control the weak are the weakest of all. Thus, the weak will inherit the earth, but the strong will reign in Heaven. When we seek to control the minds of others, instead of seeking to awake them, we reveal our spiritual immaturity and serious inadequacies. Do we really want people like Oprah and Bill gates deciding how many people have the right to live on THEIR planet?

If Brianstalin really wanted people to believe his information he would have to fake it to make it more acceptable for the mass media or make attempts to get Shirley MacLaine, Oprah and Uri Geller to endorse his work - even though these people know nothing or very little besides show business, mind control, money, ego and and power.

From a certain perspective, Hitler never ever existed. He was never born, never died and never had any past lives. This can be said of us all. Exploring states of higher consciousness does not need to involve any belief systems. Belief systems are barriers to truth and are pathetic attempts by limited minds to explain their limited experiences. Proof is demanded only by the weak-minded sheeple and /or the mind controllers who need an edge to push their evil agendas and points of view.

If you wish a past life reading, contact Brianstalin directly. Email: brian-stalin at hotmail Better still, study psychic awareness with him online and start exploring the Akashic Records and other hidden things directly for yourself and in turn start to empower others. Only deluded elitists desire to keep power for themselves and often these fools do not even possess the power they think they have. Yet they have decreed that most of us must die in order to save the planet. Fools!

Hitler went too far, too quickly. For wide scale genocide to work without opposition, soft kill weapons have been adopted in the final war by the elite against the people.

The elite already have all the money and control they could ever want. It's still not enough. The next step is to make sure that everyone realizes their inherent superiority by the most brutal, direct, extreme and deadly means possible. Once they have destroyed this planet they will seek to destroy other worlds. They won't be satisfied until the whole universe goes up in flames. And then what?

Brianstalin has a keen interest in UFOs. He has researched the past lives of Billy Meier and other contactees. Brianstalin has also established contact with alien intelligences and teaches others how easy it is. However, Brianstalin warns the inexperienced to be wary of their insipid and transparent propaganda. Meaningful dialogue is only possible by connecting directly to their higher consciousness, ensuring less than pure intentions and agendas do not degrade valuable information.

Belief systems are too limiting. What is clear is that Jesus became fully enlightened and because of this upset the established order of His day - in fact, He still is a great threat, even today. The Illuminati are NOT enlightened and they never have been, despite what they label themselves. But they have always sat at the top of the power pyramid since the beginning of time. Real power does not involve using occult power for materialistic gain. Without wisdom they can never win.

Almost everyone has had a past life in Egypt. Soul Travel seems vastly superior to Hypnosis, especially if the one inducing the experience is well-trained. With Soul Travel we get to experience the past in sound, vision, touch and smell etc. It's all part of Brianstalin's Psychic Awareness course available online. Dowsing is a very direct and objective way to check that our psychic impressions are undistorted and free from external manipulation

The elite, despite becoming philanthropists and giving away vast amounts of money to charities and good causes in order to balance their karma and achieve favorable rebirth, must instead eventually be reborn into the ranks of the "common people" they so despise. Thus by karmic law they reap the bitter harvest of their evil conspiracy and become the victims of it. In fact they suffer the most - their suffering is almost intolerable. So much for their so-called noble knowledge! DELUSION!

The Akashic Records are the ultimate source of all information. More reliable than Oprah, MacLaine, Crowley, Blavatsky, Tolle, Icke and CNN. The Satanic media networks supported by certain gurus, Asended masters and demonic entities posing as ETs, provide bogus info to keep us stuck and dependent upon the New Age / New World Order authority they represent and seek to impose.

No-one is just an observer. A crucial step in our spiritual evolution is to acknowledge responsibility for the world we have helped to create. Accurate knowledge of our past lives provides us with important knowledge about our negative trends, attitudes and actions. I say negative, because any realist can see this planet is EVIL. The Gnostics in particular were able to perceive things clearly.

We are all Illuminati stooges who vote other Illuminati stooges into power. When will we take responsibility for the mess we are in and stop blaming the Illuminati? The Illuminati are, no doubt, thoroughly appalled by our stupidity and are, therefore, well within their rights to take advantage of it to their never ending advantage.

Satanists and occultists also used white light as protection, even when deliberately evoking demonic and lower astral entities. Knowing about something doesn't mean we have the wisdom and understanding to do something about it. Deep trance channelers and past life regressionists insist their practices are safe and many people are foolish enough to believe it. Unsatisfactory techniques will become the usual way to contact the "beyond" and so we are left with demonic propaganda and lies.

Why is the information from so-called enlightened entities channeled by means of deep trance channeling so insipid, pathetic and exploitative? Think about it.

When challenged by Brianstalin, Dr Semkiw and Kevin Ryerson, for example, were unable to do even the simplest of past life reading tasks. This was in a public forum where Brianstalin pointed out that a satisfactory display of competence from the above parties would greatly enhance their position. It would seem hypnosis and deep trance channeling are used by the unscrupulous as a shoddy shortcut to occult knowledge used by amateurs and dilettantes to exploit and control.

In the end Brianstalin just got barraged with legal threats. Even Shirley MacLaine started kicking up a fuss. Haven't these people heard of free discussion or debate? What have these people to fear or lose from free thought and open discussion? Loss of revenue and reputation or the collapse of a badly formulated evil agenda against the people?

REAL power is in OUR hands! The lust for power and control lasts for thousands of incarnations and it makes us nothing more than automatons (puppets) for the greater Satanic cause - even if our motives are pure. The Illuminati really believe they have a God-given right to rule because of their superiority - sometimes it's tempting to agree.

It is the ego that activates the reptilian part of our brains. If we operate under ego within normal realms of consciousness or experiment with the lower psychism of "the Secret" and also engage in the deep trance states found in certain forms of channeling and hypnosis (heavily endorsed by New Agers and media people like Oprah) or be led around by our intuition (endorsed by pseudo messiahs like New Age leaders and David Icke)we become true followers of Satan and our humanity is lessened.

Humanity is a choice independent of what bloodline or Illuminati branch we were born into. Even Jesus was born into the Satanic King David bloodline!

"Past Lives often appear to the wise as nothing more than a pile of crime sheets - a collection of unfortunate trends and tendencies. We should, by no means, become attached to what we perceive as our own past life identities. Instead we should acknowledge the opportunity of absorbing the lessons they teach us and then discard them forever - just as we would a stinking pair of socks!"

"There is memory of our past lives, but we fail to perceive it as such. Everything we say, do and think - everyone we meet is a direct consequence of our past lives. Biographers have written about famous people completely unaware they have written about their own past lives! Actors are often cast in roles that tell the stories of the soul groups they were involved in. Directors and casting agents unconsciously read their auras and just know what roles they are best suited to".

"Rasputin 2012"

The Matrix is very much like a shared 3D virtual reality. With the dimension of time it becomes 4D. It's not so easy to unplug ourselves from the game, however. New Age philosophies encourage us to stay plugged into this illusion forever under the spell of elite spiritual masters and supermen or entice us to become one of them. Past lives indicate our progress or lack of it through the illusory game and can provide useful information to formulate a strategy to escape from it.

The Buddha and Christ are of major importance because they show us we can evolve beyond our limitations. Time is experienced as linear because of entropy and other limitations and flaws found in the Matrix and in the minds of those that created it. Time travel and the knowledge of past lifes can be experienced by anyone in altered states of consciousness.

The reason why many people get led astray by altered states of consciousness is because these potential escape routes are heavily policed by Angels, ETs, Ascended Masters and Demons. Their job it is to lead people astray or tempt them with the promise of occult knowledge and power. The reincarnated Olympian and Babylonian gods and their vast progeny i.e. the entire human race are among the most prone to this kind of deception. So when the elites kill us, they are actually killing their own.

If all is an illusion or just a dream, why seek to prove anything? It would be much better to transcend the illusion, as demonstrated by the Buddha and Jesus. We can perform many wonderful and exotic scientific experiments in dream states, but whatever the outcome, we will only realize our folly AFTER waking up and certainly NOT before! A fact rarely corresponds to objective truth - it's merely what the majority prefer to think or have been tricked into thinking by "expert" opinion.

The idea that the Earth plane is ruled and governed according to Satanic principles & Luciferic consciousness is logical since the Earth is NOT a pure and good place. The Earth may be considered a prison planet populated by criminals that have forgotten they have broken Universal Law in nearly all their previous incarnations. When teachers come along and point out some of our shortcomings and/or upset the agendas of the corrupt ruling elites they are quickly nailed to crosses. Such is life.

It's common sense that only evil people can be born on a planet like ours. Self-proclaimed spiritual teachers conveniently overlook this obvious fact. Humility is a sign of spiritual progress.

For Wilcock to be sure he was Cayce requires past life knowledge of everyone else. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your viewpoint) propagandists and orators with certain unwholesome agendas lack the ability to think logically. The output of false gurus like Osho was full of baffling contradictions. Clear and focused insight is like a laser that cuts through all falsehood. Use a pendulum to check if Wilcock was Cayce or Rasputin and then study more advanced techniques.

How skilled are you at soul or astral travel? Are there any regions/ universes/ dimensions into which you are barred entry? Can you communicate telepathically? When we encounter internal Masters via mystical states, are they reliable sources of information or are they really demonic tricksters seeking to prevent further spiritual progress and pull us away from the discovery of the elusive and hidden objective truth? Even simple dowsing can help us a lot with this.

The Akashic Records tell it straight. We have all been connected to the satanic Royal bloodlines and supported the Illuminati in our past lives. We can only do this willingly if we have opened our psychic centers and third eyes. Until then we are automatons obeying the higher will or authority - whether it be monarchy, government, religion or the media. Ignorance does NOT protect us from the bad karma that all this generates. Hench our constant rebirth on the hellish planet called Earth.

If you are saying that we WILLINGLY engage in negative acts with the littlest provocation or incentive from external forces then it must demonstrate that the ruling principle that governs planet earth is the Luciferic Principle. This seems obvious! David Icke seems intent on drumming this idea into our tiny minds without telling us how to break the pattern - so who is he really working for? Luciferic Consciousness? All preparation for the coming of Lucifer, no doubt. Manipulation happens!!

War, poverty, injustice - bad things happening to good people - good things happening to bad people. Look around you. Are you blind? Receive proper psychic and spiritual training. Access the Akashic Records for yourself. Forget dangerous charlatans in the media telling us they have special knowledge while exploiting us and disempowering us.

So how come we murdered Christ? Why do we support the rise of genocidal maniacal dictators? Why does history repeat itself? Think about it.

(...) how come you were born on a planet ruled by the Luciferic Consciousness?

Seriously, how can a channeler claim ownership of the words of a separate disembodied entity without some obvious duplicity and lame brained banality going on? Shame on you Kevin Ryerson and similar channelers who exploit others mercilessly to get rich and gain notoriety. They can't help but reveal to us what kind of materialistic charlatans they really are!

More importantly are we aware that we are agents of Lucifer and are we ready to do something about it? If not then simply pass on by! Serving Lucifer is perhaps a necessary, even essential, part of our spiritual journeys. There is no judgment involved in the reading of the Akashic Records. Such a thing would definitely ensure that any access to objective surces of truth would be impossible.

If a conspiracy involving higher intelligences does exist, we still have the opportunity to empower ourselves and do something about it and exercise free will unhindered by this external manipulation. How much longer we can retain this option is a matter of great concern. Perhaps we don't really want the kind of hassle and responsibility that free will entails. If so, we will inevitably lose it.

Brianstalin points out that our own previous vile incarnations can be readily found in the Akashic Records if we can muster enough courage to go there directly and understand that hypnotic trances and channeled entities are involved in a "whitewash" campaign to keep us away from the terrible and ugly truth. Our vile past lives explain why we find ourselves upon this vile planet. Again and again ....and again.

Rasputin was undoubtedly a pretty cool dude. Wilcock says a few interesting things, but Brianstalin considers very little of what he says corresponds to objective truth. This is in stark contrast to the teachings of, say, the Buddha or Jesus. In fact, the New Age seems to be all about fantasy and escaping from objective truths and replacing them with the subjective. If Vlad was some kind of Ant-Christ and later reincarnated, wouldn't he retain the same old tendencies and character traits?

{do kogoś} Third density and 4th Density negative ascension are neat catchphrases. Are they meant to convince us that you really know what you are talking about? Or are they merely hollow and empty concepts deliberately injected into the media as a test to see if we embrace them without even bothering to question them or to verify their validity? Who is really talking drivel and who isn't?

{pyt.} Why is attaining higher consciousness so important?
{odp.} Without it we are just animals and mindless automatons unconsciously complying with programmed negative agendas. Unfortunately, ignorance is no defense against bad karma and the endless suffering it entails. Higher consciousness is necessary for the ending of suffering and the reaching of enlightenment. The Buddha talked about these sorts of things. It is by no means an easy road to take. But neither is the endless cycle of suffering, death and rebirth in the bitter ocean of samsara.

There are whole networks of Ascended Masters, ETs, demons and fallen angels constantly working to ensure nobody succeeds in reaching anything close to genuine states of higher consciousness. Their counterparts on the Earth Plane pretend to be our saviors. Oprah Winfrey, Shirley MacLaine, Adolf Hitler, David Wilcock, Osho, David Icke, Walter Semkiw, Kevin Ryerson to name but a few. Perhaps even some of us until we overcome our negative programming.

Brianstalin encourages self-empowerment. Once this occurs we can make informed choices free from subconscious programming. We can then either continue to serve the Luciferic Consciousness fully aware of the dire consequences to us and others or we may choose to transcend this evil plane of existence for our own benefit and the benefit of all sentient beings.

The creation of false past life databases to exploit and gain notoriety need not occur. The people involved in this do not seek to empower but seek to exploit for selfish ends and are a part of an evil agenda to keep us permanently dependent on "experts" and "chosen" channelers who channel or pretend to channel enlightened entities for selfish profit and gain.

{pyt.} Can the internet be an agent of spiritual manipulation?
{odp.} Anything involving mass media can be used and is used this way. People are programmed automatons controlled by their astral bodies and a vast multitude of invisible and malevolent demonic entities. The opinions of these mindless puppets and automatons contribute to 99% of the garbage that comprises the internet. No surprise there! The Illuminati just sit back with smug grins at the idiocy of their enemy - the human race! Brianstalin displays integrity and concern. He is a rare exception.

They say hell is a state of mind, but it's more likely to be planet Earth. Now we are being told to worship the Earth and consider our extermination as a noble sacrifice! Lucifer is certainly a key player in the Akashic Records - check it out for yourself! What new mind control games will they come up with next?

Unlike fakers, exploiters and charlatans, Brianstalin has no media support, whatsoever. He just gets hassled with legal threats from people who are threatened by what he is saying and doing. These people also exploit the oppressive legal system that allows them to use copyrights and trademarks to shield them from open and direct criticism while continuing their media mind control programs unhindered. It all supports the "Big" agenda of keeping us powerless, dependent and ignorant.

{pyt.} how is dowsing objective?
{odp.} For a start it reveals the strangest information that would be impossible for anyone to dream up. Don't believe me? Check out Brianstalin's material! Remember it's been checked and verified by independent psychic healers and Masters who can readily teach others to access their own past lives and the past lives of others. That's pretty objective! And all of these Teachers and Masters endorse dowsing, but reject hypnosis and deep trance communion with disembodied spirits (demons?).

Also with dowsing, even though it is us moving the pendulum or other dowsing instrument, it is beyond our conscious control. This is not so with most other forms of channeling, psychic impressions and deep trances which tend to be heavily tainted with imagination, wishful thinking and often involve some involvement with external malevolent forces that may pose as enlightened spirits, ETs, angels or ascended masters.

Are angels, E.T.s and Ascended Masters really as moronic as the messages drawn out of these uninspiring and demonically possessed channelers? - If so, then gawd help us!

In theory people can change, but there are past life trends to consider. Getting simple past life information wrong or saying shallow and spurious things to back up our points of view isn't helping humanity, at all. WAKE UP! Past lives are not the point. When we reach higher states of consciousness we can see a lot more besides illusory past lives within an imaginary matrix of dreams. The illusion can be analyzed in great detail, however. This, of course, can upset many certain evil agendas.

What tools does Wilcock or icke, for that matter, give us to verify or ascertain just how much they are saying is truth and how much is pure evil and exploitative deception. Criticism is just if things said publicly do not seem in any way to tally with objective truth. Past lives and past life trends help us understand people all too well. Perhaps too well.

Do we really need teachers to teach us how to unite and create a peaceful world? The onus is on them to do it by example and when we see the possibility we might join in. However, is that likely or remotely possible? What tools do they provide us with to do the job? Accurate past life knowledge is the most basic form of psychic competence. Even Edgar Cayce, considered to be the greatest psychic who ever lived could not make an accurate past life match. It seems we have become disempowered.

{pyt.} I wonder why David Wilcock is so fixated on claiming he was Cayce? If accurate past lives is not an issue, then why would he be doing that?...other than to make himself appear as someone who was 'really good, even in other incarnations.
{odp.} It's deception, mind control and marketing strategy all in one. It's about ego and how it can be utilized to exploit and control others. A very old story. For some souls it's part of an agenda that started right from the beginning of time and still continues because it provides some satisfaction, thrill and excitement. It's all there in the Akashic Records.

"There's war in Heaven. The Higher Intelligences, whoever they are, aren't all playing on the same team. Some of them are trying to encourage our evolution to higher levels, and some of them want to keep us stuck just where we are." We have to be very wary of those forces pretending to encourage our evolution, but are really doing the opposite. To see this clearly requires fully opening the third eye. If Wilcock cannot master basic psychic skills then he must be incompetent or a trickster.

"The Reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe"

A wise man knows that if we are unhappy with the world, we have to transform ourselves in order to create the necessary karma to be born on a better planet.

At certain times and in certain situations the slave class is perceived as having negative value and is culled.
This has led to a continual cycle - the poor reincarnate as the elites and the elites reincarnate as the poor and vengeance is exacted on both sides.

When you dream, how often do you change your appearance? Isn't life just a dream?

The greatest spiritual masters have always pointed out that ALL is illusion - including reincarnation.

(...) Oprahs, Gellers, MacLaines or the other channelers of demonic intelligences that dominate the media. Forget hypnosis or deep trance channeling. Learn about the chakra system and raising the Kundalini energy safely to facilitate the opening of the Third Eye.

(...) incapable of empowering others to access past life knowledge for themselves ACCURATELY and incapable of using accurate and direct psychic techniques himself. Bogus authority figures further boosting a significant Satanic subsection of society is part of a dangerous mind control game that expects society to look up to manufactured famous personalities that are mere shallow automatons and puppets for elite agendas.

I think people are confused about what fame is. Madonna and Britney Spears are only famous because of the mind control apparatus they are part of. They are Satanic icons that through media manipulation aggressively attack our psyches and try to infect us with their own spiritual depravity.

Destroy the residual image of self and tame the ego that generates it and we may not need to return at all!

Dowsing tells us that parallel lives, just like Ascension, is a myth. We have to assume modern society proves that there has been not only spiritual stagnation, but also spiritual regression. Why do so many people identify with Marilyn Monroe - a SATANIC icon? The answer is obvious. Is it time for another Sodom and Gomorrah, but this time on a global scale?

If hypnosis was truly a tool for enlightenment why don't Buddhist monks spend hours hypnotizing each other instead of meditating for hours on end?

Jeffrey Keene strongly identifies with a dead KKK leader and many people identify with Monroe who was described correctly by Anton LaVey as a leading satanic icon. This illustrates just how sad the human race has become. Jack Black's prayer to Satan at the MTV Video Music Awards is apparently the new mainstream (and only politically correct way) to express oneself.

Everyone of us has been one of the ruling elites in one past life or another - most likely several. Yes, even the lady that cleans the public toilets of sweeps the streets! If we destroy this planet we just get sent to another prison planet, until we get wise and figure out a means of escape from the ghastly cycle.

One accesses the Akashic Records through higher levels of consciousness. Unsatisfactory shortcuts like channeling lower astral entities and inducing hypnotic states in oneself and others is not to be encouraged. These practices have led not only the elites astray, but many others, too. Higher consciousness can only be attained through long hours of meditation. Brianstalin teaches supplementary healing techniques and psychic awareness that can help to stimulate the opening of the third eye.

Astral travel is very limited in scope and does not allow us to escape the confines of a carefully constructed control grid of lower astral beings like angels, ascended masters, ETs and demons. To make use of our higher vibrational light bodies involves activating the Kundalini energy correctly and this is where Reiki is very helpful. Hypnosis can't help, nor black magic - proper training and chakra activation/development is required.

Identifying ourselves with our "real" or imagined past life identities just further traps us in illusion. The wise use ACCURATE past life knowledge for healing and understanding to ESCAPE illusion. Proof? Only charlatans can provide proof. The greatest spiritual masters tell us ALL is illusion. By seeking proof or dishonestly manufacturing it, we further trap ourselves in a dangerous illusion. An illusion in which psychopathic, death-cult, Satanic elites will destroy us.

We can become attached to living people while observing and guiding them from the world of spirit. Many children have assumed they were the reincarnation of the people whose memories they seem to share. Certain metaphysical processes and techniques reveal these children had observed the people whose lives they identify with very closely in preparation for their own incarnations. This also occurs when identifying the presumed reincarnations of important spiritual Tibetan masters.

It is curious that the detailed memories we can apparently share with dead people have led many to jump to inaccurate or unsound conclusions. In cases of genuine reincarnation our memories are almost completely wiped - at least at the conscious level.

Pacal Votan was known as a magician of time. Time travel is also Brianstalin's specialty. What is the connection between Brianstalin and Pacal Votan? Pacal Votan knew global genocide might occur around 2012. Brianstalin knows it, too. The psychopathic elites are the driving force behind it. Forced vaccinations didn't go so well, so we have body scanners and mind readers (psychotronic weapons) to do the job, instead. If those fail, the elites will try something else. We can stop them.

We do find a Catholic Pope reincarnating and becoming the US President. The President was also one of Akhenaten's daughters. Changes of ethnicity and sex do happen on occasions. The recurring pattern seems to be to choose rebirth into the same ruling satanic bloodlines again and again, because this is where we can exert maximum power and obtain greatest satisfaction. This has led to our downfall as a species and spawned numerous elitist ideologies based upon delusions of superiority.

Apparently she {Marylin Monroe} reincarnated in England. She isn't famous now. One of her sisters appears to be the reincarnation of Madame Blavatsky and her mother, the reincarnation of Catherine de Medici. Quite an outstanding satanic lineage! No wonder Anton LaVey was so fascinated with Marilyn. Brianstalin goes on to say that Marilyn was involved in the satanic sacrifice of a child in her former lifetime in France. That child later reincarnated as Marilyn's abusive and uncaring mother. A long story.

Adolf Hitler over did it a bit and is currently barred from participating in any virtual reality simulations (and that is what our lives are) for a very long time. Some refer to this unfortunate state as Bardo. Bardo just means "in-between state".

Bardo is a place where we get stuck. Tibetans believe that the bardo state is where we have the greatest opportunity for liberation. According to some teachings the 5th bardo, for example, is accompanied by profound peace and pristine awareness. Sentient beings who have not practiced during their lived experience and/or who do not recognize the "clear light" at the moment of death are usually deluded throughout the fifth bardo of luminosity. Sound familiar? Reminiscent of New Age delusion!

Forget Bardo, we are all in Hell already! If we fail to understand this or have conveniently forgotten the sorry path that has brought us here, we can certainly look forward to a prolonged and unhappy stay.

The goal is enlightenment. We already have immortality.

What's really absurd is allowing tyrants to rule the planet. Allowing them to take away our God-given freedoms and rights. Drinking their poisoned food and water, spending hours in front of their mind control screens and passively allowing them to shoot us up with vaccines full of cancer viruses and other deadly toxins.

The idea is to undergo some kind of spiritual development to establish a connection with higher consciousness so that truth no longer seems absurd to the severely limited and retarded human mind. Once this has been achieved, one may identify any errors in Brianstalin's research and correct them or even attempt to refute his findings in their entirety in a convincing and eloquent manner. As yet, even the most brilliant minds on the planet have failed to do this, so don't feel so bad.

Why not consider the search for fame and power an affliction of the ego that tends to manifest itself from one lifetime to the next, despite desperate attempts to avoid such things? We are conditioned and programmed from birth to excel and raise ourselves above others, but this brings many problems and a lot of bad karma. Some lifetimes, we may not get so many opportunities to tread on others, but instead get trodden on - and trodden on hard. Sometimes a mass karmic cleansing is in order!

For a number of reasons hypnosis is NOT a reliable enough tool to access hidden past life knowledge, because we have been conditioned since birth to hide and run away from it - even on deep subconscious levels.

Judging from current circumstances, it seems many of us were connected to royal bloodlines, crazy elites, unsavory agendas and general bloodymindedness in many previous incarnations- a sure sign of spirtual degeneration and decay. Thus, the world is turning into a global dictatorship hell bent on destroying all those with inferior genes or those unwilling to fully support its murderous and satanic agendas. All these things are, in fact, supported by the Akashic Records.

With higher consciousness we may perceive the truth and understand our responsibilities. In future times people will, no doubt, be regressed and be relieved to find they were simple people who just stayed home and watched others being blown to bits on TV - happy that they never went to war. However, even victims of brainwashing must bear the responsibility and burden of their special contribution to evil. It is karmic law.

For sure, we have all had the chance to experience lives of poverty, servitude and anonymity, but in order to experience these lives of obscurity, we must have also led many lives of notoriety, self-indulgence and ego. Because of ego, competition and peer pressure, we would have endeavored to make serious impacts upon our surroundings, rather than being content to be pathetic and submissive nobodies. History has been shaped by the constant struggle against evil and tyranny.

In order to reach levels of higher consciousness and experience things like the Akashic Records, soul travel and time travel, we must make sure our chakric systems are correctly energized and activated. Unfortunately many people's minds, bodies and psychic processes have been deliberately sabotaged by the enemies of free humanity. Hitler, despite all his occult training, failed to open his third eye, yet he still believed he had the right to murder what he believed to be his inferiors.

If we explore reincarnation thoroughly and with the right tools, we will inevitably see it is an illusion - just like everything else. If we then explore this illusion further, we will inevitably awaken and become enlightened.

To overcome all programming including the influence of the planetary positions at our birth and their subsequent transitions, we must access higher consciousness and open our third eyes. Only then can we truly understand our true responsibilities, access the highest wisdom and act accordingly. Such a pity that the Illuminati, despite all their superior genes, have failed miserably to do this.

Any serious spiritual endeavors inevitably bring chaos and upheaval which further reinforce the truth that we live in an illusion. Once we begin to pierce the illusion it immediately starts to disintegrate - along with our lives, belief systems and egos. This is in stark contrast to such Satanic concepts of abundance, self -gratification, the creation of our own realities and elitism that New Age mind control seeks to entice us with.

We already remember our past lives on a subconscious level and this is why we have so many psychic, physical. emotional and mental blockages. When we attempt to access these memories during hypnosis, a number of processes activate to hide the truth from us - simply because we have not developed enough spiritual wisdom to be prepared for the truth. Meditation and accessing genuine states of higher consciousness is required - not mind control or wishful thinking.

Few people are born famous. Those who strive for fame do so in response to ego, programming and, in more modern times, compulsive forms of mind control.

Memories and psychic impressions are easily distorted by ego and wishful thinking. Screen memories come into play during hypnosis. Deep trance channeling is akin to demonic possession and mediums, when not faking it completely, without proper spiritual development and practice can be inhabited by very unreliable and manipulative entities.

For sure the memories have validity, but once we have the necessary techniques to work with we can see a whole myriad of metaphysical possibilities - not just reincarnation. Brianstalin points out that we are all closely connected to each other and can very easily share anyone's memories using simple telepathic techniques.

Brianstalin not only offers his readings for consideration and rigorous psychic scrutiny, but also suggests anyone (with or without past life memories or expectations) can use his techniques to discover objective truth directly and untainted by subjective wishful thinking and lack of spiritual maturity. The only drawback is that truth rarely conforms to our expectations and can be shocking and unsettling. However, accurate past life data yields very remarkable results in a healing context.

Why we should choose to connect with certain individuals more closely depends on our past life links with these people. Also we would have had the opportunity to follow these people's past lives closely from the "other side" as guides, angels, demons or ascended masters (depending on how we wish to think of ourselves) in preparation for similar life challenges. Ask a pendulum if Sherrie was Marilyn - we get "No". Ask if Sherrie was actually one of Marilyn's spirit guides - we get "YES".

It is known that Nostradamus used a pendulum along with other forms of dowsing. According to Brianstalin, Nostradamus's skills were somewhat rudimentary and can be easily matched by any competently trained level 2 Reiki channel today. If any one wishes to learn psychic awareness with Brianstalin online, I recommend contacting him by email.

Brianstalin tell us that Elvis became a notorious trademarked and copyrighted entity channeled by a certain well-known lady trance channeler endorsed by Shirley MacLaine and others. Needless to say his teachings were all nonsense designed to get people even more dependent upon elite spiritual authority figures and obvious forms of manipulation and mind control as proposed by people like Alice Bailey and others. Elvis, it seems, still craves attention, even from the other side.

Brianstalin gets contacted by quite a number of reincarnated James Deans, Marilyn Monroes, Hitlers and others, on a regular basis. Rather than exploiting these weak-minded people, he suggests that they learn the proper techniques to access the truth for themselves. Very few of these types, however, take up the challenge. Fantasy, it seems, is much more comforting for them. The New Age movement has a lot to answer for.

Brianstalin has been trained to do what he does by a number of masters around the world. Past life knowledge is easy to access and promotes rapid healing. There are many people who don't want us have this valuable knowledge. They either say we aren't meant to know such things or else it's impossible. These people are either conscious or unconscious members of evil groups that are attempting to stifle our spiritual growth. Brianstalin's findings are a challenge - refute them if you can.

Remember all belief systems are impenetrable barriers to truth. Why do we believe what we believe? Who has implanted these ideas in our heads? Who do you think is really benefiting from all the mind control going on? With higher consciousness we can investigate these things for ourselves. With normal consciousness we will die.

Past lives are just a small part of basic psychic competence.

We have all been famous/rich people and regular people. Many achieve this incredible feat within just one lifetime. If we study and understand human nature, programming and brainwashing it isn't strange at all, just very predictable and sad. If we study the soul journeys of the so-called "elites" it becomes alarming and ultimately life threatening!

One essential requisite for clear psychic insight is the destruction of the ego - unfortunately many psychics now and in the past considered themselves part of the elite. Hitler had a lot of training in Black magic, but failed to open his Third Eye. People declaring themselves as psychics is an unpromising start. We are all psychic and all have the potential to become a Christ or Buddha - the Illuminati are in serious error when they plan population control through forced extermination.

Having said that if we allow them to trample all over us then we lead them into temptation. Terrible karmic consequences for all is the result. We do not need to share the Hell that the Illuminati have in store for us. If you don't know what I'm talking about - don't worry - you will know soon enough! {X'2009}

Society is structured in such a way that psychic blockages and congested chakras are the norm - hence the need for training in psychic and energy work. Also remember 90% of self - proclaimed psychics tend to be egoistic, neurotic and are often mentally unstable. Direct and accurate psychic techniques remind us that we have to work around such obstacles to get at the truth.

Brianstalin made sure to check all the data with his teachers, persevered and became intrigued rather than exasperated by the chilling coherence of the story that slowly began to reveal itself. As yet Brianstalin has only revealed some tantalizing snippets

For most people, it is very difficult to even begin to tame or spiritualize the ego. We need adulation, wealth, power and fame. These things are what most people live and reincarnate for. When we access higher realms of consciousness successfully, we may find things of far greater value.

To fully understand our karma requires seeing our past lives ACCURATELY. This really is not so difficult. A little kundalini development and the use of direct objective psychic techniques will help a lot. If we refuse to development spiritually then our suffering will continue.

Becoming self aware is not as hard as some people like to make out. Brianstalin can teach us some simple techniques to get us started. It's then up to us to develop them fully and find appropriate means of focusing the mind and working with Kundalini.

Science tells us everything is energy and that energy cannot be destroyed.

As for regression memories, we must consider how the Astral and Earth planes connect. Sherrie Laird according to Brianstalin was one of Marilyn's astral guides. These guides observe the lessons of their soul group counterparts (with whom they have shared many past lives) incarnated temporarily on the Earth plane. These guides eventually incarnate and the memories of what was previously observed along with spooky parallels cause us to reach the wrong conclusions.

A number of self proclaimed psychic experts (for large fees I might add) have confirmed that both Sherrie Lea Laird and Zsuzana are definitely the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe. The sad fact is that these charlatans have received no training in advanced occult, metaphysical or psychic studies. They are in reality just deluded fools trying to cash in on their limited or imagined "special" abilities. New Age "wisdom" actively encourages this nonsense.

To my knowledge nobody claiming to be the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe is actually Marilyn reincarnated. Some of these people may have had close past life connections with her, but so would have half the planet considering how many times we have reincarnated. Considering that Anton LaVey wrote that Monroe would become the Satanic Madonna of the 21st century, we might wonder what hidden satanic forces are interfering with the minds of weak-willed and gullible people.

How come Hollywood is full of reincarnated satanists who are endeavoring to crawl into our consciousness and psyches like unwanted guests? Notice how they get everywhere these days - the news, internet, our dreams and now are past lives! Hollywood is a kind of satanic mind control center that is eating away at our ability to perceive truth and even our ability to know who we really are. We worship these false satanic idols and are obsessed with them. A sinister exercise in mind control.

In order to determine what we have learned exactly we need accurate means of past life data retrieval. Instead we get media supported hypnotic regression and deep trance channeling. This is very unsatisfactory. The media knows that this kind of BS will keep us stuck in a state of ignorance and also reliant on divine guides that are really demons from the lower astral planes.

A lot depends on the depth of trance/hypnotic state induced and also on the condition of the chakra system of the person experiencing these trances. Those who have healing experience or have activated and energized their chakra systems adequately in some way may on SOME occasions be less prone to subconscious programming and/or the interference of the lower astral.

It is thought that at the end of each great age or cycle that all the dregs reincarnate at the same time to produce a complete orgy of madness and degradation. It is a time of great volatility when many karmic debts are settled in preparation for the next cycle. it will not be a time of peace or ascension, but a time of great turmoil and confrontation. The grand plan requires the destruction of 90% of the world's population. If we do not fight we will die.

We all live in an infinite sea of energy seeking ways to experience and become self-realized. The angelic and demonic realms are populated with an almost infinite store of intelligent energies desiring above all else to become human and enter the reincarnation cycle.

For some the ultimate goal is mastery of the material world through occult practices and black magic. For others (who may have already experimented with the black magic approach) the goal becomes self-realization or enlightenment not only for one's own benefit, but the benefit of all sentient beings. There are many other worlds and dimensions to incarnate into to achieve these goals. Open your mind and broaden your experience!

There is a way out. It was shown to us by the Buddha and Christ. It's called attaining enlightenment. It involves reaching the highest states of consciousness and acknowledging personal responsibility and accountability. The process is very similar to death. On the other hand deep trance channelers and mesmerists connected to the New Age movement give us fairy stories to make us happy slaves.

The story goes that we crucified Christ and attempted to murder the Buddha. But we raise up our New Age satanic Masters and allow them to exploit us. We let them and the demonic entities that speak through them become our oracles of wisdom.Hitler was just one such oracle and we have many more today. Some intelligent and wise people can see them for what they really are, however. Even Edgar Cayce can be seen as a false prophet because he said many incorrect things.

For one thing, Jesus taught us that if we reject material wealth and power and begin to obey universal law our lives may be endangered and we may become outcast and classified as criminals. An indication that the earth plane is actually ruled by the so-called Luciferic Principle and our beautiful rose garden is a false illusion. Why is the media full of movie, music and sports personalities? Their lives are really empty shams where all their good karma is eaten up with trifles.

And yet we bow down to these false idols and aspire to become like them.
The Illuminati must laugh at our stupidity.
Let's see, Keanu's latest movie tells us we deserve to be wiped off the Illuminati owned planet because we are trashing it.
Maybe they're right.
The movie explains we know what our ultimate fate is, but are helpless to do anything about it.
Even if we start seeing Reptilians in the high street we wouldn't bat an eyelid and that is actually happening.
What a joke!

Christian Bale's recent and widely publicized foul-mouth tirade against someone constantly "trashing" his scenes sums up a curious kind of mentality, don't you think?
Perhaps the Illuminati and great despots of our planet still retain the same mindset they did thousands of years ago.
Are we being encouraged to think just like the Illuminati rather than letting the Illuminati think for us - or is it the same thing?

Did you know Brianstalin was an extra in one of Christian Bale's movies.
It's a very small and curious world!

{ktoś} God is dead. - Nietzsche
Nietzsche is dead. - God
{odp.} Playing games with words helps no-one and actually makes you look foolish.
No-one has actually ever been born and no-one has actually ever died.

{ktoś} yea like they really could track what spirit went into what body. gimme a break.
{odp.} The mistake is believing that only very powerful and skillful Adepts could do this kind of thing.
Brianstalin tells us that we can all become powerful and skillful Adepts - it is our birthright.
Don't just dismiss this without exploring it thoroughly.
You have already disempowered yourself by imposing illusory barriers.
Is this your own free will expressing itself or programming and brainwashing talking?
Think about it.

Actually the key word is BELIEVE. Where do our belief systems come from and is this source reliable?
If you experience the Akashic Records directly for yourself then your whole way of thinking will inevitably change.
Until then cling to your belief system by all means, but what if it turns out to be an impenetrable barrier to the objective truth that will ultimately set us free?
What if belief systems are actually designed to keep us where we are - in total ignorance of the TRUTH?

The New Age movement is keen for us to go along with intuition and invites us to make subjective truth our reality.
This is actually a very clever and subtle form of MIND CONTROL.
Intuition and thoughts originate from the astral plane. A place of deception - a realm that is really a carefully constructed prison ruled by demonic lower astral entities obsessed with power and control.

The earth plane is just a denser version of the astral - we have all helped to construct it guided by the Luciferic Consciousness.
The only difference being between the common people and the elite is that the latter are more savvy about what is going on and use active will to accomplish evil agendas

Deep trance states including deep hypnotic states plug directly into the lower astral planes. However, the objective truth of the Akashic Records lies well beyond these.
This is why Walter Semkiw's, Kevin Ryerson's and the past life speculations of many others are distorted and inaccurate.
Sometimes their information seems credible and convincing, but it's "designed" to be that way.
We simply cannot rely on ego, hypnosis and "enlightened" disembodied entities telling us what the truth is.

Objective truth is too difficult to believe.
ALL belief systems cut us off from the ability to perceive objective truth directly.
Brianstalin has challenged the self proclaimed experts to refute his findings - they have failed even to put forward any logical arguments for their own shallow belief systems.
Shirley MacLaine, Brit Elders and Kevin Ryerson even threatened legal action! That's all these people know.
What the hell is their problem and what evil conspiracy could they belong to?

If self proclaimed superior beings are unable to refute Brianstalin's findings with intellect, integrity and compassion then they must resort to violent acts.
These people only know about control and exploitation.
Their true natures are easily exposed by any small provocation or challenge.
It's sad and somewhat alarming.
It's as if the world is run by cold-blooded reptiles.

  "For most my work is extravagance and myth. It is, however, a truth for those who can comprehend it. I love it not the less because it has been superficially judged and little understood by the common herd. It is not meant for them!"
   Despite his controversial material, Brianstalin is considered to be the foremost past life expert in the world.
He has studied with various teachers around the world including the Dalai Lama and other Tibetan masters.

In New Age techniques of mind control we are encouraged to create our own reality. A reality that is pleasing - a reality that allows slaves to be happy and unaware of their slave status. This is partly why Walter Semkiw and Kevin Ryerson support false reincarnation claims and create some of their own.
To derive credibility they call on the support of a network of prominent and influential New Age spokespeople and other media experts.

This process is seen to backfire when people like Shirley MacLaine are exposed as being part of elite Illuminati bloodlines, psychics like Sylvia Browne and James Van Praagh are exposed as fakes and so-called experts and glitzy show people like Uri Geller are caught cheating.
Prominent deep trance channelers are seen to be overly keen on abundance and the callous exploitation of the weak-minded - also the past life data retrieved by hypnosis is impossible to verify.

In this climate of mind control it is becoming increasingly more difficult and less desirable for us to grapple with more objective forms of reality.

In the sphere of reincarnation, objective reality resides in what has come to be known as the Akashic Records - the Book of Life. It is an objective source from which sufficiently developed individuals (humble and egoless) can access the same/or at least supporting past life data as others who also possess genuine ability of utilizing the very lowest levels of higher consciousness known as superconsciousness.

Genuine past life data can cause unpleasant reactions and be the catalyst for great change within ourselves.We become aware of how everyone connects to each other, how we have sold our souls to ego and caused untold suffering both to ourselves and others. This is a hard and cold reality that New Agers and Satanists hide from.

The idea that we should be guided primarily by our instincts and intuition (Icke/MacLaine) reduces us to the level of animals. Instinct and intuition is what got us in this mess in the first place! The ideal is to be guided by higher consciousness - a process that involves breaking free from the restrictions imposed upon us by networks of Ascended masters, angels, ETs and pagan gods (demonic lower astral entities) in the invisible realms and the mind control media networks of the earth plane.

Many people identify with Marilyn - she is a Satanic icon. Walk-ins and soul exchange is just a theory that has no basis in reality.
Marilyn is the embodiment of Black magic and Satanism and this is reflected in many of her past lives.
Even Adolf Hitler erroneously claimed some of Marilyn's past lives as his own. Hitler was a trained occultist - trained by Black Magicians.
It will all be explained in Brianstalin's book.

New Agers tell us we create our own reality. It seems we may resort to the use brute force or mind control to dominate and threaten what we perceive to be weaker minds in order to achieve this objective.
This is the way of Hitler and Fascism.
It is the way of lower psychism and black magic.
It is the way of the New World Order.

Unstable personalities cling desperately to false past life identities. It is a kind of mental sickness. Even Jeffrey Keene turned aggressive when he contacted me.
Encouraging the attachment to illusion is just another sinister aspect of the New Age.
No wonder trance channelers and people under hypnosis tend to confirm these illusions for us!
Channeled messages rarely allow us possibility or probability, but instead assert falsehood in the strongest and most dogmatic terms.

Brianstalin is a healer and teaches psychic development.
If you want to see your past lives with images, sounds, smells, touch and taste, he favors shamanic soul travel and/or certain Tibetan tantric psychic techniques. Becoming a Reiki healer helps energize and cleanse congested chakras and psychic blockages. If you want to study with him in Thailand or India then contact him by e-mail.

If not, he suggests finding a skilled teacher who is thoroughly skilled and has been trained in past life reading.
Brianstalin has been attacked by certain well-known hypnotherapists, famous self-proclaimed psychics and New Age leaders, but so have so many other people who disagree with these sorts of people. The bottom line is they have been challenged to produce alternative data to his own and have failed to demonstrate genuine ability.

Brianstalin points out that everyone accesses the Akashic Records in dream states, light trances, daydreaming, meditation etc., but for a number of reasons (congested chakras, ego, lack of objectivity, lack of mental discipline, lack of training, attachment to the material world etc.) they cannot do it accurately. Also Hypnotism and Deep Trance Channeling are unsatisfactory shortcuts, because inaccuracy is replaced by deliberate deception and distortion of information by devious Astral entities.

What are the chances of similar looking groups of people just happening by chance to have connections in different periods of Earth history?

{ktoś - pyt.:} how does one go and visit the akashic library and read these records?
{odp.} If you are able to reach the lower levels of your superconsciousness then it's all very easy.
An altered mental state is required - a light trance, but NOT a deep trance state or a deep hypnotic state.
For accuracy training is required given by those with a deep knowledge and understanding of these things.
Some form of chakra development through meditation and/or healing energy work is essential for the most accurate results.
The pendulum is the easiest and most objective tool to use for beginners. Intuition and external intervention by unseen forces encountered in deep trance states are not any good for accessing objective truth.
The data received by the pendulum can be tested using higher and more esoteric psychic techniques once the basic dowsing skills have been mastered.

Brianstalin says: 'I'm simply tracking the journey of certain soul groups through an illusory matrix. I have been trained to do this by Masters and my readings have been checked by those healers and teachers who use the Akashic records every day. Proof of reincarnation is impossible, but I can train people to read the Akashic Records for themselves and thus make it part of their own experience".

There are hundreds, if not thousands of people, claiming to be Marilyn Monroe reincarnated. It seems all of them are deluded! Sherrie, Adrian and the Hungarian Marilyn, it must be said, are on the right track. The only problem is there judgement and final conclusions seem to have been clouded by attachment and wishful thinking. People who can read the Akashic Records do exist and they teach this skill as a basic healing tool. Objective means of reading past lives can cut through delusion!

I did not say La Vey is the AntiChrist, but La Vey was certainly his mentor! Rudolf Steiner predicted the birth of the AntiChrist in the second half of the twentieth century, but he has been reincarnating with us for centuries!

As stated before those who declare they have proof of reincarnation are either deluded and/or tricksters.
Brianstalin offers techniques that deliver what seems to be very accurate and detailed past life information.
The next step is to start an inner journey to find out what is going on and seek ways to verify the information.
No more no less!

Marilyn is a Satanic Icon according to Anton LaVey. Royal bloodlines are deemed to be rather Satanic. Sherrie had been a royal according to my findings, so was Shirley Maclaine. David Wilcock had been a royal adviser (Rasputin). All are now involved in some kind of propaganda machine asking us to obey a new spiritual authority that denies the existence of objective truth.

"Reincarnation dilemmas"

Accurate past life recall is merely a sign of basic psychic competence.
Going beyond this it becomes clear that past, present and future lives are, in fact, illusion.
We have never been born and we have never died - we just think these things have happened to us because of our very limited outlook and understanding.
Meditating cave dwellers are not going to abandon their spiritual practice to rush out and support Brianstalin's unique findings.
They have already abandoned illusion.

The essence of Brianstalin's teachings is the exploration of higher consciousness with simple and direct means free from manipulation and interference.
Past life knowledge is NOT higher consciousness, it's just a humble beginning.

"To see past lives with absolute clarity and precision one must understand that this life and past lives are nothing more than illusions. We are really nothing more than dreams within dreams. However this illusion that we find ourselves in can be studied and explored in the minutest detail.
It is not knowledge or information, but the experience of higher consciousness that will ultimately set us free".

Sloppy research is a CRIME!
Dilemmas are created by the brain's inability to make things work according to its limited understanding. Hence the creation of the false concepts like parallel lives and ascension.
Past life research depends on the metaphysical science of Kundalini awakening.
There are no shortcuts.
There is no real substitute in the end for many hours of focused meditation.

The mind soon becomes sharpened like a razor and clear psychic impressions are an interesting byproduct.
Where are the teachers of the media experts?
Where is the open demonstration and testing of their self-proclaimed abilities?
Where is their deep knowledge of Metaphysics?
Where are their teachings?
Where are their techniques?
Isn't hypnosis a form of programming and suggestion?

Isn't deep trance channeling a form of demonic possession?
Why not question the New Age Movement instead, which is based upon the channeling of false messages from the astral planes?
Where does science,logic and hard work play a part in past life reading?
Magic is about ego, but to read past lives requires letting go of all ego.

The deep sleep-like states utilized by Edgar Cayce, deep trance channelers and people in hypnotic trances do NOT seem to provide accurate data or TRUTH.
It seems that only screen memories and images are produced by a combination of internal and external agencies, that seem quite convincing and real to our logical minds.
Brianstalin suggests lighter trance states are far superior.
His conclusions are based solely on his own experience of deep and light trance states.

The Akashic Records seem to be telling us that the people making the most noise in the media are part of a very dark conspiracy to enslave and control.
The ego is the greatest enemy.

There is no such thing as the lowly masses - only a lowly elite that runs and owns everything.
An elite that is drunk with secret knowledge, abundance and ultimate control and power.
It's all illusion and delusion.
Do you really want to be another Hitler giving the masses a sharp kick up the backside?
Teaching is the paying back of a karmic debt according to Universal Law - it is not about playing Enlightened Masters!

The planet is a prison and we can only gain a pardon by changing our ways.
For the sake of argument let's assume there are 9 levels of proficiency in reading the Akashic Records. If you manage to obtain the first 3 your ability to identify soul groups will still not be enough to identify individuals clearly and accurately. In short your accuracy will still be close to 0%.

We all live on the same planet because we are all of the same soul group and are therefore very much all on the same level.
The Akashic Records tell the same pathetic egocentric past and present life stories in all cases.
Silly stories about elite masters and messiahs choosing to return among us and teach are spread around by lame brains unable to accept the fact that none of us are yet fit enough to be born on a nicer planet.
False messiahs are just part of familiar delusional pattern.

The fact that our karma required us to be born/reborn on planet Earth is frankly not a very encouraging sign. Perhaps this should be a starting point for a lot of soul searching and earnest contemplation to figure out just what went wrong.
That's basically what Brianstalin is simply doing.

Actually in our normal state of consciousness we are "asleep". We are made aware of this to some extent when people like Derren Brown come along and manipulate our "sleeping" consciousness to make us do virtually anything they want us to do without our conscious awareness of what's going on.

The small group of people who are in control and manipulating the Matrix understand the power of the mind. They own and control the media.
Perhaps they, like Adolf Hitler, believe they are helping and guiding humanity in some way.
They give us fantasy instead of reality because we are just too ignorant and unworthy for truth.
Casting pearls before swine in their ideology is blasphemy and heresy.
So we get imposed guidance and limitation according to a certain agenda rather than teaching and empowerment in any true sense.

Most ordinary people have actually had stunning past lives that the rich and famous of today would be envious of.
Past lives, however, are not things to cling to like movie roles or prized possessions.
There's always the uncertainty factor that is never overcome until we reach the higher levels of consciousness, anyway.
We can consider our past lives as probabilities and try to understand the lessons they teach us.

It's unfortunate that the truth is ten times more unbelievable than any fantasy we can ever imagine!

The lack of logic found in New Age thought doesn't seem to bother many people.
Perhaps the "expert" opinion does sway people.
Brianstalin suggests the "experts" actually know very little about Metaphysics but a lot about manipulation and mind control.
A harsh assessment, but New Age abundance is really all about marketing strategies, Illuminati-owned media manipulation, selling ideas/dreams and watching the cash roll in.
That's a common theme in a dog-eat-dog materialistic world, but this stuff is not packaged as entertainment or fantasy sharing, but as truth.

Brianstalin gets the worst of both worlds - condemned by the experts and ridiculed by the rest.
Brianstalin says this is an expected, but unfortunate part of his job in a world where the negative principle - the Luciferic Consciousness - dominates.
David Icke seems to fair a lot better, because some experts and insiders validate the Reptilian Conspiracy theory.
Brianstalin hints that some of this is also based on a lot of speculation and misunderstanding.

"Lacombe Lucien and the Reichstag Fire"

The astral body is the main instrument of the passions, emotions, and desires. We must deal with these before we can make any serious progress towards enlightenment. The destruction of and separation from the physical body does nothing to address the serious problems that the astral realms challenge us with.

"Reptilians in the Matrix Part IV"

A closed mind will always remain immune from the truth.

EVERYTHING is possible.
We can only decide if reincarnation is a probability based upon our own direct psychic experiences and impressions (or lack of them).
We also have the power to choose how we wish to interpret these, but just how much free will we really have or have been left with is a matter of great concern.

"The Reincarnation of Robert E. Lee"

Most spirits just like most people are unable to perceive truth clearly.
Especially those claiming to be enlightened Masters.
Should we really rely on their words?
Only if they have the ability to EMPOWER us to see the truth directly for ourselves.

"Mel Gibson & Houdini"

Brianstalin has discovered that everyone, without exception, has been part of, or served, the Satanic Bloodlines in previous and present incarnations.
Watching innocent people being blown to bits on TV without doing anything about it is just one sure indication.
Ignorance and stupidity does not protect us from guilt and responsibility.
Hence, we have become eternal prisoners upon a demonic prison planet.
Elite god-master or slave, it doesn't make any difference. We are all bound by delusion.

Assuredly, our negative programming is amazingly powerful and the dominant force that controls and shapes our lives, yet we all have the potential to ultimately triumph over it and become true masters of our destinies.

"Houdini, Antisemitism and Hoaxes"

{ktoś} I hope Houdini is not Mel Gibson.Shame that someone so legendary came back and became a drunken idiot
{odp.} Many legends have returned as psychopathic maniacs who believe their imagined god status entitles them to destroy humanity.
Many legends have also returned as ordinary people who are victims of the evil system they helped to create. They, of course, are eager to blame everyone else but themselves for all their problems.
The elites of today will have to return sooner or later as victims of diabetes, epilepsy, cancer, lupus, genocide etc. There's no way to avoid this.
It's karmic law.

To see truth clearly and directly, we must first understand the need for deprogramming.
Virtually everything we perceive with our ordinary senses and even our UNTRAINED higher senses is a lie!

"Science is flawed because it is based on the premise that the universe as observed by our primitive and limited senses is all there is and that by applying our limited understanding and perception, we can attempt to explain how the universe works.
What great stupidity is this!?
Science is merely speculation based upon observation.
Higher consciousness can EXPERIENCE truth directly. This truth cannot be translated into words or mathematical symbols".

"If science is based upon the limited perceptions of unenlightened minds then science must be flawed.
Similarly, without full enlightenment, the experiences, perceptions and conclusions of magicians, shamans and metaphysicians must also be suspect.
Furthermore, if our shared reality is merely the shared creation of unenlightened beings, it must be possible to transcend it and the limited prison consciousness that has created it".

Many people are waking up to the idea that the media is just a tool used by those who have publicly stated their desire to reduce the human population by up to 90% and set up a dictatorship in all areas of life including "spirituality".
Alice Bailey, in particular, talked of the creation of a hierarchical spiritual elite that would lord it over the inferior masses, telling them what to believe and what to think.
The desire to become Nietzschean Supermen means genocide is rapidly approaching.

Of course we all get reincarnated as obscure and ordinary people once in a while.
But the Akashic Records tell us that in order for our self-destructive programming to work at maximum potential, we have been obliged to seek out wealth, fame and power and to change the world into the nightmare that it has always been.
Hitler, Stalin, Mao etc. were not aberrations - they are the norm. Even they were janitors and serfs at some point in history and I'm sure they didn't like it very much

The idea that we have all been each others' mother in a number of previous incarnations is found in Tibet among other places.
While this may seem a rather startling and unlikely viewpoint, the Akashic Records certainly point in this direction, suggesting that we are all much more closely connected than previously understood.
Again this makes accurate past life reading all the more difficult and is perhaps why we get many deluded people making inaccurate and sometimes bizarre past life claims.

{ktoś} This is dumber than fuck!
{odp.} Brianstalin used to think the same, still does on occasions, but reserves final judgment.
Fortunately, his teachers constantly remind him that past lives (just like this life) are illusions.
If other people who display the ability to read the Akashic Records and ALSO the ability to teach others to do this for themselves hadn't verified his findings, he would have dismissed all this a long time ago.
"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance." -Albert Einstein

{ktoś} hope this isnt serious. its beyond reason. My neighbour genuinely looks more like houdini that Gibson does.
{odp.} Serious? Yes.
Beyond reason? Certainly!
Our conditioned and programmed minds instantly set up barriers to things beyond our comprehension.
You are correct when you say that it's dumb to say and so and so must be the reincarnation of this famous person, because they look exactly alike.
Explore the Akashic Records for yourself and look into soul groups,in particular.
What are the odds of similar looking people from different time periods appearing together again and again?

"Hitler & Isis"

To become a 360 degree mason and have Prince Charles referring to you as an Olympian is not the zenith of power - it is the nadir.
We can only experience higher consciousness by DESTROYING ego, not by worshiping it!

We tend to only think that we know what we're talking about because of limitations of the levels of consciousness we have permitted ourselves to work with.
Brianstain reminds us we all have access to a lot more besides the short sightedness that our egoism presents us with.

The Olympian Gods did exist and a number of them are still around today - lost in delusion - I may add.
Brianstalin tells us that Princess Diana was not only named after the goddess Diana, but was actually her reincarnation.
Painters work with imagination and intuition which often borders upon direct contact with higher consciousness.
According to the Akashic Records many paintings of Ares resemble Hitler for a very good reason.

"Pendulums & Past Lives"

All the information is already in the Akashic Records which, unlike the Palm Leaf manuscripts, is updated each moment.

Our own past and present life actions has created the nwo. This in turn has created a lot of karmic responsibility for us and this is what has trapped us in the reincarnation cycle.
We are the nwo.

Even for very skilled dowsers it is difficult to dowse personal past life information objectively. That's why we need teachers and guidance sometimes, even if it is just to get another valid viewpoint and keep our egos in check.
That's why Brianstalin has gotten in the habit of checking virtually everything with other skilled dowsers and healers.
We certainly don't want to get lost in a world of subjective fantasy.
Objectivity is the key.

A pendulum belongs to the realm of lower psychism and unless we have mastered this simple tool and can connect directly with our higher consciousness we will remain in the lower realms of higher consciousness.
The easiest and most objective way to connect to our higher consciousness is via a pendulum, but to do it competently takes time and guidance from those few experts who can demonstrate their skill with this effective tool on a daily basis for healing and other positive pursuits.

To test the data from dowsing and other sources requires learning psychic skills.
If you cannot do these psychic skills properly then your chakras will need to be cleared of congested negative energy. It's that simple.
Finding someone competent to teach basic psychic awareness and perform these simple healings may be difficult.
Once basic psychic awareness is achieved you can advance to more advanced and challenging psychic tasks.

Brianstalin suggests that anyone can check his past life readings with a pendulum, because it is an objective way to access knowledge and clearly by-passes our logical thought processes that normally block us from any notion of what truth is.
Actually doing your own readings is a bit trickier and requires proper training and guidance.
if you are already a healer and well-acquainted with clearing blocked chakras then you are ready to begin the quest for higher knowledge.

{pyt.} Are there any good books to read up on this topic?
{odp.} Coming soon.
Ignorance about reincarnation and psychic stuff in general prevails. The bookshelves are, at the moment, filled with the demonic propaganda from the lower astral realms.
These books ask us to believe in and obey the authority of false messiahs and Ascended Masters, who do not empower, but enslave - just like the New Age leaders who exploit us for personal gain.
Fads like hypnosis and past life regression therapies are endorsed by people like Oprah and are being thrust upon us! {pyt.} Thanks for the response. But what advise do you have for someone who would like to learn more about this topic? I am not aware of any one locally where I live who knows anything about this subject.
{odp.} In fact Brianstalin has met very few people who know anything about this subject.
The vast majority of so-called experts have merely a superficial grasp of Metaphysics, the Occcult and psychic matters in general.
Psychics dealing with deep trances and hypnotherapists inducing deep trances facilitate contact with only the lower astral planes.
Find a good Reiki teacher, a good dowsing teacher and a good meditation teacher. If this fails and you are still committed go and see Brianstalin.

"The American Civil War"

The Akashic Records is just that - a record of deeds, thoughts and dreams etc. A kind of truth. More a tool than anything else to understand that we do have responsibility for each thought and each action, whether it's real, an illusion or something other.
If we do come to the conclusion that everything is an illusion, we make the first step in escaping from it and the finding of ultimate truth and understanding/wisdom is, therefore, a more likely possibility.

{pyt.} How could he have sinned in order to be BORN BLIND? Christians believed in reincarnation until the 4th century.
{odp.} Belief systems are unhelpful as is any kind of "group think" activity.
You either know or don't know through direct mystical experience.
Who has sinned so greatly that we came to be born on a Hell planet called Earth ruled by crazy elites intent on enslaving everyone?
That's obvious - w e are all guilty of breaking Universal Law.
Armed with the responsibility of our guilt, we may move forward.

Christ demonstrated that those who have became truly awakened will become healers in order to neutralize their bad karma and help those that they have persecuted and been persecuted by many times before in previous incarnations.

This is, of course, in stark contrast to the Illuminati types, like Bill Gates, Oprah and many others who are intent on destroying over 90% of the population.
When will these pathetic elitists start to grow up?

And why does Jeffrey Keene identify with a KKK leader and hob nob with evil Illuminati types who are friends of Shirley MacLaine's?
Why do these people promote lies and elitist ideals and why do these people insist we obey their authority or be barraged by their media experts' opinions and/or legal threats?
Time is short.
Wake up!

bonus: Jezus o reinkarnacji (flimik z cytatami, innego autora)

"Re: reincarnation, past life evidence"

How does the call for the secret arrest, permanent detention and torture of US citizens grab you?
The end of free speech, threats to shut down the internet. Economic slavery, the vowed intent of world governments to unite and reduce the world's population by 90% or more, using any means necessary?
The criminality and deceit of the New Age movement, the indifference of the spiritual leaders and Ascended masters to the sufferings of humanity?
The total corruption of the media and all society?

Possession by disembodied entities is alarmingly common and quite a lot of mental illness involves some form of malevolent metaphysical interaction with the invisible realms.
Many "ETs" are demons from the lower astral planes that are performing what some consider the crucial role of keeping us in deep ignorance and totally dependent upon external sources of authority and "wisdom".

Yes, ego is the driving force of our programming to strive for fame, power and fortune. We could attempt not to become famous, I guess, but are there any attractive role models for this? I mean ones who weren't tortured and/or crucified!
Being obsessed with this living this life isn't the answer either!
It's really all about escaping the limitations of illusion to end all suffering!
To escape we must investigate truth in detail and not run away from the past!

There is no balance in a world of illusion. Either you persist in interacting with illusion and continue to suffer - adding to the suffering of those around you, or you reach out and obtain higher levels of consciousness, getting a better understanding of personal responsibility, gaining further wisdom and insight.

For those who are skeptical - why not try accessing the Akashic records yourself using objective techniques like dowsing, at least to begin with. The need or desire to check and verify the information might make you consider ways of energizing your own chakra system and the chakra systems of others, and/or engage in healing and the search for advanced POSITIVE psychic techniques that can be used by yourself and others to find the answers to fundamental questions. Just a suggestion.

Do you change your appearance in dreams? When this dream(life) ends, why would you come back (start a new dream) as someone looking completely different?

{pyt.} how do u find out your past life?
{odp.} Start by accessing your superconsciousness in a light trance state while using a pendulum. If necessary find a good teacher who is skilled at past life reading - usually he/she will also be skilled in the alternative healing arts. Stay clear of the overtly manipulative and unsatisfactory deep trance states found in hypnotism and some forms of channeling (Deep Trance Channeling). Do a lot of meditation and engage in activies that can stimulate and energize your chakra system. Reiki is good.

Remember that everyone is connected and any attempt to find out one's own past lives must include exploring and understanding the past lives of everyone else upon this small planet.
Once you have the ability to access the Akashic Records with accuracy and depth you might be feel impelled to reach higher states of consciousness and seek out more advanced psychic techniques to test the validity of all the data. The information is not as important as the quest for understanding and wisdom.

Reincarnation may be more than a theory. Perhaps a tool for healing and the key to unlock all of history.
Not merely a plaything for egoists or Fascist New Age types.

What techniques besides logical deduction and ego has Jeffrey Keene applied?
Were his assumptions checked by skilled healers and readers of the Akashic Records?
Were they checked instead by New Agers (Fascists?) using Deep hypnotic trances and deep trance channeling?
These techniques are manipulative and unreliable.
These techniques are the basis on which the New Age Movement stands - OBEY AUTHORITY is their motto.

Assuming that parallels and subjective impressions have validity is a New Age trick that brings humanity a step backwards from truth.

It's true that New Age leaders and the like do/did have great power and political clout throughout the entire Universe and beyond in past and present incarnations. They fail/failed, however, to perceive how the Universe really works. Good luck to them, however, on their spiritual journeys.

Psychic integrity is based entirely on basic teaching and healing skills. The USA, is perhaps the most backward country on the planet in this area.

The New Age is keen to point out that we create our own reality, but that means we can create our own illusions just as easily.

"Re: The Reincarnation of Robert E. Lee"

{ktoś} (...) Identical twins would have to be souls who looked EXACTLY ALIKE in past lives before selecting bodies together. (...) I like reincarnation, but "lookalikes" are for chumps.
{odp.} We tend to look similar, but rarely exactly the same from one life to the next.
Everyone has a double - the Akashic Records gives reasons for this - sometimes these doubles were our twins in previous lives - sometimes it's just all coincidence.
Also remember that truth does NOT have to conform to our preconceptions and logical thought processes. If so truth will remain hidden for all eternity!

When we experience death in dreams - logic dictates that our dreams should end.
Yet we continue to dream either the same night or the next. We also come back into our dreams looking just the same - a limitation of our minds? Perhaps a lack of imagination or lack of higher mental development?
Can our minds alter DNA? I think so!

Truth lies in the Akashic Records. Don't attempt to give yourself smart excuses why you do not need to go there - break free from your limiting programming and dare to explore!

The Akashic Records is not ultimate truth, just the record of our journeys through an illusionary matrix. Just a diary of imagined events - thus a good psychological tool for healing and understanding the nature of illusion.
Ultimate truth is well beyond logical comprehension. I'm not saying we can't experience it, though, but logic should be set aside.

"The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln"

Don't be misled by the experts who are really mere masters of speculation.
Don't be oppressed by the doctors and the intellectuals who make a dishonest living by pretending to know more than the common people and who try to intimidate everyone with their meaningless credentials at every opportunity.

Why do people who can access past lives and teach others to do the same only agree with Brianstalin's data?

Rather than making assumptions and jumping to conclusions beforehand, why not consider actually studying and applying Brianstalin's techniques first?
You won't be disappointed.
Meditation, energy work, healing and the application of more advanced techniques like soul and time travel will need to be applied in order to fully investigate the data gained using some of Brianstalin's basic methodology.
Brianstalin teaches all these things and more.

You will find most people in power channeling some dark astral force either consciously or unconsciously.
The common belief is that the lower astral is the key to power, wealth and fame.
Actually this is true, but when we sell our souls to the devil it takes a lot of time, effort and sacrifice to get them back.

All belief systems are barriers to truth.
Reincarnation can be experienced in altered and mystical states.
Although our psychic impressions are often distorted and manipulated, Brianstalin has developed the most direct and objective techniques based upon ancient Tantric Tibetan practices among others to ensure the greatest accuracy.

Check out the Akashic Records for yourself.
Everyone has access and they are on public display.

Denial is just not good enough and simply reflects barriers within the mind imposed by internal and external agencies that are part of subtle brainwashing programs linked to the Earth and astral planes.

We must depend on our higher consciousness and third eyes to ascertain if past life links really exist and are valid.
It's certainly no good making conjectures about similar looking people and just assuming reincarnation might be involved.
No good relying on the claims of egoists, scientists, mesmerists and channelers of demons, either.

Remember, Brianstalin takes great pains to check his findings with people who access the Akashic Records daily as healers and teachers and more importantly these people demonstrate the ability to teach others how to to do the same.
No fees are charged as in the case of deep trance channeler Kevin Ryerson who verifies and produces bogus reincarnation matches.
Genuine teachers empower, of course, and show no interest in fame, notoriety or the callous exploitation of the weak-minded.

Brianstalin has done tens of thousands of past life matches. Maybe more.
In the early days, especially, he checked everything with his Teachers to make sure he was on the right track.
He also explored and discussed the past life theories of others in the media after being thoroughly exasperated by what seemed to be the lack of both accuracy and objectivity in all these cases.
Brianstalin did this for his own benefit and gained many insights and much needed guidance from these Masters.

Dizziness, headaches, tremors, nausea, banal comments, discomfort, aches in the joints, hot flushes, indignation, anger etc. are clear signs of imbalance.
These reactions are often activated when we are exposed to information or sensations that jar us from our brainwashed hypnotic states.

"Strange Tales From The Book Of Life"

It appears the process of reincarnation operates quite independently of any of our belief systems.
As the Earth is such a hell planet ruled by a steady succession of genocidal monsters, it would be perfectly logical to assume that only devil worshipers would get the dubious pleasure of being born here.
Even Yahweh was a genocidal monster according to the good book!
Wonderful inspiration for our blood-thirsty elites.

The universe functions completely unhindered by our limited perspectives, experiences and belief systems.
What if I told you that Brianstalin can help you to EXPERIENCE your past lives in varying degrees of clarity and vividness WITHOUT recourse to sloppy hypnosis and mind control techniques.
Ultimately all is illusion and that means the reincarnation cycle is too.
However, to fully understand illusion, we must penetrate its hidden secrets.

Brianstalin points out that the Satanic path is probably a necessary and essential part of our spiritual journeys.
All the suffering and bad karma it produces doesn't seem to bother anyone unduly.
The energy is harvested and used by entities with vastly greater intelligence than us anyway.
It's not like all the suffering is in vain.
These forces are welcome to exploit us like cattle, because, let's face it, they are superior in every way!

Accurate and objective divine revelation tells us that we have actually arrived in HELL already.
Yes, it is the earth plane!
You understand what that implies - we have repeatedly broken universal law - not just in one lifetime, but in all of them!

Using silly scare tactics and demonic propaganda for what appears to be "correct" forms of brain-washing is quite reprehensible!
The church has attracted more than enough money, pedophiles, zealots and greedy exploiters already.

It is such callous, demonic and manipulative propaganda that gives the church a bad name and allows the even more demonic, manipulative and dangerous New Age movement to flourish.
Ascension seems more appealing than Hell, but it's just the same thing packaged in different ways - Delusion.

The New Age according to Alice Bailey will eventually bring with it elite masters and psychics who will establish a divine dictatorship.
It's Adolf Hitler all over again.
No doubt we will be forced to accept the teachings, sayings and channelings of these superior beings unquestioningly or be exterminated or undergo more intensive and coercive forms of brainwashing.
Sounds pretty much like religion to me.
Hope you enjoy it.

Certainly we can change sex and race from one lifetime to the next - we do have free will.
Hitler was the reincarnation of his hero Frederick the Great. People commented on Hitler's girlish mannerisms and Frederick was suspected of having a homosexual affair with Hans Hermann von Katte.
The idea is for you to go to the Akashic Records and see such things for yourself.

Since 1990, when George Bush brought the phrase "New World Order" out of the closet (it was Adolf Hitler's pet phrase first) we have entered a new phase. The push for world government of, for, and by the transnational cartels is on in earnest.

Some believe that the New World Order as envisioned by the Elite is hardly a recent undertaking. Theirs is a philosophy rooted in ancient occult traditions. Success is near, and the infiltration of society by New Age occultism is the reason for this success.

I think the "New Age" is part of the problem, not the solution, and that people need to think for themselves and not look to gurus of any kind to tell them what they should think and believe. DAVID ICKE

{ktoś} As I understand it, David Icke believes that the world is ruled by a secret group called the "Global Elite" or "Illuminati". The Illuminati are a race of reptilian humanoids from the constellation Draco. Does he really promulgate this nonsense?
{odp.} What makes you think it is nonsense?
Where's YOUR research on this topic?

Being limited by any belief system severely retards any possible impetus to seek and find the truth.
The New Age insists that we forget finding the truth and make our own truth. This could be blatant manipulation, a ploy to keep as away from the real truth. The truth that the elite wish to keep secret.

The New World Order is just a fantasy in the minds of those wishing to create it and those wishing to prevent it. It's best to keep informed, though. We don't want to live in someone else's fantasy even if these people do happen to think they own and run the world.

Everyone wants to be a Messiah, Satanic/New Age or otherwise. Next best thing is Hollywood actor or pop star. Failing that it's politcs. Notable example was Adolf Hitler.
"I was always dreaming about very powerful people, dictators and things like that. I was just always impressed by people who could be remembered for hundreds of years, or even, like Jesus, be for thousands of years remembered."
Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1977 film Pumping Iron

"More Reincarnation Truths"

A wise man understands that he knows nothing.
The accurate knowledge of past lives is just a tiny baby step towards genuine states of higher consciousness.
E.g. David Icke constantly boasts of his great spiritual awakening, yet he still writes nonsense like the late Queen Mum was the reincarnation of Queen Victoria.
Not only does he deny the historical existence of Jesus, but is always on about relying on intuition.
David, how can you wake up others when you are still asleep yourself?

{pyt.} do the celebs know this or not? {o swoich poprzednich reinkarnacjach}
isnt this just a plan from the illuminati?
{odp.} Many celebrities are fully aware of this, while others are completely ignorant.

The Great Plan comes directly from the Lower Astral. The Illuminati are victims of ego and their negative self-destructive programming - just like the rest of us.

{ktoś} training ones chakric system takes a lifetime
{odp.} Actually it takes very much longer and there are always plenty of destructive and negative karma accumulating distractions to keep us busy from lifetime to the next.
Ego is, assuredly, on of the biggest barriers to inner wisdom.

To ascertain if the past life matches are valid, we cannot rely on the limited tools that we have been left with after internal and external negatively orientated and manipulative forces have robbed us of our birthrights.
We will never go beyond the barriers of our preconceptions until we explore higher consciousness directly.

Either you evolve or just continue to sit on your ass thinking of clever excuses why not to.
"Accurate past life knowledge is just the first tiny step on a journey involving higher levels of consciousness that utilizes very rudimentary levels of psychic competence".

{ktoś} how do you come to all those conclusions? I would like to ask you for some FACTS!
{odp.} These are just simple and direct readings from the source of all knowledge - The Book of Life, the Akashic Records.
No subjectivity, interfering demonic intermediaries (posing as angels, ascended masters or extraterrestrials), deep hypnotic states, ego, wishful thinking or other barriers to the direct experience of objective truth involved.
Facts are nothing more than the most widely accepted theories enforced by brainwashing, programming and violence.

{pyt.} Do celebrities take rebirth as celebrities? Can an average person be reborn as a famous celebrity? Do violent people come back as kind people?
{odp.} Remember no-one is born famous. Many of us strive for fame because of the way our society makes such a big issue out of it. Also the constant programming by the media.
Many so-called average people have been famous celebrities before and didn't make enough effort this time around - perhaps they were unlucky - the victims of thwarted ambition.
An old Illuminati trick is to become famous and wealthy then give away vast amounts of money to ensure a favorable rebirth.

If people do not neutralize their bad karma they may become the victims of violence - the same violence they meted out to others in previous lives.
It doesn't matter if you're kind or not in this life - karma always catches up.
Remember planet earth is a bit of a jungle and we all share the same wild propensities for violence - we also all share the same potential for good.
We have free will - we can change and have the opportunity to be born on more advanced planets or planes of existence.

No-one is claiming to be the reincarnation of anyone here. Brianstalin points out that people making such claims rarely get it right and such people even turn aggressive if you challenge their claims.
Tell me why would Jeffrey Keene claim to be the reincarnation of someone who was the head of the KKK for his territory? Why would anyone claim to be the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe, whose knowledge of the Dark Arts in past lives makes Adolf Hitler look like a boyscout?

Propaganda for the Satanic control system that operates through elaborate media lies designed to keep us far from the knowledge of objective truth.
The New Age Movement insists we create our own truth and floods the media with bizarre guessing games and titillating theories designed to make the minds of the feeble-minded go around in perpetual circles.
With the truth safely hidden nobody is a threat to the established order.

{ktoś} How does the pendulum work?
{odp.} The important thing is that the pendulum does work.

Trust no-one who demands obedience to their authority - especially higher beings, New Age leaders and fascist dictators. Who moves the pendulum? Someone who wants you to know something presumably. Test the data by all methods possible - healing and meditation are good tools for developing wisdom.

"Chopin Lives!"

Negative programming from the lower astral planes has always aimed to bring about the self-destruction of the human species.
That's why throughout history we have constantly elected genocidal maniacs to rule over us.
Hollywood is a big mind control center that attracts certain types of people.

Mesmerists often become intoxicated with their power over others. Actors, with the help of technology and media hype, get off on the same type of power.
It is delusion. Many actors self-destruct.

Of course, on first glance, Brianstalin's research seems utterly insane.
Remember, he has studied with the Dalai Lama and other Tibetan Masters.
The invitation is for us to develop NEW skills and experience NEW perspectives, so what Brianstalin is saying no longer seems so outlandish after all.
We can free our minds!

There are many reasons why we could share other people's memories.
There are too many people engaged in pseudo science that will be misused in the future by "experts" to further oppress the common people.
Global warming, brain scanners, lie detectors, thought crime, genocide.

To perceive truth, we must raise the level of our consciousness.
There are many forces that do not want us to do this, because it would not be to their advantage.
We will find very little online.
We will find very little anywhere in the illusory Matrix, for that matter, to help us to escape from it.
The Matrix is designed to keep us imprisoned.

While Giuseppe Tornatore is the reincarnation of Charles Baudelaire, Andy Warhol is the reincarnation of Nadar.
Check the readings for yourself using the method of dowsing - learning how to forget logic, ego and everything we have ever learned. This is a must for ultimate success in any psychic activity.

The facial comparisons can be found at the brianstalin chopin website - the link is supplied at the bottom of the description for this video.

Our personalities are shaped by our programming and environments. The essential self is unchanging, which is rather unfortunate, because without change we can never progress. We are here to change, but rarely get around to doing anything about it!
Warhol coined the phrase 15 minutes of fame - which sums up our stupidity nicely and explains why we have been many famous attention getters in our past lives.

When our eyes are open we will all have direct experience of past lives and a load more besides.

By giving traditional support to the notions of logic and ego, offering us nothing more than argumentativeness and suspicion, you empower the enemy who resents any competent and safe attempt on our parts at spiritual growth and development.

BrianStalin doesn't want to be believed - he enjoys telling the truth without the restraint of logic, belief or profit.
The pendulum should be used in conjunction with healing. It can diagnose high or low blood pressure, the number of white blood cells, the presence of cholesterol etc. All of these things can be checked by qualified medical practitioners.
When a psychic touches a client he will inevitably see the past and future. To be a good healer requires instruction from a good teacher.

The more you use the pendulum in useful, beneficial and positive pursuits, the more opportunities you will get to assess its accuracy and worth.
The possibility of past lives are a gentle prod to those armchair philosophers who are unaware of the deadly consequences of watching wars on the telly play out before them without acknowledging their own personal responsibility for these horrors.
Let this be our final warning - our very souls are in dire peril!!

{ktoś} I was thinking that if Brian Stalin and some othe masters, who could access the akashic records, agreed to answer just ten true-false questions that were unknown to them and handed to them by a third party, that if the ten true-false questions were answered the same by all of the participants, the odds would be astounding. That would be mathematical evidence that something legitimate is going on. Has anyone ever agreed to such a test? If they are unwilling to agree, then why?
{odp.} Not just any 10 questions, but hopefully meaningful ones - but what if the person asking the questions is not ready for the answer? Pendulums are subtle tools and may not respond well under certain blind laboratory conditions. Tests might be worth trying, but if dowsing could be proved, wouldn't it conflict with the universal divine law of free will.
Billy Meier talks about "plausible deniability".
We wouldn't want our past lives printed on our CVs or programmed into our brain implants.

If the masters became authorities to be believed and venerated, we would be back in the dark ages - it is better we are shown the way in the form of possibility, so we can pursue our own explorations and reach our own conclusions based upon our own experiences.
There is plenty of evidence that the New Age movement tends to conflict with free will. Authority is the key word for New World Order and its New Age global religion.

Demanding proofs and evidence for our limited mental and belief capabilities may not be so smart - inevitably proof will be manufactured by the owners of the media, if it suits their agendas. If it does not come in some form of media hype, it may come in the form of violence - like a boot stamping on our faces, not just once, but repeatedly for eternity.

Brianstalin says: To some TRUTH is blasphemy.
While it is your God given right to reject TRUTH, you have no power to change it, only hide from it or distort it to your own satisfaction - often this has already been done for us by a number of external agencies ruling the Earthly and Astral planes!
There are many who are unable to perceive TRUTH for a number of reasons - the ego, programming and deliberate conspiracy to hide it!

There are many influential people at the forefront of the New Age Movement channeling demonic intelligences and telling us deliberate lies!
The only way to circumvent this is for us to see TRUTH directly through experience and training. Training is essential to break through the wall of programming built up over hundreds, perhaps thousands of incarnations!

"The Akashic Records"

Life is merely a dream according to the great spiritual masters. Why don't we change appearance in dreams? It's because we cannot suddenly eradicate the self-image of ourselves we have created in our minds. This self-image remains with us in the astral realms after death and also on the Earth plane when we reincarnate.
Even when we change race and sex, we retain the same old facial features, traits and habits.
According to Brianstalin's research Pope Leo XIII reincarnated as Barack Obama.

Fame, especially in more recent times, is less about accomplishment and more about mind control of the weak-minded masses.
As the Lucifer worshiping elites control virtually all media, we can expect the Hollywood crowd, rock stars, sports people to be reincarnated Satanists and elitists.
Others supported by the media machine - scientists, writers, artists, religious leaders etc. are similarly supported if they hold the correct views.
What is fame?
It is an illusion.

Completely contradicting the data from hypnosis and deep trance channeling, the Akashic Records explain how we have been duped into supporting the creation of a New World Order in many of our past lives, accumulating a whole heap of bad karma in the process.
If we are not ready to neutralize some of our bad karma in this lifetime, then, whether we are currently famous or not, we can expect little mercy during the coming holocaust.

Don't let others fool you that psychic ability doesn't exist and don't be fooled by others who pretend to have psychic skills in order to control, manipulate and exploit others.

Perhaps Brianstalin is right when he tells us that the Luciferic Consciousness is the ruling principle under which we all operate.

Even people with good intentions can be unconscious puppets and automatons for the lower astral planes that are most easily accessible to us using deep trances (Kevin Ryerson) and hypnosis (Dr. Semkiw).
After an extensive study of metaphysics around the world, Brianstalin concludes that deep trances, including hypnotic trances can be manipulated by lower astral energies and entities to produce blatantly FALSE information.
Don't believe it? Investigate for yourself!

Do these lower astral entities and energies unite with the media that is owned and controlled by a small elite to participate in a conspiracy to keep our spiritual development dependent upon elite teachers and experts with evil and exploitative agendas?
I hope not, but what evidence is there that this is not the case?

If Walter Semkiw and Kevin Ryerson advocated more appropriate and non-manipulative techniques to access hidden data and were able to teach these to us AND if their unsubstantiated theories and past life matches actually corresponded with the information we can all find in the Akashic Records for ourselves, I'm sure Brianstalin wouldn't be able to find anything to criticize.

Billy Meier, for instance, has a better grasp of how divine universal law operates.
He explains that well over 90% of self-proclaimed psychics are channeling rubbish and are suffering from mental imbalance.
He also points out that higher intelligences always leave lesser intelligences plenty of room for doubt concerning what they are saying.
Semkiw needs us to believe his data and he goes to unusual and unsatisfactory lengths to do this - even getting alleged faker Uri Geller involved!

This vid at present has received just over 2,000 views but Semkiw and his team are already trying to get it removed.
What is their problem?
There are plenty of forums where they can present their own refutations to Brianstalin's material.
What do they fear?
What are they worried about?
Perhaps it's merely a sign of mental imbalance?

{do kogoś} You and others like you who impose egoistical limitations on human potential or falsely assign special abilities to the select few for the accomplishment of dark agendas must think again!

When we die we go to the next world - the astral world. If we died without gaining any spiritual insight into the nature of reality we remain just as ignorant in the next world which is ruled by the same negative and controlling forces that we encounter on the earth plane.
Many psychics insist on talking to dead people, but it is either a complete waste of time or a form of mental and emotional exploitation for monetary gain.

Brianstalin says:
We certainly owe it to ourselves to keep searching for truth - i.e. keep exploring, experimenting and testing.
It makes no logical sense to assume we have got it right and just leave it at that!
That is simply allying ourselves to the hidden forces that hope to keep our development at a standstill.

David Icke and other conspiracy theorists have
talked about the ruling satanic bloodlines. Could energies once incarnated into these bloodlines ruling over humanity reincarnate as some kind of satanic stealth force from the lower Astral plane deliberately seeking to deflect our search for truth and instead preach a false and perverted doctrine that will become the new global religion?

It's interesting to go to the Akashic Records and see just how many people involved in dubious past life matches with unreliable techniques and biased viewpoints were part of the satanic royal bloodlines in past lives.

Certainly many experienced alternative healers do quite a good job of reading the AR. Cayce was a healer and despite his past life accuracy being poor, his good intentions produced positive results.
Gullibility is a disease tested and exploited by the media to ascertain the degree to which our programming is working.
The DaVinci Code and the Secret, for example,
seem intent on further destroying the power of the Church.
Not a bad thing perhaps, but what do you get in its place?

If 25% of the population believe in reincarnation and only a tiny percent of that can access the Akashic Records accurately, then that makes us very susceptible to the claims of the supporters and proponents of mind-controlling therapies like hypnotism, the claims of bogus psychics and the claims of New Age gurus making up stories and/or channeling very devious, highly-intelligent and dangerous lower Astral entities.
A perfect environment for creating Hitler clones posing as saviors & saints!

It seems when people make past life guesses, channel disembodied entities (claiming to be enlightened) or see exciting things under hypnosis or other altered states, they assume they are seeing something really significant - they are further confused by New Age gurus making outlandish claims and performing tricks.
Brianstalin is attempting to provide us with a personal set of psychic empowering tools so we can assess the information in a proper and objective manner.

New Age proponents and their exclusive circle of psychic advisers and experts are not keen on Brianstalin's input for obvious reasons and will go to unusual lengths to try to silence him.
This is one reason he writes under many different assumed names or gets people like me to help out.
If someone pulls the plug don't be surprised.
Remember we re living in a degenerate age and everything is going to pot!

I'm beginning to suspect that Brianstalin is becoming disenchanted with attempting to make people look at things objectively.
I fear he may go underground or disappear completely!
Which actually may be best for everybody including Brianstalin.
We could, I guess, try to convince him to stick around.

In short the real stories lie in the Akashic Records and nowhere else - not in databases or on web pages.
Deep hypnotic trance trances are the basis for all new Age "wisdom". In a heavy trance you are easily manipulated and programmed.
Please consider superior light trances for healing and psychic explorations and always test the data!
Take nothing on faith!

"Reincarnation, Violence, Insanity & the Macabre"

To start using dowsing to create your own past life matches requires TRAINING in a number of different areas.
You will need more advanced psychic skills and techniques to test and explore the findings from your dowsing sessions.
Things like soul and time travel for instance.

Having said that, the connection between Frank Sinatra and St Francis is an interesting one.
The Akashic Records tell us amazing stories of St Francis's obsession with the black arts in many of his former incarnations.
He went so far in the direction of evil, that it almost seemed there could no turning back.
It's easy to see Sinatra around at these times.
To see Sinatra and his rat pack buddies along with Ms MacLaine involved in dark satanic practices is no surprise.
It is the norm.

{ktoś} So Robert Kennedy was Custer AND before that tsar paul I of Russia?
{odp.} Apparently, but don't take Brianstalin's word for it.
You may check it by objective psychic means such as dowsing.
But,to verify the truth of what Brianstalin says will require us to seek more effective and direct ways of attaining higher consciousness.
Forget flopping around, possessed by evil spirits or falling into the hands of unscrupulous mesmerists as vigorously advocated by Oprah, Shirley MacLaine and other death cult elitists with their openly manipulative and exploitative agendas.

Dowsing is the simplest and most direct way to communicate with higher consciousness.
Once we begin to access states of higher consciousness, we remain changed forever and have direct access to all knowledge and spiritual wisdom.
Even poisoned tap water and manufactured cancer viruses in flu vaccines cannot harm us!
The elites fear us, because we have the power to destroy their evil agendas and transform the hell they want to create into something quite different.

Subjective impressions including untrained psychic intuition isn't reliable enough.
Dowsing tells us that Christopher Reeve has no close past life connection with Jesse James, but was connected to the British royal bloodlines in a very recent incarnation.

{ktoś} I was wondering why Brianstalin chose to not include Ringo Star's past life in this video.
{odp.} It's more prudent to point the way to the library, rather than trying to reproduce its contents, word for word, to an often incredulous and hostile audience.
We can go there for ourselves - it's full of incredible information that, admittedly, on first sight, seems quite distasteful and frightening.
Once we've been there for a while, however, we may slowly transform, grow in wisdom, begin to see the truth and start to take responsibility.
Knowledge is power & with power comes responsibility.

We love to misconstrue everything, because it is somewhat creative and fun. This is encouraged by the sea of invisible entities that swarm around us from the astral plane. In environments with drugs, hypnosis and deep trance channeling, they input stuff into our minds. We eventually become incapable of independent thought. The media also encourages passivity and aims to turn our minds into jelly.
We idolize the movie stars and entertainers, but they may be part of a sinister process.

It is better to become an active reader of the Akashic Records yourself. Competency and accuracy is evident when you can produce material with the depth and quality of a Brianstalin. After that you may consider obtaining new skills in order to verify that the information is actually true and accurate. Passive belief like the programmed response of crap and bullshit should be frowned upon.

{pyt.} how do i learn more about the akashic records u have allready shown me so much
{odp.} Contact Brianstalin. He has developed on-line courses specifically designed to open your psychic awareness.

Brianstalin leaves us speculating about a great many things. If we want the answers we must actively obtain them ourselves.
The media has made us passive automatons leaving us without any tools of wisdom or discernment.
The New Age movement is also based upon our passive acceptance of messages from disembodied "enlightened" spirits.
Hypnosis is similar.

Under hypnotic regression a swarm of lower astral beings swarm around us and implant false stories and images into our minds. Sometimes gross distortions of information occur - sometimes subtle ones.
With deep trance channeling a similar swarming occurs - new contact and the opportunity of manipulation and control of the earth plane from the astral plane is of great value to these entities and the conspiracy they are part of.

Past life reading and assessment takes years of self-development and training.
Accessing the Akashic Records, the ultimate source of all past life knowledge, has nothing to do with logical thought processes. Actually logic and thought are the cause of limitations and distortions. There's no chance of finding objective truth using thought and logic.
The same applies to hypnosis and talking to dead people.

People lacking training and self-development can't even use a pendulum properly, but anyone can give it go.
If you can't manage that then consider healing to unblock your psychic centers and/or meditation.
For example, to start you off:
Has Billy the Kid reincarnated? YES
Is he famous? YES
Did he become James Dean? No
Was he born in England? YES
If you can't zone in on the correct answer in 5 minutes, then you must ask yourself why such a simple psychic task is beyond your abilities.

Billy the Kid never made much of an attempt to access his higher consciousness, however.

Anything is possible. According to the Akashic Records, however, James Dean was not Billy the Kid.
He was famous during his last life, though - he was connected to the theater and art, but would later display a lot of self-destructive tendencies. He attempted to access his higher consciousness using unreliable methods and was driven to the point of madness!

The Akashic Records are very specific about our past lives. Less than 1% of past life matches made in the media are correct and that is being generous.
Similarly of all the psychics in the media, hardly any have any genuine psychic ability above the normal limits determined by blocked chakras and negative ego.
A picture might help us to decide if we have read the Akashic Records with 100% accuracy, but beyond that has no use and does not aid past life reading in any way.

You must figure out why people tend to believe things they have no personal experience of or understanding of. It has something to do with programming.
The ego is determined to see things how it thinks things should be and not how they really are.
That is rather unfortunate and impedes humanity's progress.

{ktoś} Whataloadoftosh!
{odp.} Whataloadoftosh! This is precisely Brianstalin's first reaction to his own findings.
Brianstalin's teachers also told him that the information he was getting was unbelievable.
However, when they checked the information themselves using objective dowsing methods, they confirmed that Brianstalin had dowsed the information from the Akashic Records correctly.
They also advised him that sharing this information would be difficult!

If we fail to see our past lives with clarity and fail to understand the responsibility of all the insanity and violence of our past deeds, we are unable to make sense of the present and unable to move forward.
Grady McMurty, a friend of Aleister Crowley's said: "There's war in Heaven. The Higher Intelligences, whoever they are, aren't all playing on the same team. Some of them are trying to encourage our evolution to higher levels, and some of them want to keep us stuck just where we are."

Why do so many people claim to be the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe?
In 1973 Anton LaVey wrote in an article that Monroe would become the Satanic "Madonna" of the 21st century. In quoting the Church of Satan: "We hold her now almost like an icon, a talisman, reminding us constantly of a mystifying past. Marilyn Monroe is not a goddess pure and sexless, but Satanically just the opposite-a fleshly goddess: passionate, flawed, enticing, beautiful."

LaVey taught Monroe the ins and outs of Satanism and in her resulting pact with Satan traded her soul in return for a "flowering" Hollywood career.
Yet the world was fascinated with this Hollywood starlet. LaVey stated that the aim of the Church of Satan is to subvert society through persons of stealth: "The idea is to free people's minds and send them out among others...who are working advanced Black Magic and influencing the outside world." This was successfully accomplished via Monroe.
From an extract from Marilyn Monroe by Jason Kovar.

{ktoś} (...) You and I are specks of dust on a speck of dust at the edge of an ordinary galaxy in an out of the way galactic cluster on the edge of the universe. That's us - lost in space.
{odp.} Certainly, we are lost. (...)

{ten sam ktoś} Can any of your assertions be scientifically proven? Can you recreate reincarnation in a laboratory experiment? I believe only in that which can be established by evidence.
{odp.} In theory - yes! However to access the Akashic records takes a good deal of training in a number of disciplines - meditation, chakra development, energy/healing work, psychic development, dowsing etc. A group of sufficiently trained and broadly experienced dowsers, should under laboratory conditions, be able to make the same past life matches independently.
They do need to be highly dedicated and skilled, though!
Something that Brianstalin will be exploring in the future.
(Brianstalin developed his own skills over a number of years while working with full-time healers who use the Akashic records daily when treating clients).
It will take a good deal of hard work and commitment. Training full-time alternative healers, which Brianstalin does, provides a good training environment for these basic skills.

However, this is merely accessing information from a universal source. There is absolutely no way of proving reincarnation!
Is there any reliable method that can prove that the entire universe is NOT a dream under laboratory conditions?
What we believe are facts are just consensus based assumptions based on common sense observation and logic. Psychic work (ie the genuine stuff, not the New Age propaganda stuff or the show business, book -selling stuff) lies well beyond these limitations.

{ktoś - ciąg dalszy} I will file your writings under 'poetry'.
{odp.} I will file life, the Universe and everything under "illusion", the unspiritualized ego under "Satan", Deep Trance Channeling under "deception", the New Age Movement under "the religion of the Fifth Reich", New Age leaders under "the priests of a new corrupt and oppressive religion", Ascended Masters under "potential Hitlers and antichrists", past life knowledge under "basic healing tool and indicator of basic psychic competence" and the spiritual development of humanity under "nice ideas".

"Reincarnation, Celebrity, the Occult & Sexuality"

It is said that the elephant-man's mother saw elephants in her dreams before her son's birth.
The Akashic Records confirm a connection between Ganesha and the elephant-man.
Every incarnation in the form of an elephant or misshapen man?
But once in a while, why not?
Remember the ancient gods were just normal people with bad attitude.
Don't be surprised to find Illuminati types are reincarnated Olympian or Babylonian gods.
Don't be awed, just have some compassion for them.

Those most obsessed with fame and fortune are those most susceptible to negative programming. Satanism and Freemasonry are the easy paths to material success. Sexual abuse is just a tiny part of the full spectrum of abuse we have to put up with. Poisoned food and water, chemtrails, vaccinations, body and brain scanners, microchip implants, false propaganda, lies etc.

It is said we all have an exact double living somewhere.
If we investigate these things using objective psychic techniques, we often find that in one lifetime or another they had been our identical twin.

Since then they has been a divergence in the individual soul journeys.

If we see any facial similarities, Brianstalin suggests it's no mere coincidence.
Some people have suggested that Cayce was a false prophet. Many people with exceptional psychic powers have used them to further their own careers and in doing so helped the creation of a New World Order, where a tiny but privileged elite rule over us.
Ego is our greatest enemy.

What would the point of ANY spirit wanting to be a Hollywood celebrity when Hollywood is just one big mind control center owned and operated by people who worship Satan?
Think about it - the answer is obvious.

The connection between Hollywood and Satanism is quite obvious, especially in more recent times.
Just look at the music industry - Lady Gaga, Jack Black's public prayer to Satan, Hip Hop etc. They throw it in our faces.
If we look at the past lives of Hollywood's greatest icons, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean etc. we find a recurring obsession with black magic.
This obsession with black magic is not confined to Hollywood, however. We find it everywhere - politics, science, literature etc.

{pyt.} do you have to be reincarnated as the same race? because i'd like to be reincarnated as a bad ass black man, or a chinese ninja.....pfftttt
{odp.} You have already been these things and a lot more.

Just get adequate training in meditation and metaphysics. Not as easy as it sounds!
If you get stuck, Brianstalin can teach you some useful techniques and offer some advice.

When dealing with higher energies and vibrations of which our higher selves are a part, we must acknowledge the need to undergo certain training to clear congestion and blockages from the chakric system.
At a certain point, we are able to overcome our negative programming and gain mastery over the ascended masters, angels, ETs and demons.
Until we reach this level of understanding, we must be careful not to give away our sovereignty to these constrictive and coercive forces.

Furthermore, it is always wise and prudent to investigate, test and explore the information gained through dowsing or any other psychic means.
It is very sad and disappointing that so many self-proclaimed experts do not have the sense or wisdom to see the necessity for this.
This is partly due to the fact that these bogus experts and charlatans are part of the Illuminati conspiracy to keep the populace under the control of an elite spiritual hierarchical dictatorship.

{ktoś} What made me distrust all spirits was when Ashtar was channeled through a friend who was a medium. It opened a whole bunch of nonesense like reptilian beings and greys coming to my bedside everyday, telling me I use to be them in another life, etc. Thanks to Jesus Christ, they're gone.
{odp.} This is why Brianstalin suggests we should learn to rely solely upon our higher selves and NOT deceitful spirits, false gurus and fake messiahs.
You have probably heard about Tony Blair channeling demons, following their instructions and turning into a war criminal and mass murderer - the elite's swear by and delight in such things.
Demons control the elites and the elites control us.

Without proper and direct access to higher consciousness, we are heading inevitably towards disaster!

Fame is all about mind control and programming.
Fame just means we have contributed to the creation of history in some way and because of it we have had our names written down in the history books.
But we have all helped create history - even by leading ordinary lives and doing nothing of importance (e.g, total indifference to the rise of tyranny in this and previous incarnations).
If our names cannot be found in the history books, we can find them in the Akashic Records.

{ktoś} this is ridiculous.
{odp.} The invitation is to learn new skills.
After that, this won't seem so ridiculous after all.
If you can't be bothered to do that, then this will always remain far beyond your very limited and very retarded comprehension.
I say retarded, not as an insult, but to emphasize that the human species has been targeted for extermination and is being attacked aggressively on many fronts.
Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The government justifies it right to carry out depopulation based upon it's assumed superiority over the masses, simply because it has power and we don't. It has "superior" wisdom and we don't. That many of its representatives are reincarnated gods and we aren't (That's completely false for a start)!

The price of ignorance is death in high places and low.

Go to the Akashic Records directly. It's not that difficult. Only our ego, ignorance and ill-willed negative programming are holding us back.
There's no need to self-destruct as a species or to corrupt and debase powerful healing tools.

{pyt.} Speaking of ayahusca...what is your take on that?
{odp.} As an introduction to healing and spiritual exploration, it's obviously a lot better than the Lithium, Prozac and Fluoride in the drinking water which has been put there to make us sick and to dumb us down.
But without proper training and activation of Kundalini the benefits will be minimal and our soul travels very limited in scope.
Hitler experimented with mind expanding drugs and was also trained by "masters" of the black arts, yet he never succeeded in opening his psychic centers properly.

{ktoś} Uh, Excuse me, the jews ran the inquisition? was'nt that the spanish? And the witch hunts, Was'nt that protestants all over europe??
{odp.} Yes, quite right. The evil persecutors (whatever race or religion) later reincarnated as the Jews that died in the Holocaust.

{pyt.} GarySe7en, what about the hispanics and blacks? do they not reincarnate?
{odp.} It seems EVERYONE has been connected to the royal bloodlines and elite families in their past lives.
During our former incarnations, most of us supported the concept of a future Utopia and creation of a New World Order.
Order out of chaos!
There is such a thing as group karma. For example, the Jews were the ones that tortured and killed millions during the witch hunts and the Spanish Inquisition.
Those who felt they had an axe to grind reincarnated as Nazis and got their revenge.

Brianstalin is considered by many to be the foremost past life expert in the world.
He has unmasked many charlatans and tricksters using false past life comparisons or co-opting parts of his research for self-serving and exploitative agendas.
Brianstalin can teach anybody to start reading the Akashic Records ACCURATELY for themselves and a lot more besides.
Contact brian-stalin at hotmail

{ktoś} All I'm seeing are photos of famous people who have vague facial similarities. This is not very convincing. Where's the proof?
{odp.} Look for it in the most appropriate places - in states of higher consciousness and states of deep meditation.
Be wary of unreliable shortcuts like deep trance channeling and hypnosis.
Be wary of experts and authority figures - they rarely seek to empower and enlighten others.
Dowsing is probably the most reliable, most direct and simplest way to access higher consciousness - but it's just the beginning.
The information has to be explored and tested using advanced metaphysical techniques.

Test the matches using a pendulum.
Study simple psychic awareness.
Past lives, astral projection, remote viewing etc. are available to everyone.
If such things are left in the hands of deluded experts and elitists following satanic protocols, mind control, tyranny and genocide will often be a hidden part of their agendas.
Just study the occult history of Nazi Germany.
Study the occult histories of other nations.
The New Age movement is also clearly linked with tyranny and mind control.

{ktoś} Utter nonsense.
{odp.} With limited perspectives and experience (plus, no doubt, a brain half-rotted by pollutants, deliberately placed in the municipal drinking water and a damaged and unbalanced chakric system, wrecked by self-induced and external mental and emotional trauma) yours is an inevitable conclusion.
The invitation is to break free from your programming and to explore Brianstalin's research with new skills that you do not yet possess and yet are not difficult to attain.
Self-empowerment is the key.

{ktoś} blah. i'd rather have the aliens at dulce base on the 4th level tell me what's up with akashic readings. they've already spent trilions and have technology that can read anything.
{odp.} It's always best to seek and experience the truth for ourselves DIRECTLY.
It's becoming painfully obvious that nearly ALL authority figures and intermediaries are deceitful, manipulative and destructive.
Always beware of expert opinion if it only empowers a small group or a few individuals.

{ktoś} This is a collection of unrelated pics of people who look vaguely similar to each other in an attempt to prove...what exactly?
{odp.} It only seems that way because your mind and spirit have been needlessly imprisoned for countless eons.
The readings have been checked by those who demonstrate the ability to access the Akashic Records AND who can also teach this valuable skill to others.
The readings are sustained by dowsing, psychic techniques, higher consciousness, the Akashic Records and objective truth.
Make sure you are well-acquainted with these before jumping to conclusions.

The readings, taken as a whole, might help explain why we all may very well have created enough negative karma to end up in death camps in our present incarnation built on the orders of a corrupt and Satanic elite.
The same elite we were part of and whose agenda we supported in countless previous incarnations.
If we fail to change NOW are fates may be very much sealed.

Brianstalin cannot prove anything, but dowsing certainly supports the veracity of his research.
Brianstalin's research is just an invitation to explore higher consciousness in ways that bypass the usual barriers and numerous processes designed to keep us in states of complete ignorance and compliance.
If you disagree with what he says, why not try to disprove it instead of denying it. That, at least, would be a step forward.

The readings were done using a number of reliable and direct psychic techniques.
Brianstalin is a pioneer of mental dowsing. Just check the readings with a pendulum.
We can't know if a reading is dead on unless we can start accessing higher consciousness, start thinking in new ways and transcend all forms of brainwashing and programming.
It doesn't help that our minds have been constrained by banal propaganda and our brains sabotaged by chemical pollutants in the drinking water.

The Akashic Records pretty much says we all have large egos and all have destructive negative attitudes.
The next step is to acknowledge responsibility and one way of doing this is by accessing higher consciousness and seeing our many sorry past incarnations for what they really are.

{ktoś} Thanks for the reply, you seem to know a lot, I have another question, do you know what Deja Vu is and does it have any important significance? I get them from time to time but my most recent one was very intense (nothing bad) because I KNOW that I never did the action I was doing but at the same time I know I did......very weird.
{odp.} Deja vu reminds us that we rarely do things for the first time.
It is also said that before we actually do anything we must dream it first.
But isn't life just another form of dreaming - except perhaps simply involving denser levels of materiality?

{pyt.} How does one remember their past lives?
{odp.} Remember is perhaps the wrong word. We already remember our past lives on a subconscious level and this is why we have so many psychic, physical. emotional and mental blockages.
When we attempt to access these memories during hypnosis a number of processes activate to hide the truth from us - simply because we have not developed enough spiritual wisdom to be prepared for the truth.

Meditation and accessing genuine states of higher consciousness is required - not mind control or wishful thinking.
If we are willing to engage in healing or energy work and/or lots of meditation practice this will cleanse and activate our chakric systems and eventually open our third eyes.
In addition, Brianstalin can provide simple, direct and powerful techniques that anyone can practice.
To test the validity of the information received requires a lot of healing and meditation practice.

If we can live once, we can live many times.

{ktoś} The soul is immortal- well then, if I shall always live, I must have lived before, lived for a whole eternity. - Leo Tolstoy
Not all famous people reincarnate back like that, but some souls have a certain type of personality where they think and create on a large scale or just enjoy positions of authority or power. So famous people reincarnating back as famous people throughout the history of our world is not uncommon.
{odp.} "If we can understand that fame is just a product of ego, competition, peer pressure, brainwashing and programming - we can begin to see things a little more clearly".

"The path to Hell is paved with good intentions".
Hitler wanted fervently to save Germany and so rose up to become her savior.
In order to really help mankind we must become enlightened first and then start teaching and healing - this is the way of Christ and the Buddha.
Are not the Illuminati saving the Earth by seeking to exterminate over 90% of us?
Are all the Shirley MacLaines of this world, stating they are Gods, really helping us by openly supporting such horrific and evil crimes?

Brianstalin has concluded that fame is just the sad consequence of peer pressure, competition, ego and mind control.
This weakmindedness is clearly indicated by huge numbers of mentally unbalanced people making bogus reincarnation claims and identifying with famous dead people - although intriguingly they may have had some connection with these famous dead people in a number of previous incarnations.
Fame and the desire for fame, it seems, is a sure sign of sickness.

{ktoś} what a load of crap! get real!
{odp.} When Brianstalin started to access this kind of information he said very much the same.
He persisted, however, and discovered he had access to an infinitely large database.
it soon became apparent that the knowledge contained therein could not be easily dismissed, however hard we try to cling to our mistaken and limited ideas of what reality should be.

According to Brianstalin - Madonna, Hitler, Guy Ritchie and Marilyn Monroe are all part of the same soul group.
Plenty of black magic and satanism going on in a lot of their past lives and also in some very recent ones as well.
The same, of course, can be said for a lot of us.
That's why we literally worship these people as our idols!

"Reincarnation is a mechanism whereby we may experience an ever evolving dream of our own creation from a multitude of different perspectives until we learn how to transcend the process."

Denying reincarnation is denying experience.
The idea is to emulate Christ by becoming like Him by means of utilizing states of higher consciousness.
Without higher consciousness we tend to be mindless automatons repeating false doctrine designed to keep us in spiritual stagnation.

{ktoś} the mind is an illusion and there is no soul
{odp.} Without the mind we could not think - without the soul we could not love.

{pyt.} why is it all just famous people?
{odp.} Brianstalin keeps quiet about so-called "common" people's famous past lives because the readings he does for them is confidential.
Brianstalin feels if he talked about them, most people wouldn't be interested or would probably be envious, get upset or just go into programmed ridicule mode.
Shirley MacLaine, in particular, goes ballistic if others seem to have more interesting famous past than her own supposed former incarnations and those of her cronies.
It's best not to upset fragile types.

We also have to be careful how we define fame.
Actors, pop stars and TV personalities are not really famous like the people in our history books, although a few of these media automatons (with the largest egos) can be found there.
The famous of today are part of a sinister mind control network that has waged war upon us.
The ultimate goal is enslavement of our minds or our total annihilation.
These are not very pleasing concepts to deal with.
But it's all there in the Akashic Records.

The famous people of former times really had some character and substance about them.
The famous of today are merely flimsy cardboard cut outs and false media creations.

This is partly in response to modern forms of mind control programming.
In similar fashion, we are seeing our police forces around the globe become brutes and mindless enforcers of totalitarianism.
History tells us they will also become victims of the regimes they are helping to create.

It's a crazy merry-go-round!

It seems we have all been connected to the royal bloodlines in our previous incarnations.
Hollywood, in particular, is a hot bed of satanic egoism that produces evil propaganda for the elite's mind control programs.
The elites of today are hell bent on killing off 90% of the population after first creating a totalitarian global government. No mercy will be shown.
The Akashic Records in some ways suggests we deserve such a fate.
Everything is karma.

The Buddha could remember at least a thousand of his previous incarnations.

"It's taken as a fact that most people dream when they are asleep - yet where's the proof?
The only proof is the experience of dreaming and the experience of past lives is very much the same.

In fact, when we think we are awake, are we not in reality, dreaming?"

{do kogoś} I'm not talking about 2012. What banal propaganda have you been listening to?
Who says we will be permitted the luxury of death?
And when we reincarnate as we must, what nightmare will we be forced to be reborn into?
It will be the monstrosity that we personally helped to create.
We won't be happy then.
Imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever.

{ktoś} i liked the video, but more so, the MUSIC! lol
{odp.} This isn't about entertainment - it's about the search for truth. The hidden truth that can explain everything. The truth that can set us free. Perhaps we are way too far down the path of delusion?
I sincerely believe the world deserves the severe shock that's in store for it.

{ktoś jeszcze inny} Have you taken personality traits and not to mention the actors possible past lives memories of these people into account though?
{odp.} Have you taken into account the hidden forces that prevent us reaching GENUINE states of higher consciousness?
The untrained psychic impressions of people involved in mind control propaganda don't really concern me. Hitler was trained in the Black Arts and yet his past life memories were hopelessly and completely false.

Everyone is psychic. Fallen angels a.k.a. so-called concerned and benevolent ETs are not very reliable sources of information.
Everyone is psychic. So-called natural psychics have many bad habits and are restricted by the limited method of channeling they have found by chance. Natural psychics are not very reliable sources of data either.
Brianstalin has received training to do what he does. He started with objective psychic techniques like dowsing.
But there are more advanced techniques.

It is delusion that we can guess past lives using mere intuition.
It is delusion that we can guess past lives channeling demonic or malevolent energies that hang around close to the Earth Plane to do mischief.
It is delusion to think we can guess past lives accurately because we are endorsed by Shirley MacLaine or other similar deluded and egoistic media "experts" and personalities.

The Akashic Records tell us that reincarnation is a real process. Only your own direct exploration and experience of these things via certain mystical states will convince you of this.
You will never accept these things relying on the intellect alone.
The Akashic Records give us the clearest picture regarding the nature and makeup of the ruling Satanic bloodlines.
Not just politicians and movie stars are part of this process - we all are!
We are our own worst enemies.

What we are supposed to do is obey authority.
This includes listening to what scientists, politicians and other experts tell us.
When we investigate truth for ourselves, however, we will find that it rarely conforms to our expectations and severely challenges our preconceptions.

Wannabe psychics claim to be the reincarnations of famous dead psychics, wannabe artists claim to be the reincarnations of famous dead painters, wannabe elitists claim to be the reincarnations of famous dead elitists etc... etc.
If these people REALLY knew their past lives they would clearly demonstrate the ability to see the past lives of everyone else.
The fact they can't has something to do with delusion, stupidity and deception.

Reincarnation has more to do with accepting responsibility and less to do with wishful thinking, ego, exploitation and notoriety.
When Shirley MacLaine claims to be the reincarnation of one of Charlemagne's lovers, it backfires when we discover Charlemagne eventually reincarnated as Heinrich Himmler!

As for karma, Brianstalin points out that karma is EVERYTHING!
Do souls have absolute choice about bodies and places?
Why not? Although these choices might very well be severely limited by lack of wisdom and the desire to fulfill certain programmed agendas from one lifetime to the next.

Have you ever questioned where your thoughts and beliefs come from?

Brianstalin readily admits that encouraging people to open their psychic centers in ways that circumvents the dangers and manipulation inherent in New Age lower psychism, deep trance channeling and hypnosis might be considered anarchic and revolutionary by some.
However, if we crucified Christ for following and obeying Universal Law contrary to the wishes and interests of the ruling bodies who are representatives of the Luciferic Conscioussness then that was no doubt quite understandable.

People rarely get their past life identities right. Adolf Hitler also claimed he could read the Akashic Records, but in reality he couldn't do it properly - he only thought he could. People like this get waylaid by wishful thinking, fantasy and ego.
Even the great Edgar Cayce couldn't read the Akashic Records accurately.
Wilcock has received no specialized past life reading training. Besides, the Akashic Records tell us he was Rasputin.

The New Age is built upon shallow and false premises.

{ktoś} I don't undertand how all reincarnated persons, you have in the "Akashic Records" could look-alike. Its pretty scientifically proven by now, that we get our facial features(nose, chin etc) from our parents.
{odp.} Then how come brothers and sisters can look so dissimilar?
Remember scientists are just selling ideas - often to turn a profit. Don't be deceived by their double talk and technical jargon - they are just as ignorant as the next man.

The color of the eyes and hair often change from one incarnation to the next.
The facial features change, too, but not to a great extent.
If only we could somehow destroy the residual image of ourselves that even intrudes into our dreams, we might be able to change the way we look next time round.
Are you up to the challenge?

{pyt.} So famous people return as famous people ?
{odp.} Let's put it this way - once your ego expands beyond sensible limits it's really hard NOT to resist your subconscious programming which prompts you to always seek fame and fortune by all means possible or die trying.
Truly advanced souls come back as nobodies and meditate in caves.

Our past lives are recorded in every detail in the Akashic Records and this is the place where all of our past lives can be readily seen and identified.

We tend to retain similar features from one lifetime to the next because of the residual self image that is retained by our minds. Do you change into different looking people every time you dream?
As for demonic lies - yes, that is always a possibility. If you wish to see these readings as proof of the dangers of channeling, by all means do so! But how can we know for certain that the readings are not true if we merely pass judgment with our unenlightened and limited minds?

Enemies of truth do exist and many of them are associated with the New Age Movement. Despite what they say, objective truth does exist and anyone can, with appropriate training and guidance, uncover it for themselves. The pendulum moves because of unconscious muscle contractions and this movement is definitely not controlled by the conscious wishes, thoughts and desires of the dowser. If this were so, then dowsing would be useless. King Solomon and Cleopatra endorsed the use of pendulums.

Cayce was quite reluctant to deal with the past life thing. It just didn't feel right for him at first. He struggled with it because it was not part of the belief system he grew up with. Cayce was not a New Ager, while Wilcock definitely is.
Wilcock has so much more in common with the esoteric mindset of Rasputin.

It's important to use appropriate methods to access the Akashic Records. Hypnosis and deep trance channeling are, unfortunately, very unreliable - past lives are a small part of a huge storehouse of hidden knowledge that cannot be accessed properly with mere thought, instinct and logic.

It is possible to determine the past lives of anyone within minutes. If anyone claiming to read the Akashic Records cannot display this ability, then they aren't reading the Akashic Records at all, but relying on the slow and laborious process of finding parallels and clues or they gobble up the words of "enlightened" entities without understanding that we have a responsibility to guide and teach these entities, not the other way round.

Remember, everyone is psychic. It is perhaps better to be known as a healer rather than a psychic. Although many of Cayce's past life readings were done in deep trance and were somewhat inaccurate and jumbled - the intention was to heal and this intention produced many positive results.

Brianstalin checks his readings with healers and teachers who access the Akashic records daily during their treatments. This is to done to ensure that the ego of the reader is not distorting information. This distortion is most likely evident when accessing one's own past lives. Complete objectivity and impartiality is needed for the most accurate results. The desire and burden of any psychic reader to produce pleasing and widely accepted information also often results in many inaccuracies.

In the end the Akashic records must be experienced by you personally for you to really appreciate the astonishing things they can reveal. Find a good teacher who shows ability in this area and more importantly find a teacher who can and is willing to develop these gifts within you so that you can explore and reach your own conclusions independently.

"Britney & Madonna - The Story Behind A Kiss"

On a trip to the UK years ago, I noticed everyone I knew was suffering from cancer, heart disease and epilepsy.

Brianstalin's past life research clearly indicates that Madonna and Hitler were closely connected in many previous incarnations.

Brianstalin has described the Akashic Records as a soap opera starring deluded reincarnated gods and their vast progeny.
As gods, we may choose our future incarnations on the endless merry-go-round - but as gods, we never get anywhere and are trapped by our egos.
New Age dictates of realizing our god nature is nonsense designed to keep the weak-minded trapped in delusion.
How sad and cruel it would be if the elites actually believed there own propaganda!

After death Hitler entered bardo or the in-between state. Reincarnation will not be an option for him for some time.
It's not a punishment, but the Earth can provide no useful experiences to help alleviate the extremely heavy karmic debts accrued, especially considering this soul's present lack of spiritual insight.

The Illuminati and Shirley MacLaine can heap praises upon him all they want, but he was not a very good role model.

{kolejny ktoś} Ain't madonna a reptillian? - the woman is just plain evil and everyone follows her like sheep...
{odp.} What if it turns out we are all reptilian? Perhaps David Icke and the hidden forces behind him are having a big laugh at our expense?
We should investigate and identify our own Satanic roles in the Matrix before we can even begin to consider doing something about it.
For many of us our Satanic programming will dominate our destinies for many lifetimes to come.
If we can identify our own evil natures first, we will be able to transform them if so desired.

Be open-minded.
We can move beyond our programming, if we really want to.
We do not have to continue to operate under Luciferic Consciousness for all eternity. We do have alternatives.
Explore and investigate.
The truth is out there and it belongs to us.

Buddhism tells us about the unhappy realms of existence - the realm of the gods is just one such realm.
But these gods are little gods just like Hitler and Shirley MacLaine were.
Lucifer is a real person according to the Akashic Records. Brianstalin knows his identity - it's actually quite obvious and a little pathetic - it might actually put a lot of Lucifer worshipers off.
Reality? What is reality? Define it.
Higher consciousness is the only reliable way to deal with it.
Wake up!

The ordinary people of today have had far greater past lives than any of the sad manufactured automatons which make up the banal and shallow celebs of the modern era.
Elitist spiritual snobs like Shirley MacLaine and others might disagree, but really what do they know about deep spiritual issues or even basic metaphysical experience?
For them subjective fantasy becomes objective reality by sheer force of will or by media mind control and manipulation.

Adolf Hitler had Jewish blood flowing through his veins, had effeminate mannerisms and was a homosexual. These things did nothing to prevent him from murdering Jews and homosexuals, but instead actually prompted him to do it. All in the span of just one lifetime.
Consider past lives and the carnage our egos have created increases exponentially.
Don't be deceived by New Age platitudes and self-righteous complacency.

Brianstalin simply remembered how to read the Akashic Records.
As for the ideal of Nietzschean Supermen knowing all secrets by accessing higher consciousness espoused by Nazism, New Age thought and popular media - they in reality become reformed citizens meditating quietly in caves.
Not misguided Illuminati messiahs or movie stars or even talk show hosts.
Make no mistake - it IS possible to know it ALL!

Dowsing is undoubtedly the most reliable and accurate foundation for all psychic work.

Brianstalin says that all his past life readings are quite plain and obvious once we are willing to start thinking in new ways that are devoid of expectation, wishful thinking and ego.
Intuition, however is a poor substitute for wisdom.
New Agers including David Icke insist STRONGLY that we rely on only intuition for guidance, but this may turn out badly if our intuition is tainted and distorted by subtle media programming.
We then become vulnerable to manipulation and exploitation.

The Akashic Records don't just tell us about our past lives, but are a record of absolutely everything - even thoughts dreams and emotions. They explain everything.

With direct experience of this we can instantly dismiss a lot of the comments of gurus, UFO contactees, Space Messiahs and other authority figures of control and manipulation. We can tell when they tell the truth and when the truth has been deliberately slanted or obliterated to support less than noble agendas.

The Akashic Records allows us to see our paths through an illusionary Matrix. Past lives aren't real - we should not get attached to them.
It shows us who we really are. Madonna has said she wants to rule the world. In past lives she did this through bloodshed and war, more recently by sleeping with Divine World Dictators and even more recently through the manipulation of the Illuminati controlled media.
This is no criticism of Madonna, who we must admire for her success and determination.

It means we have added a new dimension to understanding ourselves, our responsibilities and how earth history has been created.
Past life knowledge also heals and clears psychic, physical and spiritual blockages.
Past lives demonstrate clearly how destructive and attention getting our egos really are.
This explains why we were many famous people in our past lives and must share the karmic consequences of this notoriety that has influenced others for generations.

deep trance states are not free from manipulation and control (internal and external) by a hierarchy of invisible energies whose sole purpose is to ensure we do not see the truth at all costs.
Because knowledge is power and truth is subversive.

We lived and are living as slaves, peasants and nobodies?
The Akashic Records when read without manipulation and control gives a completely different picture.
Slaves, peasants and nobodies - who benefits from this lie? The same people who control the media, the people we supposedly need to become Masters, Abundant and famous - the same people who are in league with their astral/demonic counterparts to enslave our minds and bodies!

In the mundane higher states we encounter disembodied spirits, who tell us a load of rubbish about many hidden things in their quest to exploit the weak-minded.
In the less mundane realms of higher consciousness we see that we have lived before and that our subconscious past life memories may cause uncomfortable feelings and emotions that can, if not dealt with properly, lead to disease.

Unless you attempt to reach these higher levels of consciousness, you will naturally assume what I say is a fairy story and just be content to be guided by external sources of authority.
What if this authority is a just about control and manipulation to discourage independent thought?
In mundane states of higher consciousness an internal authority appears, feigning wisdom and enlightenment.
Another form of control and manipulation discouraging independent thought.
Believers and non-believers are therefore caught in the same trap.

Certainly we all have free will.
But we live in a sea of invisible energies that are seeking to manipulate our thoughts and control our actions. The earthly counterparts of this "divine" movement own the media and bombard us daily with subliminal messages and commands.
We must be careful who we take guidance from. Hitler heard voices like Joan of Arc and thought he was the savior of Germany. Isn't that a kind of divine guidance?
Hitler failed to open his psychic centers properly.

Some people think the New Age movement is a machine for creating divine dictators, leading ultimately to the arrival of Lucifer, who will unify the world under his divine rule.

I'm not a hindu or a buddhist.
Belief systems limit our understanding and experience of anything beyond them.
Religion is about control - some religions say there is only one life - it's easy to control people who believe this. Julius Caesar had trouble with the Celts and Druids, because their belief in reincarnation made it difficult to destroy them.
Some religions say we have many lives and so we must make merit for a happier rebirth - it's also easy to control people who believe this.

I don't believe in reincarnation and understand its existence or non-existence can never be proven.
When the lower levels of the superconsciousness are accessed reincarnation can be experienced and this experience cannot be denied.
Past life knowledge helps to overcome emotional, physical and mental problems, whether one believes in reincarnation or not.

More wars and murder have been committed in the name of religion than anything else. If you believe that is self-control and discipline then that's up to you. We all have free will to think and act according to our convictions and present spiritual development.

I neither believe nor disbelieve.
This is no speculation as the readings come directly from the Akashic Records and were double-checked by other people who can access the lower levels of their superconsciousness, avoiding the tiresome interference from lower Astral entities and their New World Order propaganda and lies.
I can give you techniques and methods to access the Akashic Records for yourself and then you can decide what's going on from a more empowered and wider perspective.

We do have the ability to choose our sex and race from one incarnation to the next. Free will is not determined by logic, why would it be?
We may even choose to come back as a person who is NOT hungry for fame, money, power etc. How many people choose or are up for this option? We either achieve fame or die trying, right? That's part of our negative programming.

Logic? There's nothing logical about truth. If that were the case we would have figured truth out long ago. It is our logic that makes truth impossible to find or understand.

Brianstalin says Carole Lombard has a much closer connection with Kim Wilde - Kim Wilde's husband, Hal Fowler has a close connection with the director of Lombard's last movie - Ernst Lubitsch.
Nobody looks good in the Akashic Records. We are all evil, until we overcome our negative programming.
It's strange that Madonna played another Eva - Eva Peron in Evita, isn't it?
Reading the Akashic Records with accuracy and without ego is quite a challenge.

Using hypnosis, deep trance channeling or black magic to access important data makes it abundantly clear that genuine information is being blocked by a thick wall of demonic entities posing as angelic beings of light and wisdom.
These entities are very intelligent and will seek to ingratiate themselves, boost our egos and worm their way into our auras and chakra systems.

It is no longer simply enough to endorse the views of others, because they seem pleasant and logical to our brain-washed minds.
If we seek the source of all the viewpoints and all the information available on the Earth Plane, we will inevitably be led right back to the ego (and therefore, Satan).
Truth cannot enter the Earth plane without the support of the highest and purest energies!
Truth is so rare that we fail to perceive it when it is placed right under our noses!

If the Matrix (what we perceive as life) is just a computer game - the characters within are constantly recycled after expiring. Residual self image ensues similarity of facial and body types from one lifetime to the next.
This illusory cycle of birth and death is chronicled in the Akashic Records and contains useful information about our progress through the Matrix.
The end of the game is NOT becoming the ruler of the Universe. It is enlightenment and escape from the whole crazy game!

The entity is a divine being, perhaps a holographic splinter of God that has the option of becoming one again with the light of the creator (Godhead).
The ego is indeed a thief - it is the barrier between us and all that is divine. It robs us of our full potential and distorts all truth trying instead to arrange what it hopes is truth into pretty forms we can relate to with our limited intelligence and vision.

The ego has become our permanent master - we refuse to abandon it even beyond death and is, therefore the cause of our rebirth.
Without the long process of spiritualization of the ego, we remain in a state of perpetual suffering.
The ego may be seen as an analogy for Satan.

The ego, intuition, feelings and logic are known to severely distort past life information. Our past lives will remain forever hidden without objective tools coupled with thorough and strict psychic training reinforced with hours of meditation and/or healing practice.

Why does Justin Timberlake like to sing and dance in a suit? Is it because during his previous incarnation as Willy Fritsch he grew accustomed to wearing suits all the time?
As for Eva Braun, Renate Muller and Hitler being involved in kinky threesomes, I wouldn't like to comment!

It's strange that dowsing has identified so many of what seem to be reincarnated soul groups.
Brianstalin has hundreds, if not thousands, of examples of reincarnated soul groups identified by means of dowsing and other psychic techniques.

Unfortunately it isn't proof of reincarnation, but it certainly may warrant further exploration and investigation.
Brianstalin merely suggests the possibilities for those who are interested and have the time to carry out similar research.

Dowsing may be an invaluable tool to support and/or further investigate the claims of trance channelers and people's recollections under deep hypnosis.
Forms of deep trance seem less reliable and more open to manipulation and misinterpretation than the light trance states involved in dowsing.

As for people reincarnating looking the same or very similar:
Brianstalin relates that many years ago he asked a full-time meditating Western Buddhist monk who very experienced in meditation techniques about such possibilities. The monk informed him this is indeed how reincarnation works without revealing why.

Not impressed, Brianstalin sought ways of attaining past life information through meditation and other psychic techniques and now concedes they seem to be telling the same strange story.

Actually according to Brianstalin it's all about residual self-image.
This is generated by the mind and when the physical body is discarded the spirit takes on a familiar form - usually looking like the physical body of the Earth plane in it's prime.
When the spirit obtains a new physical body the residual self-image is still intact and this will determine how DNA interacts with the physical body.

Past life readings are done solely with dowsing principles.
The logical mind has no input here.

"Reptilians in the Matrix Part II"

It's a sad fact that only people of low spiritual development get to be born on planet Earth.
Those who are ready to move on are those meditating in caves.

Those who will be stuck here the longest are those in high places running around planning to exterminate everyone!
To be sure, many elites do wise up, but they still have to stick around for a long time to mop up their mess.

Everything is connected. The idea is to go well beyond superficial illusion and directly observe "the wiring under the board".
A slight shift in consciousness is all it takes to step outside our normal confining everyday parameters and to begin to operate at our full potential.

Brianstalin's research is about exploring higher conscious through direct means.
The knowledge of past lives is just a small part of that research.
Brianstalin's teachers have explained that it will take another 2000 years for the human race to evolve beyond its basic negative animal instincts.
Under these circumstances it's clear that mass ascension is a fantasy or most likely a euphemism for mind control, tyranny and genocide to ensure the creation of an elitist run Utopia.

Higher consciousness allows us to see all is illusion including reincarnation. We have actually never been born, lived or ever died.

Brianstalin just points out that we can understand more fully how the grand illusion works and this knowledge and understanding can help us formulate a plan of escape.

If anyone has a problem with what I'm saying, just access the Akashic Records for yourselves and refute it, if you can.
The most brilliant minds and most famous psychics have so far failed to do this.
This is because they have not developed the ability to break free from their negative programming and prison consciousness to be able to think in new ways.
They are still stuck channeling demons and believing they are gods.

How often do we change appearance in dreams or become completely different people?
If we can erase all subconscious images of ourselves, we may perhaps overcome the tendency to look very similar from one lifetime to the next.
If we are very clever, we may not need to return at all.

The challenge is to put your belief systems aside and use the Akashic Records as a tool for healing and understanding.
If we expect the Akashic Records to always correspond to our belief systems and wishful thinking, we will never experience true wisdom or ever hope to see truth clearly.

Isn't life really a dream and our past lives really dreams within a dream?

Coincidence is rarely a random occurrence.
Certain powerful psychic techniques can help us see and explore the "wiring under the board" - the secret and hidden mechanism that makes everything happen the way it does.
Brianstalin teaches these techniques to others so that they can see what's going on "behind the scenes" for themselves.
Past lives is just a small part of the complete story.

The term "Enochian" comes from John Dee's assertion that the Biblical Patriarch Enoch had been the last human (before John Dee and Edward Kelley) to know the language of the angels.
Brianstalin points out that communion with angels, demons and ETs is quite pointless and that the highest mystical states involve direct communion with the Creator.

When we understand that only advanced people get to be born on nicer planets than Earth, we may consider making some necessary and long overdue adjustments.
It's no good good blaming loyal satanists like Huxley and Pike for all the problems - just take a good look at our own sorry past lives and consider doing something about it or just continue to wallow in the filthy pigsty or moral decadence and spiritual decay for all eternity!

{ktoś} can you tell me your opinion on peggy kane and alex collier?
{odp.} Channeling nonsense from the lower astral planes helps only those who are involved in manipulative and negative agendas.
Brianstalin is one of the few people I know, who is empowering people to awaken from their slumbers and to pierce the veil of ignorance and deception for themselves, enabling them to see everything from the perspective of objective truth, so they can make up their own minds what to do next.
Past lives, soul travel, alternative healing, exorcism - Brianstalin teaches it all!

The difficult thing is being able to use our innate psychic ability to its full potential to experience OBJECTIVE truth directly - to develop inner wisdom - in spite of the constant manipulative intrusions of entities like angels, demons, ascended masters and ETs, ego etc.
The Earth plane counterpart of this network of hidden control is media, mind control, government, secret societies and royal bloodlines.

People are being conditioned to fear truth & construct fantasy worlds for themselves instead.
This is consistent with the war in heaven scenario that states that The Higher Intelligences, whoever they are, aren't all playing on the same team. Some of them are trying to encourage our evolution to higher levels, and some of them want to keep us stuck just where we are.

Only by exploring genuine states of higher consciousness can we gain direct experience of objective truth free from the input of false messengers and teachers.

Yeah, David Icke is here to confuse things.
You have to carefully pick out the truth he has "borrowed" from other researchers and be wary of the other garbage he has thrown in to the pot to challenge and divert us.

{ktoś} And whats your opinion on Neal Donald Walsch and Gary Renard?
{odp.} They are part of the New Age Movement that spreads lies and false hopes in order to disempower us by insisting we be guided by unsound principles like instinct, living in the delusion of our own subjective realities and obeying dictatorial higher spiritual authority.
These people are neither enlightened nor wise.
They know very little about Metaphysics and the inherent dangers in channeling disembodied entities.

The greatest spiritual masters have always pointed out that all is illusion.
There are many wonderful things in this world that are specifically designed to make us feel happy and in love with false reality.
If we do our own research using genuine states of higher consciousness (not ego) as our guide we can overcome all falsehood and manipulation.
The angels, ascended masters, ETs, monarchs, presidents, heroes and all authority figures are seen as direct obstacles to our ultimate liberation.

{do kogoś, jak zwykle} the spirit and the physical body are inseparable, except perhaps during the usual temporary transitions between death and rebirth.
When a new physical covering is acquired, wouldn't we naturally tailor it to conform to a familiar design and pattern for our comfort and convenience just out of habit?
Dreams also seem to have nothing to do with the physical realm and yet we still retain similar bodies within dream states.
Explain that!

many gurus merely THINK they have acquired higher consciousness. This includes those clever ones who remain in their physical bodies for thousands of years! What great stupidity!!!!
In many cases gurus can be serious impediments to our spiritual growth and just become another layer of the control network that prevents the earnest seeker ever gaining liberation.

Accurate past life reading is just the very first step of development of higher consciousness. These things CANNOT be learned from books.
Many evolved souls are unaware of their evolved status because their psychic centers have been deliberately shut down.

becoming self-realized is a lot more beneficial and practical than just reading about it.

There are plenty of angelic and demonic intelligences waiting to be incarnated in human form for the first time. The population of Earth can increase a million times without making a dent in the theory of reincarnation.
Once trapped in the illusory cycle of birth, death and rebirth, it takes a hell of a lot of effort to escape.

Does it really matter what we know or what we think we know?
Reaching higher levels of consciousness accelerate fundamental shifts in consciousness that free us from all the restrictions of self-imposed or externally imposed forms of mind control.
This is quite important in a world of spiritual stagnation where the worship of fragile and unspiritualized ego predominates.

Satanism and egomania are no doubt necessary steps in our evolution.
What is wrong with understanding, exploring and accepting these things? No need to bury our heads in the sand.
We have the opportunity to empower ourselves with higher knowledge and make assessments (not judgments) concerning the snail pace of our spiritual development
Remember there is a war in Heaven.
We CAN accelerate our development.

Do not get hung up with facial comparisons alone.
Study appropriate techniques like dowsing, psychic development, meditation and chakra development.

The information comes directly from the Akashic Records and has been double checked by others independently who teach people to read the Akashic Records for themselves.
You could say that the likenesses are completely coincidental, but is anything really a coincidence?
Dowsing, Tibetan Tantric practices and Shamanic Soul Travel were just some of the techniques used.
No hypnosis or the channeling of lower Astral demonic intelligences promoting insipid and false New World order propaganda.

A lot of Brianstalin's work has been prompted by false past life information and false facial comparisons by certain media psychics and people associated with past life regression therapy.
Deep state trances induced by hypnotherapists and experienced by those engaging in deep trance channeling are part of a dark plot to spread false teachings and promote the special abilities of a misguided elite.

Shirley MacLaine, Dr Walter Semkiw, Kevin Ryerson, Jeffrey Keene and Adrian Finkelstein have all sought to silence Brianstalin and censor his past life information, because it exposes their lies and underlines their lack of knowledge and ability.
It simply conflicts with the fantasy world these people have created for themselves and wish to impose upon us.
In the end we must not forget that Brianstalin has been trained by Masters to do what he does. He has even studied with the Dalai Lama.

When I talk about Masters - I don't mean the Hitler types who have been trained by Black magicians that have only some rudimentary skill in Astral projection and other low grade psychic intuition based on the practice of lower psychism.
I mean masters who have mastered the ego and therefore obtained true states of higher consciousness, gaining genuine abilities and insight into the true nature of reality.

Religions are all about control. The New Age Movement - the new religion of the New World Order is incredibly controlling and dictatorial.
The Occult Third Reich was based upon the inept channeling of a divine dictator. Hitler believed he was a kind of Joan of Arc and heard voices telling him to save Germany.

The New Age Movement is based solely upon the channeled lies of demonic entities that encourage our participation in lower psychism - deep trance states, becoming Supermen or Harry Potters and using juvenile occult secrets to gain our base desires.

{ktoś} Trough all the reading I have been doing Hitler was manipulated through the Giza Intelligence Of the pleadians basically some rogue ET's. I recommend you read the book The Gods of Eden by William Bramley.
Another question so do you think meditation is Evil and gets you in contact with devils?
{odp.} Brianstalin, while conducting his own research, has become aware of Hitler's links with a small group of time traveling Pleadians who are also staunch supporters of the New World Order.
Meditation and other forms of stimulating kundalini energy is not without risk. When the aura is sensitized we become magnets for demonic entities and "space" people all posing as enlightened beings with important messages.

Wisdom and proper training in Metaphysics is required to assess the situation, because true teachers will also appear along the journey if the practitioner does not get side-tracked into becoming a guru, prophet or new age spokesman regurgitating the lies of lower astral demonic entities.
These people can readily be identified because they do not empower others with the tools to make their own assessments and explorations, but instead insist on blind obedience to their authority.

The success of their demonic missions is outwardly indicated by book sales, TV appearances and support from the rich, famous and influential and inwardly indicated by the clever and subtle insertion of these crazy ideas and theories into our minds.

{ktoś} Yeah man ever since I been practicing my meditation and thinking about all the good things i have gotten attacked a couple of times. Also so you believe that these space beings are evil too?
{odp.} All intelligences may be perceived as evil until they have gained full enlightenment. Many of the space people and oracles speaking through deep trance mediums have been identified as fallen angels or lower astral beings with negative agendas of mass mind control.

Alex Collier turns out to be one of Hitler's pals in his previous incarnation and is still part of a mass mind control program to change the thinking of 10% of the world's population.
The alternative to all this exciting mental stimulus is sitting in dull meditation in a cave without the sensory input we all crave and live for and yet that is the only sure way of reaching higher consciousness.

Brianstalin will explain all about Billy Meier and Jesus and the Buddha and Lucifer etc. in his book.
ETs like TV are just mind candy that want to clutter up and confuse our simple minds. Control and slavery as opposed to empowerment and freedom are the key issues.

We do not need handbooks dictated by ETs to obtain truth.
Objective truth must be experienced directly.
The very highest levels of the Akashic Records (where all objective truth lies) are seen without intermediaries and other obstacles.
If we constantly refer to things outside of us we just get lost in a whirlwind of confusion and conflicting information.
The mind must be completely still and free from the attraction and pull of outside influences to realize its full potential.

Anyone can become a George Green with a couple of days psychic awareness training but - without access to an objective source of truth as a template - we cannot tell just how much of it is correct or slanted and distorted, either by the limited knowledge of the messenger or the prejudices and agendas of the ETs.
Djinn's are just lower astral entities - you don't want to deal with any of these unless you are into black magic and desire to control them and get them to do tasks for you.

If these lower astral entities appear intelligent and responsive to our desires and tell us flattering stories about our greatness and the important roles we are destined to play upon the world stage and tell us nice stories that many people love and can relate to, then we might foolishly consider them good.
If they, however, refuse to do our evil bidding and remind us often about our stupidity and inability to dominate and control them we might be tempted to denounce them as very bad!

We are supposed to listen and obey our evil masters - accept the lies that they tell us. We also have an astral body where thoughts come from - our evil counterpart that tries to make us members of the evil conspiracy and succeeds if we are mindless automatons unable to reach higher levels of consciousness.
The residual self image we carry around in the back of our minds ensures we look very similar when we obtain a new material body. Even when we dream we look the same because of this.

It is my experience that people engaging in lower psychism are even more ignorant about what's going on than people who have no psychic experiences whatever.
The only thing I find offensive is ignorance.
The Buddha after gaining his enlightenment was not very keen on being a teacher - he could see how deeply people were trapped by the delusions of their egos.

Certainly lower psychism can be experimented with in the beginning stages of exploring the mundane states of higher consciousness. The limitations of these states become all too apparent very quickly.
Exploring the higher relams of consciousness where we can experience objective truths without the input of dictatorial astral guidance and other untutored astral intermediaries requires leaving childish lower psychism far behind.

Lower psychism like we find in "The Secret" and in Harry Potter books is greatly encouraged by the New Age Movement.
With lower psychism we are in danger of getting locked into a world of dependence where we fear to move independently without so-called higher guidance.
Our guides are actually learning from us!!!!!!!! If we teach them that we are willing to follow their dictates it tempts them to follow the Dark Side and become part of the New World Order conspiracy to enslave us.

That is why the New Age Movement is the new religion of the New World Order. It is all about enslaving the mind and obeying authority.
We do not need to be the slaves of Ascended Masters and Space Brothers.
It is time to acknowledge our own responsibilities and to start doing something positive.
Pointing the finger at Reptilians and representatives of Evil is complete folly and plays right into the hands of the enemy.

{ktoś} just to tell you they are real, and they run this planet. They eat us like we eat chicken(note that they don't eat anyone who drinks caffeine, they like fresh babies and they eat them alive
{odp.} If you have witnessed these unsavory practices firsthand either by conventional means or via the power of your higher consciousness and/or actually participated in the aforesaid unsavory practices your comment might warrant some attention and perhaps some slight merit.

Brianstalin is a teacher of Reiki, psychic development and soul travel. The world thinks he is mad - even other psychics who deal with the weird stuff - their lack of training limits their contact to the tricky and deceitful Astral realm.

"A Course in Miracles" has been identified as CIA mind control and has been called the most dangerous book ever published!
Clearly you are unable to access the Akashic Records to check this out for yourself. Yet reading the Akashic Records is the most basic psychic skill known to man.
If channels & prophets produce strange stuff, then the onus is on them to empower us with tools to check what they say is true or false.
Usually they do not because they are deceivers and manipulators!

Inner peace is achieved by balancing and energizing the chakras. For clear psychic insight negative congested energy must be pulled out of the chakra system. The process can be a long one. Also increased psychic sensitivity can bring one into contact with a myriad of false spirit teachers and self-acclaimed Ascended Masters telling an odd assortment of tall tales to titillate and engage the mind in order to side-track it.
For this and other reasons the journey is an interesting one.

The most dangerous and manipulative states of mind are encountered in hypnosis (e.g. past life therapies) and deep trance channeling (temporary and voluntary possession).
Both strongly encouraged and endorsed by the New Age movement!

Explore and reach your own conclusions.
Be mindful of using reliable tools.
"Those well versed in meditation understand that false revelations and visions are readily available to the inexperienced practioner and are often first contact with lower astral entities seeking to engage with the sensitized aura of the meditator in the hope of finding a mouth-piece or new messiah for their false teachings to further inject the agenda of New World Order and New Age madness into the Earth Plane."

There are NO innocent victims of the conspiracy that have held our minds in bondage since the beginning of time.
Our karma would not allow us to come into contact with it unless we helped create it in the first place.

"Reincarnations Truths"

Learn to think deeply, before you allow your mind to be damaged permanently by environmental poisons and media mind control.

Have you not considered that our rigid and limited belief systems might be a serious barrier to the clear perception of higher truths?

What is fame exactly?
And who decides who gets it?
If History is decided by the winners, then the elites get to write the History books.
If we serve the elites well, we are thought highly of by our peers.
We want this prestige from one lifetime to the next.
In most lifetimes we get what we want, while in some we might not be so lucky, or unlucky depending on your viewpoint.

Fame and fortune is just a hunger. An itch that must be scratched. It's as simple as that. If you lack fame and fortune at the present time, it is very likely that you have an uncontrollable desire for these things and/or unwittingly programming your children to attain such things - for aren't they the real measure of a person's worth? The elites who have an endless access to wealth can use this hunger to make you do their evil bidding ... and they do!

It's a serous mistake to assume reincarnation is just about the past.
In order to accept responsibility for what we have done, we need to remember our past lives clearly and accurately or else we cannot fully understand the valuable lessons they can teach us.
What terrible karma has led to global tyranny and the current forced sterilization, dumbing down and genetic mutation of the human species?
Well, it's all fully explained in the Akashic Records!

Unbelievable? Yes!
Brianstalin has many examples of gender changes regarding probable past life matches.
Obama, for instance, according to Brianstalin, was an Egyptian princess.
The readings come directly from the Akashic Records and have been confirmed by others who have access to this objective source of information.
Facial similarities suggest that we are incapable of destroying the residual self-image of self we carry with us into other states of being - including dreams.

Brianstalin points out that his aim is to help guide people towards higher consciousness.
Reincarnation is an illusion that can be transcended.
How can we prove something that is not real in the first place?
The knowledge of past lives is just the first baby step on the road to higher consciousness.

Fame is the consequence of ego.
It is a sickness.
If we do not achieve fame, we are programmed to worship those who have achieved it.
Ego is a tool that can be used to destroy oneself and the whole of humanity if our negative programming from the lower astral planes is not overcome.
Are the ruling elites (the owners of the world's media) in contact with the lower astral through ritual and black magic?
The simple answer is YES!

the ruling elite have always been obsessed with the occult and the power that the dark side seeks to entice us with

Concerning twins, identical or otherwise - either through choice or accident, their vehicles of experience (their physical bodies) just end up being manufactured in the same womb.
Each soul on the Earth plane can be perceived as a tiny holographic splinter that contributes to a shared experience or dream.
The more advanced souls eventually grow to realize that this the limitations of being imprisoned in a physical body within a dream can be eventually transcended.

Imagine a computer game junky obsessing over a computer game for days or weeks.
Through training, emotional detachment and clear focus of the mind, the junky can actually get up and walk away from the computer screen and do something more productive instead.
Life is the computer game.
The illuminati believe they are the ones who built the computer and who have written all the programs - with Lucifer's help, of course, as Lucifer is the power source.

Our astral counterpart can be considered as a second spirit that inhabits our bodies.

It is not our friend. It seeks our destruction at every opportunity and feeds off our negative emotions.
It seeks sensation and it seeks annihilation.

The only reliable source is the Akashic Records.
The experts who have never accessed them publicly claim extraordinary psychic powers but they are all charlatans! Mind controllers and disinformation operatives.
A little wisdom and common sense is all that is required to achieve the necessary subtle shift in consciousness in order to see things clearly.

Wake up! Time is short and our lives depends upon it.
Continue to be guided by ignorance and negative programming and death will be the reward. I don't mean mere physical death, I mean spiritual death.

A slight shift in consciousness is all it takes to step outside our normal confining everyday parameters and to begin to operate at our full potential.

The reptilian theory is just a theory that has been injected into the mass consciousness.
It doesn't take states of higher consciousness to perceive that cold-blooded murderers have always been in control.
Mao, Hitler, Stalin etc. are not historical aberrations. They tell us who we really are.
What is Fluoride, Lithium and Prozac doing in our drinking water?
Why must we be exposed to the humiliation and dangers of full body scanners?
It has something to do with death cults.

According to Brianstalin's research, it seems we have all been famous or should I say played historically important roles in our past lives.
Under hypnosis people tend to recall normal lives, but Brianstalin points out that these are likely not true past life recollections, but distortions or screen memories. Objective psychic techniques can confirm this.

Everybody can go to the Akashic Records consciously and even participate in its creation!
Most people filter and distort the information because our chakric systems have been compromised.
Also most of us are not yet ready or yet capable of comprehending the truth directly.
As the greatest masters tell us that all is illusion, any proof of past lives (or anything else for that matter) that people claim to have must be counterfeit.

During Reiki healing sessions, the healer and the patient can see their past lives in flashbacks.
Whether the people they see were famous or not can be determined very easily using dowsing.
Everyone has, had or will have some connection to a famous person/ famous people.
These connections can be be found in the historical records.
Matching psychic impressions with historical records allows us to see the abstract become solid and shows us that something very significant is happening.

{ktoś} Say we , some or all, achieve higher consciousness and become psychically competent. How do we clean the elite's clock.
{odp.} The wise among us can see the earth is actually Hell.
The survival of the fittest therefore means that only the most evil get to rule.
Higher consciousness allows us to see things with the utmost clarity.
It also empowers us to shake ourselves free from all forms of mind control.
This means we can avoid being led to destruction.
Few will succeed in this venture, but it is, at least, a noble act to try.
It gives us hope that one day we can be more than wild animals with ill-intent.

When we open our third eyes, we become free from mass consciousness and its great storehouse of negative karma.
A mass karmic cleansing is coming. There will be genocide. It is inevitable.

Wilcock in private has admitted he wasn't Edgar Cayce.
He won't do that in public, because it is neither profitable, nor advantageous.
I fear you may be the victim of baloney and mind control.
What is your position on global warming, the Satanic practices of our elites and the deliberate poisoning of our water, food, vaccines and environment?
Do you realize body scanners can cause cancer and were designed to do just that?

Wake up for goodness sake!
Time is running out!

Many people have made and are making outrageous claims about being famous people in their past lives.
Most often it is to boost their careers (Sherrie Laird) or give weight to their secret agendas (Wilcock).
None of these people have undergone the necessary training required to see past lives with accuracy and clarity.
Fame is actually the result of negative programming, peer pressure and mind control.
We have all been susceptible to this - in our present and previous incarnations.

{do kogoś kto zareagował nerwowo} You mean that if truth does not meet our expectations we should reject it?
And if someone has a strange name he shouldn't be trusted?
It would be better to refute Brianstalin's research in a convincing and eloquent manner.
Surely that can't be so difficult?
It just requires refuting the techniques of the great Tibetan tantric masters, debunking meditation, disproving the efficacy of dowsing and replacing all of Brianstalin's matches with more convincing ones.

{ów ktoś} From what I red,it's a life time of work and meditation before you access this "place" and u never use a pendulum.
{odp.} If we are programmed to believe such things then accessing the Akashic Records for ourselves will always be impossible and well out of reach.
We will have to rely on enlightened (illumined?) channels that are really demonically possessed lunatics.
It's really up to us to deprogram ourselves.
Brianstalin does readings, but puts more emphasis on empowering others to get ACCURATE past life data for themselves.

This data can help clear congested chakric systems allowing the safe development of kundalini which in turn will open the third eye.
Brianstalin notes tha having famous past lives connected to royalty and/or the support of New World Order agendas is the norm and is a signal for us to start accepting responsibility for the world we have created.
It also indicates that the big karmic cleansing that will destroy most of humanity is our just reward for our ego and ignorance of Divine Law.

TVs, computers, cell phones and books produce light hypnotic trances which are undesirable, because we end up being asleep for most of our lives.
We just become unthinking automatons and resources to be exploited by those who have greater intelligence, but not necessarily greater wisdom.
As things stand now, these same forces attach negative worth to human life and so we should expect population reduction in one form or another.

Deep trance states and hypnosis deepen our normal hypnotic states and turns the everyday passive forms of mind control into more active and coercive ones.
This has many entertaining facets to it, as people can be made to do incredibly bizarre things, even recall being Marilyn Monroe in a previous life!
With enough meditation and focusing of the mind, we can actually break free from all this mind control and begin to see reality in a clearer, but unfortunately more terrifying light.

Meanwhile, we are being programmed by external forces to bow down to corrupt authority and to even sacrifice our lives or self-destruct for the "common" good.
Governments and elites have always been very interested in mind control.

{ktoś} This is nonsense. It is not we who create the NWO, we are being guided toward it by Rosicrucian Masters, the Elder Brethren who watch over mankind. The NWO is not a evil or bad thing, quite the opposite!
{odp.} The Elder Brethren openly worship Lucifer and are waging war on all humanity.
From psychology, we learn that captives who exhibit the Stockholm syndrome tend to sympathize with and think highly of their captors, at times believing that the captors are showing them favor stemming from inherent kindness.
Such captives fail to recognize that their captors' choices are essentially self-serving.
Why not uplift and enlighten humanity instead of destroying it?
Just think about it.

{ktoś} You have much to learn.
{odp.} Indeed! We all do. Even the so-called Elder Brethren.
There are certain "Masters" that have attained high enough levels of consciousness to reach the very ends of the astral planes where all becomes pure light.
Believing themselves enlightened, these 'Masters" can remain in the same physical bodies for thousands of years, blissfully unaware that even greater levels of consciousness and true enlightenment (as achieved by Christ and the Buddha) lie beyond their limited experience.

If all is illusion how can we rely on any proof about anything without wondering what mind control agenda lies behind it?
Can scientists prove the earth is warming while, in fact, it is cooling? Apparently so!

How likely is it that similar looking groups of individuals can be tracked down the time line of history and encounter similar challenges and circumstances relevant to their present lifetimes?
Past life information is best used in a healing context and often produces remarkable results.

For many, the pursuit of wealth, power and material pleasure has become an ingrained pattern, which is very difficult (almost impossible) to break.
Having said that, there are many instances in the Akashic Records where the rich and famous have returned to lead the lives of "normal" people and vice versa.
When we come to realize that fame is merely the unfortunate consequence of negative programming and mind control, influencing only the weak-minded, we can do something about it.

Of course, the rich and famous have always insisted that their elevated status is the result of superior genes and/or innate superior occult and spiritual wisdom.
Under normal circumstances, we can allow these kinds of people the comfort of their dangerous delusions.
However, when these delusions give rise to dangerous and murderous philosophies that become a direct threat to the lives and liberties of the majority of people living upon the planet, what then are we to do?

If we fail to overcome our limitations and negative programming, we will remain in darkness and ignorance.

Astral visions are always distorted.
Soul travel is superior to astral travel, but a lot depends on how the chakric system has been energized, cleansed and balanced.
The New World Order conspiracy is all about poisoning the mind and body so genuine spiritual insight becomes almost impossible.
Many insurmountable barriers are erected by the ego and our habitual ways of thinking.

Brianstalin points out that we cannot fully understand love without experiencing higher consciousness.
Without higher consciousness, we can never escape the illusionary reincarnation cycle.
The mere intellectual understanding of these things won't be enough to save us from further suffering, nor will any of our teachings and insights be able to effect positive change.
It's best to first become a master of meditation and then teach meditation.

Patterns and similarities are NOT just intriguing accidents occurring by chance. They are a message.
It is best to explore the significance of these things using expanded awareness and higher consciousness.
Normal consciousness just isn't good enough to tackle the job.

{do kogoś} Do you really think regressing Steven Siegal, Madonna, Bill Clinton, Guy Ritchie and David Beckham is a good idea?
We can't get much sense out of them even in normal waking consciousness, let alone in states where demonic entities can enter their auric fields and bodies and start spouting gibberish and propaganda from the lower astral planes.

(...) must be an untainted and pure source and we must go there directly after adequate and intensive training. I'm talking about direct access of the Akashic Records.
It's better to attempt it after cleansing our chakric systems allowing the kundalini energy to raise up the spine without mishap.
Brianstalin suggests a thorough hands on investigation of metaphysics before hypnosis, black magic and mind control - because to fully understand the latter requires mastery of the former.

Dowsing is considered more objective because it involves UNCONSCIOUS muscular contraction found in normal forms of dowsing or UNCONSCIOUS mental sensation/vibrations etc. found in mental dowsing.

Many people insist Brianstalin's comparisons contain absolutely NO similarities at all.
This alone indicates that more objective techniques are necessary to get at the truth.
It is most unfortunate that many self-proclaimed psychics are fakers and exploiters promoting subjectivity and elitism.
Objectivity is the key to both obtaining and then assessing this kind of information.

{ktoś} This is ridiculous.
{odp.} Brianstalin who has produced tens of thousands of past life readings certainly thought so at first, but he investigated, persevered and traveled widely in search for the truth.
People think it's ridiculous that elites want to get rid of 90% of the Earth's population - yet they have openly written books and articles on the subject and openly attended public meetings where population control was the main topic of concern.
Newly built detention centers are appearing all over the States ...

However, there' no need for concern - these centers are for terrorists and enemies of the State.
But remember if you are one of the 90% targeted for extermination, someone may have a vested interest in labeling you as a terrorist especially if they believe they own the air you breathe and the sunshine that falls on your head.
Wise up and don't condemn things you don't understand or haven't explored thoroughly.
"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance." -Albert Einstein

{kolejny ktoś} I beleive in some real fringe ideas but this to me on first glance is just nuts
{odp.} Sure. Investigate and test the information using the most direct and appropriate psychic techniques you will have to learn BEFORE you will be able to make any proper and INFORMED assessment.
Remember our minds have unlimited potential and there are many hidden forces wanting to prevent us from empowering ourselves.
In fact when I read comments like this I often wonder what's going on.
Global brainwashing and universal dumbing down is obviously is at work.
Explore further or pass on by!

Wake up and see the truth for what it is.
Don't assume truth must conform to your limited and preconceived expectations.

{jeszcze inny ktoś} WOW Its incredible how, all these celebrities were also celebrities in their past lives.
So i guess a joe blow is always a joe blow
{odp.} When the ego gets out of hand it's like a runaway train.
It make take a breather now and again before it continues on its amazing journey.
Other people look on in astonishment and envy and feel compelled to enter the crazy race.
Once you become the ultimate ruler of this world you see that there are other worlds yet to rule.
Then there is the solar system and then other galaxies and then the universe and then other universes. Worse still there is always somebody else trying to thwart you.

{ktoś} You talk as if you actually know. And truth is NO ONE in this world knows.
{odp.} When the Kundalini energy rises slowly up the spine in a controlled and steady fashion it stimulates and opens the Third Eye.
If you had experienced this process for yourself you wouldn't be expressing viewpoints which are the consequence of limited perception and development.

{ktoś} that has to be the best created crap ever.
are you seroius?
i mean even ppl who actually belive in re-inc say its not nessesarly to develope the looks.
{odp.} The best created crap ever is probably the material world around us, which turns out to be not very material at all. It is merely an illusion created by the mind.
What do I care what you or others believe?
Yes, I'm serious - deadly serious.
With control and focus of the mind we can become liberated.
I'm not talking about becoming New Age/ New World Order/ Third Reich Hitler/ Shirley MacLainean Satanic Hollywood inspired Super Beings, I'm talking about growing up and accepting responsibility.

If we explore this thoroughly, we understand fame, greed and power etc. are just the unfortunate products of ego.
We have been brainwashed into believing famous people are special - they aren't ! We have all been famous in our previous lives.
Belief systems are very limiting and if truth appears strange because of our determination to cling to them, then that's rather unfortunate, don't you think?

{ktoś} So are you saying that all the people here on Earth are bad? Including you, I and everyone else leaving comments?
Not trying to be a smart ass. Just trying to understand.
Just for the record, I am "awake" and have been researching the NWO for the last 15 years.
{odp.} We are all reaping the bitter harvest of our previous "evil" incarnations - the ones that we pretend to have forgotten.
The world in run by evil people, some of whom indulge in Satanic ritual and blood sacrifice.
We would not reincarnate into a world like this if we did not have some responsibility and involvement in the evil conspiracy that is shutting down people's psychic centers and turning them into robotic soulless Zombies.
Are you really "awake" or do you just think you are?

Logic, as well as the law of karma, tells us that bad people are born on bad planets and good people are born on good planets.
If you believe this is a good planet enhabited by benevolent and good people in control, then it might just mean that simple brainwashing techniques are amazingly effective when used on the weak-minded.

We all know that good intentions, in particular, have had more devastating negative impact than any deliberate and carefully formulated acts of evil ever devised.
It still generates plenty of karma to keep us occupied here for eternity.
We lose out, but there are hidden and little understood forces that benefit from our stupidity.

{do kogoś} Rebbe means master, teacher or mentor.
Brianstalin notes that some Rebbes actually succeeded in correctly determining that Melchizedek was an incarnation of St Michael.
Definitely an improvement upon "notoriously accurate" demonic lower astral possessing entities spouting lies and disinformation.
But just how many Rebbes were involved in this momentous and Earth-shattering revelation and just how many centuries did it take to get just ONE correct past life match?
Even Rebbes need training.

{ktoś} There are hundreds of books about the Rebbe sending people on "excursions" where astounding things happened.Check.
{odp.} Brianstalin understands that the Rebbe demonstrate a much clearer understanding of hidden things than many other people proclaiming themselves to be masters.
Brianstalin has studied shamanic soul travel techniques and also sends people on "astounding" journeys, but that's basic psychic competence and nothing more.

{ktoś} I love the humour here, even though as a religous Jew we must re-incarnate if needing to correct this and/or past lives (...)
{odp.} The humor is not mine nor Brianstalin's, but that of the Grand Architect, himself.
This Divine Being can be experienced directly through mystical experience.
Beware of shoddy imitations that are frequently encountered using the unsatisfactory techniques promoted by the Satanic advocates of lower psychism.
These same people also control the media, politics and banking.
This elite fools are just puppets of the demonic intelligences of the lower astral planes.

That's quite funny, really!

If it's true that we have ALL had historically significant past lives then it means that we ALL have direct responsibility for the world we create.
Great responsibility means we possess great power.
Who would want to hide this important truth from us?
Remember the common people of today greatly outshone the great and famous of our shallow and insipid modern times.

Brianstalin says: "Both celebs and non celebs were great historical figures in their past lives.
We all strive to be great, we already have been, are and will be again.
The concept of greatness is an affliction of the ego which we can all evolve away from eventually - when we do, of course, we come truly great and not mere shadows or shallow imitations of greatness".

Brianstalin goes on to say: "The direct relationship between ourselves and the greatest people in history is clearly written in the Akashic Records.
If we understand what this means in terms of personal responsibility, we can evolve much more quickly to a level of understanding and wisdom that is currently lacking".

Our programming has made our minds pathetic prisons without any means of escape.

We are only a small part of an infinite sea of consciousness. Entities from the demonic and angelic realms have lived close to the Earth plane for a long time and are constantly seeking to become human and part of the long reincarnation process to either support the programmed evil agendas of the lower astral or to seek independent empowerment, experience full spiritual potential and eventually gain Enlightenment.

{ktoś} I believe in Past Lives but this vid has done us no favors...
{odp.} Media brainwashing and programming has eroded our attention spans to mere seconds.
Exposure to objective TRUTH is highly unlikely when the media is owned by a tiny minority seeking to hide it from us at all costs.
If such exposure does occur it can result in blurred vision, aching joints, hot flushes, sudden inexplicable bouts of rage, headaches and nausea.
It is all part of the de-programming process.
The vid explains most past life "experts" don't really know what they are talking about.

When objective truth intrudes upon our preconceived ideas, egos and fantasies the tendency is to start to feel very uncomfortable.

Discomfort is a conditioned response built into our astral bodies. The astral body is there to feed off our negative thoughts and emotions. It also tries to prevent any glimpses of objective truth reaching us. Instead we get censoring and filtering and end up with only the images and messages that the lower astral want us to get.
This is also clearly evident in hypnosis and deep trance states.
The same manipulative and dangerous mind states endorsed by the "bogus" experts!

Eckhart Tolle a self-professed spiritual teacher does not explain any of this.
If we do not explore and investigate fully what Brianstalin is saying (in order to refute it or to verify it) we remain stuck in the same state - a state of ignorance and self-righteous indignation every time TRUTH dares to intrude into our lives.

America is not the place where the most advanced souls are reincarnating, apparently. Not much surprise there!
Many souls, Caesar included, struggling to reform themselves, are turning up in the UK of all places!
There is a tendency to reincarnate into certain bloodlines with familiar genetic material to work with, but that really isn't very adventurous.
We aren't all programmed zombies supporting evil and selfish agendas, are we?

Brianstalin also has a thick casebook of everyday joes, but these readings are confidential and will remain so.
Also famous celebs are intimately known to us - we know their lives, bad habits and faces from all angles because the information has been deliberately squeezed into our heads.
These people are not invited into our lives, but are thrust at us by the media using intrusive and aggressive exploitative marketing and mind control tricks. What is going on?
Caesar is now an everyday joe.

The Akashic Records are on public display and is a part of the media that is beyond the manipulation and control of the Illuminati.
But ONLY when we use appropriate techniques to get around deliberate distortion of valuable past life data by demonic intelligences including our own astral bodies and egos - all (un)consciously working for Big Brother.
Only a deep understanding and direct experience of metaphysics can help us achieve higher states of consciousness free from manipulation.

{ktoś} this is a nutty video.. reincarnation is real. but the claims in this video are not...
{odp.} I would do some more investigation into what Brianstalin's Past Life Research is really all about.
It's about higher consciousness and experience.
If you believe his claims are not real, then the onus is on you to demonstrate why not.
Consider this a direct challenge!
Even famous and mighty elite egoistic Satanic GrandMasters have failed this simple and direct challenge.
The best they can come up with is censorship, legal threats and general unpleasantness and argumentativeness.

(...) free of the demonic manipulation and distortion of objective truth by Demonic entities posing as angels, ascended masters and extraterrestrials which are hidden extensions of the brainwashing media apparatus on the earth plane owned by a small satanic elite.

Brianstalin's teachers consider hypnosis and deep trance states unhelpful and dangerous.
Brianstalin also considers deep trance and hypnotic states very unsatisfactory based on his own personal experiences with them.
Deep trance states and hypnosis make us passive zombies open to suggestion.
When Brianstalin started empowering people to do their own past life readings for themselves in Shirley MacLaine's forums and directly challenged Semkiw and Ryerson he got booted.
We can, of course, only exploit sheeple aided no doubt by our books, movies, connections and social standing.
Is it any wonder that self-empowerment without carefully orchestrated demonic manipulation and interference is unwelcome?

Direct experience of higher reality is always superior to lower mental processes on denser planes.

If we can get beyond the typical knee-jerk programmed reaction to what seems to be the insane nature of objective truth, we might do some proper exploration of higher states of consciousness and actually learn something to our advantage.
There are many forces that do not want us to do this - even our own Reptilian brains and rebellious astral (pain) bodies.
Then there are demons, angels and ascended masters to navigate around.

The Illuminati are nowhere in sight, but they own the media.

{pyt.} (...) Today there are 6 billion people, so how can everyone have past lives when clearly, its mathematically impossible for even half the population to have one?
{odp.} The Akashic Records tell of past lives in the animal kingdom, the angelic realms (fallen angels), the realms of the gods, lives on other planets and even in different universes and dimensions. Humanity is a very small part of a hidden and wider spectrum.
We shouldn't let our minds be imprisoned by so-called logic. Often our logic is based upon incomplete data and very short-sighted perceptions and assumptions.

Metaphysics IS the queen of all sciences!
Everything is energy!
Views and beliefs aren't much use if they keep us stuck exactly where we are without any chance of progress.
A table is actually not a table, but mostly empty space. We put too much faith in what our limited physical senses and instincts tell us and not enough faith in higher levels of consciousness that are made difficult to achieve because of external and internal influences and manipulation.

Even doctors acknowledge the power of the placebo effect.
Don't confuse judgment with assessment made possible only by using a much broader range of skills largely unknown or little understood by the majority of people trapped within internally and externally imposed forms of prison-consciousness.

The invitation is to change our perspectives (the limited perspectives that we and others have imposed upon us) and escape from the ordinary world of darkness and ignorance where nothing seems to make any sense and enter a world where we can see and understand the nature of all objective TRUTH.

I think "Posh' Spice was dubbed "Posh", because of a resonance in her aura - possibly due to a very recent incarnation among the ruling royal bloodlines.
The Beckhams are known as the power couple, because they like and desire power, which is very understandable. More importantly they have developed the necessary skills and chararcter traits to accomplish these things successfully over a number of incarnations.

As for Dmitri Medvedev - it is likely that he is part of the same soul group. If you use Brianstalin's techniques you could easily identify what lifetimes he and David Beckham were brothers, for example.
For this and other reasons facial resemblances alone are not very helpful.
We must use our Third Eyes very precisely and clearly. This is much better than relying on just our ordinary senses, logic and intuition.

The information comes directly form the Akashic records
Pendulums, meditation, and various psychic and shamanic techniques can get you there.
Hypnosis and voluntary possession do not.
The latter are shortcuts used by lazy people lacking clear psychic insight. The quick fix DIY mentality does not work.
Whereas the former techniques enhance and sharpen our psychic potentials if coupled with healing and energy work.

Brianstalin points out the Akashic Records tell us a lot of strange things contrary to our current level of understanding.
The ego is probably the most destructive force in the Universe.
Just as we seem unable to shift the residual self image in our minds that ensures we look the same from one lifetime to the next and in dream states, we seem unable to overcome our negative programming and egoism that prevents us from reaching higher states of consciousness and comprehending higher truths.

As for pop celebs - we are the pop celebs of the past, present and future because of our egos.
We forget that the other famous past life roles we have played, are playing now or will play in the future leave us with heavy karmic debts and huge responsibilities.

(...) people are actually talking about a new Golden Age of Enlightenment, when in fact humanity is in serious trouble and facing its darkest hour!

The Illuminati understand that philanthropy keeps their good karma topped up, so they can pursue their evil agendas more easily in convenient and comfortable surroundings.
Never underestimate the ego - it is your worst enemy!
Go to the Akashic Records and see for yourself!

Masters rarely reveal to us how to access objective truth for ourselves because they are too concerned with helping the Illuminati keep us in ignorance and enslavement.
One aim of the New Age Movement is to replace the Church with a dictatorship of elite Masters who are adept at mind control and propaganda.
We can still learn certain things from them, however, and outwit them and their devilish plans.
Masters = Elitism
Elitism = Control

Read Alice Bailey.
The demonic/satanic media psychic network are claiming to channel Ascended Masters, E.T.s, Jesus etc.
David Wilcock falsely claims to be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce and people like Shirley MacLaine , Walter Semkiw, Kevin Ryerson and others are dishing out false life identities left right and center to influential people involved in a dark conspiracy to create an elite hierarchy intent on telling us what to do in accordance with Satan's/Lucifer's plan.

Deep trances are not reliable - light trances are superior.
Becoming a master dowser will teach you about objectivity - becoming a master healer will bring you into daily contact with the Akashic Records. With familiarity and experience of the required mental states comes increased psychic sensitivity.
Progress is indicated by your ability to find the past lives of anyone and everyone.

Everyone accesses the Akashic Records either consciously or unconsciously and are able to see certain things. Often there is some distorton, though, and added input by the ego that is intent on seeing things how it wishes things to be and not how things really are.

Brianstalin is a pioneer of mental/psychic dowsing. He has applied the dowsing techniques taught to him and expanded their application to a startling degree. Unblocking the chakra system of students using Reiki has proved an important step in the process of accurate and unlimited dowsing teaching.

Healers and teachers have their role - even if they are false!
An awakened being may still need healing and teaching and may become a healer and teacher him/herself depending upon past karma.
Past life recall is basic healing, acceptance of responsibilty and acknowledging the power of the ego (hence the reason we all have famous past lives).
False past life matches are created by ego and cause stagnation. Accurate past life reading accelerates healing and expands our limited perceptions.

It's important to realize that all is illusion including what we perceive as our past lives. Past lives should be seen as possibilities leading to a deeper understanding of the illusion we call life. An illusion within an illusion. Illusion makes us sick and understanding this can heal us. Identifying with famous personalities is a sickness and an attachment which is an unfortunate affliction of the weak-minded. We may perceive past lives as a way of understanding ego and responsibility.

Brianstalin makes it clear that using deep trance states like those encountered in hypnosis and deep trance channeling (the states endorsed by New Age proponents and leaders) is like tuning into a TV or radio station broadcasting insipid and banal propaganda - the information is all wrong and deliberately so. The intention to deceive while exerting spiritual and moral authority.

New Age channeling seems intent on keeping humanity in ignorance while promoting the idea of obedience to a hierarchy of superior beings - ascended masters and their channelers, who spout nothing more than mindless platitudes for financial gain. This idea of obedience to a higher order is prevalent in Nazi ideology and makes one note that New Age Thought and the New World Order go hand in hand attempting to create a race of submissive automatons incapable of independent thought.

"Reptilians in the Matrix Part III"

Have we ever wondered what evil gods, freemasons, elitists and royals we were all in our past lives?
Do we understand the need to neutralize our negative karma?
Complaining about things will not prevent us from being impaled upon the cruel spikes of the New World Order killing machine.
Especially as the Akashic Records tell us it is our just fate for our ignorance and lack of wisdom.

Brianstalin points out that if we continue to pick and choose our realities (as we are encouraged to do by the New Age mind control machine) instead of objectively exploring the truth using reliable techniques, we remain firmly imprisoned within the realm of delusion without any hope of escape.

{ktoś} Why do you humans resist our POWER! You will be CONTROLLED.....ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!
{odp.} The power of which you speak does not belong to you, but only to the greatest and mightiest demonic leaders of the lower astral planes.
These powerful entities are not to be messed with.
The problem is their power is always challenged by others and thus their power can only be temporary.
If you support these dark forces and their deluded representatives upon the Earth plane, you will eventually be consumed and destroyed by them.

As for all this Reptilian stuff - we must remember it's just a theory and a bizarre one at that.
However, on careful investigation, it seems cold-blooded and evil people are, indeed, connected with the ruling satanic bloodlines.
If we look more closely at this using past life data, we find that many of us have been part of these ruling bloodlines in our past lives and are very much responsible for the evil things happening in the world NOW!

Why is everyone now seeing Reptilians?
Who is really behind the drive to expose the Illuminati?
Why the sudden world-wide increase in channeling?
Why so many new UFO contactees?
Is it just final preparation for the big 2012 climax?
Or is it just a lot of BS and media buzz to extort money from the weak-minded?
A mind control experiment perhaps and we are the guinea pigs.

Reptilian just means cold-blooded and suggests the inability to give love without the need for something in return.
Receiving love for these types means adulation or willing subservience and obedience.
The Akashic Records tells us that a lot of us have these traits and that many of us were part of the Satanic Royal Bloodlines in previous incarnations.

Confusion is increasing. We are the reptilians. We are the angels. We are the demons.
When will we accept responsibility for who we really are and what we have created?
No one will rescue us, except ourselves.
Regurgitating conspiracy theory isn't going to help anyone. It can be explored, tested and questioned, however.

{ktoś} Why do you respond every comment in such a harsh way? Wouldn't the kind of knowledge you're talking about bring a wish to talk through and with only Love and infinite compassion?
{odp.} Zen monks are frequently hit with sticks to knock some sense into them. On a few rare occasions the blows have resulted in death.
A clear demonstration that stupidity can have serious and deadly consequences.
Where do wars, genocide, Satanic sacrifice, the deliberate shutting down of our psychic centers and the existence of evil conspiracies designed to murder 90% of the Earth's population fit in with the concept of love and infinite compassion exactly?

Love and infinite compassion do indeed exist in higher levels of consciousness and mystic experience.
However, very few people get there because they are too intent on indulging in ego games and nailing teachers to crosses, because they refuse to listen to things they don't like or refuse to listen to things they disagree with.
The direct experience of such beneficial states would surely result in inner wisdom and tremendous knowledge - not dumb comments and insipid platitudes, right?

It is important to note that Cayce displayed only very rudimentary psychic skills and worse still he had to rely on unreliable and unsatisfactory deep trance states to get psychic information.
When Brianstalin compared Cayce's past life findings with the data found in the Akashic Records he was very disappointed to discover that very little of what Cayce said was accurate.

Is the Bible merely a tool of mind control?
Man does indeed die just ONCE.
Alexander the Great died just ONCE and later reincarnated as Julius Caesar - Caesar died just ONCE - Caesar did not die many times - That's impossible. But Caesar has reincarnated many times since.
The disciples of Christ themselves because of their unenlightened status were nothing more than demonic obstacles to truth and some of them contributed to the New Testament.
Wake up and start thinking for yourself!!!

Jesus studied Buddhism in Alexandria. Buddhist philosophy understands the reality of reincarnation.
Many meditators have experienced for themselves the truth of reincarnation.
Jesus turned and said to Peter, "Get behind me, Satan! You are an offense to me, because you are not thinking God's thoughts but human thoughts!"
The Bible was written by unenlightened people and therefore contains human thoughts. Certain people insist it is the word of God, but have done nothing to prove it.

David Icke tells us that Christ never existed but was merely an invention.
Icke is, himself, a reincarnated Freemason and is one of the so-called superior Lizard people, who delight in their superior knowledge and the thickness of their propaganda books, which contain the work of other people cobbled together in a unique way to create a new mythology.
Why not throw some Bibles at him!

{ktoś} Jesus is going to put an end to the fallen angels (tares) soon and Satan cast into the bottomless pit as he deceives the nations.
{odp.} Great! So we just hang around supporting the satanic conspiracy we are all part of and help to create merely awaiting the happy day that will never come with great hope and expectation?
What if He comes and casts US into the bottomless pit? We certainly deserve it!
Has this not indeed already happened and we have just conveniently forgotten all about what got us in this mess in the first place?
Empower yourself, acknowledge personal responsibility and then do something about it.

The pendulum has long been recognized as a useful, simple and powerful tool for connecting with the higher consciousness.
Brianstalin invites anyone to check his data using this or any other psychic means at their disposal.

Brianstalin, however, does not endorse hypnosis or deep trance states. Experience has taught him that light trance states are vastly superior and more accurate.

To access the very highest states of consciousness requires great effort and great sacrifice.
Brianstalin simply reminds us that simple and direct psychic techniques can make objective truth much easier to access.
Objective truth is the greatest enemy of New Age mind controllers who insist we must see beauty in everything and must avoid negativity.

"The truth will remain hidden forever if we believe that it must always conform to our expectations".

The ability to read the Akashic Records accurately is the very lowest and basic sign of psychic competence - yet the famous medium psychics and self-appointed gurus and spokespeople for the New Age are unable to demonstrate even this!
Familiarity does breed contempt - there is nothing glamorous or exciting being chained to a prison planet populated by fallen angels, decaying gods and deluded egoists trapped in an illusion of their own making.

If we never acknowledge our own negativity and self-destructive elitist and egoistic tendencies, we will never overcome them or experience the full liberation that triumph over such pathetic things will inevitably bring.
Mind controllers understand that perceptions can be tinkered with using simple hypnotic techniques.
Mind controllers cannot alter objective truth, however, just continually insist that it doesn't exist.

The ability to reach higher states of consciousness involves stimulating the kundalini energy at the base of the spine and allowing it to rise up the spinal column to activate the third eye.
This process is not without dangers, but should be done slowly and gradually and involves the crucial elements of meditation and holistic healing.
It's hard work and involves crisis, change, upheaval and taming the ego. None of these things are very appealing.

The New Age Movement tries to ambush any serious attempt at reaching these higher states of consciousness for ourselves.
Instead it suggests we listen to mediums channeling disembodied entities, be manipulated during states of deep hypnosis and be swayed by media manufactured gurus.
These things are aggressively endorsed by high profile media New Age converts and spokespeople who consider material wealth and exploitation of the weak-minded as a sign of spiritual abundance.

The New Age endorses the theory of Divine Masters/Dictators, Space Messiahs and the practices of lower psychism to bring balance, love, light and abundance into our lives - if practiced with ego it is a form of black magic.
Hitler was a prototype and product of a New Age Divine Dictator.
Hitler, although a trained occultist, failed to open his Third Eye fully and got lost in lower psychism and base egoistic agendas. He had a Messiah complex - the same complex shared by UFO contactees.

{ktoś} We all basically have access to it, but our ability to see it is cluttered by our ego's, which some might refer to as the reptilian side of being Human (the need to conquer, succeed, gain wealth, one up your neighbour etc).
{odp.} Yes and when we access the Akashic Records accurately we see that we were all part of the ruling satanic bloodlines - key members in fact.
Something that is blocked in hypnosis where hardly anyone seems to have been famous - Edgar Cayce was similarly blocked off from this important information.
Conquering - gaining wealth and power - oppressing others - controlling them.
It's difficult to acknowledge this, but we must remember it was an important part of our spiritual development and growth.

{inny ktoś} what is a reptilian?
{odp.} That is something that you must decide for yourself depending upon the level of your spiritual insight, understanding and development. Reptilians can be all things to all people.
To what degree our minds and our decision making is controlled by external forces can only be experienced in deep states of meditation in which no thought or one-pointed thought is achieved.

Can we prove that matter has objective existence independent of the observer?
Quantum mechanics says we cannot.

Can we be sure that what we are experiencing is not a dream?

Without ego and pain body there isn't much left to any of us, I guess. That makes us rather unsubstantial and open to manipulation.

Without means of reaching higher levels of consciousness we are like leaves blowing in the wind. The wind is, of course, is owned and manufactured by our controllers, who believe they are illumined and superior.

What I'm saying is we all have a negative reptilian component to our brains. If we are weak-willed and give in to it then other people will see negative things in our auras - yes, even lizards!
The realm of the higher consciousness can give us specific answers to any questions, but cannot give us any proofs.
To access objective truths like the Akashic Records we have to let go of ego, emotion and attachment.
It's not a matter of belief, but a matter of training in Metaphysics.

David Icke is right when he says that the New Age is part of the problem.
Funnily enough Icke wrongly asserts that Christ never existed which actually makes him an honorary member of the New Age Movement - the movement that seeks, above all else, to annihilate Christ from our consciousness and implant other whimsical and insipid alternatives like extraterrestrials and Ascended masters instead.
That makes Icke part of the problem too.
Icke doesn't explain clearly that WE are the Reptilians.

{ktoś} I feel blocked, like there is a barrier surrounding me, especially above my crown charkra
{odp.} Blockages can relate to unresolved physical problems, unresolved emotional issues, unresolved past life issues and issues relating to disembodied entities or spirits. Drug abuse, alcoholism and unsafe New Age practices - channeling, possession, black magic and the like encourage the latter and can be related to mental problems.
As a result the chakras get congested and auras get invaded. These blocks make accurate psychic impressions virtually impossible.

{dalej ten sam ktoś} ok, i am having bad neck troubles as we speak.
{odp.} Western medicine is restricted to the symptoms of the physical body. It fails to reach the underlying emotional, past life issues and the mental component of disease, which is often related to invading astral entities.
The key lies in positive self-development. Meditation and Healing.
Knowledge of past lives reveals to us our hidden negative patterns of behavior. Armed with this and deeper insights, we can rise above our negative programming and any other negative external influences.

Have you noticed that we have increasingly diminished attention spans these days? Also we rarely make eye contact with others in public spaces and spend way too much time in front of our computers.
Shouldn't we simply admit that the New World Order has enslaved us already?

Have you noticed the people on the subway or on the buses and trains? They tend to have dull, listless and lifeless expressions. The dark circles under their eyes denotes sleep deprivation. Conversation is often restricted to the topics of weather, money, sport, CNN, movie stars, soap operas, pop stars and other media stuff.
It's like if we aren't part of the media circus we don't have any worth, except as mindless automatons, slaves of capitalism and the consumers of trivia and hype.

We are all connected to this story. John Lennon was connected to the Louis XIV soul group/royal bloodline. Many of that distinguished soul group had an overly keen interest in Satanism.

To determine what soul groups and bloodlines you have belonged or what soul group you belong to now, you must go to the Akashic Records and see it all for yourself.
Even then, you won't believe right away.

The best bit is working out if the information you got was correct or from the most accurate and reliable sources.
To do that you have to become a Master of Metaphysics.
You have to clear the congestion from your own chakra system and from other people's chakra systems, who are karmically connected to you.
You will quickly learn that media psychics are fakes and that deep trances and hypnotic states get us nowhere.
The Akashic Records clearly state that John Lennon was NOT Branwell Brontë.

Forget astral travel, you need to use your higher light bodies as vehicles of experience or else you will end up in the same realms that people under hypnosis or mediums using deep trance channeling experience - a realm of insipid fantasy.
You require basic psychic awareness training.
Accessing the Akashic Records using a pendulum first is recommended. Then methods of cleansing and activating the chakra system facilitating the raising of kundalini energy and the opening of the third eye.

There are some psychic development circles in London. Some psychics seem to think talking to dead people is something worth learning. Brianstalin disagrees. Very few people have a good grounding in basic metaphysics. Reiki channels have a greater chance of becoming clear and accurate channels of higher information. Start with Reiki and doors will open. Reiki training will help the kundalini energy to rise safely, which in turn facilitates the opening of your psychic centers.

Natural psychics sometimes have thinner auras and are prone to a lot of unwanted encounters with spirits, demons, extraterrestrials and impostors posing as Enlightened or Ascended Masters.
Often these natural mediums have engaged in Black magic in former incarnations and carry around a huge entourage of astral followers with them!
Proper training allows us to deal effectively with these trifling annoyances.
The only thing worth seeing is, of course, the truth!

Training so-called non-psychics is much easier.
These people eventually become psychics with better control and ability than the naturals. The military will back me up on this!

{pyt.} Gary, I noticed you're not from the US...anyway, what is all of this talk about demons lol
{odp.} Call them angels if you wish. It might even be more politically correct these days.
But isn't the idea of political correctness politically incorrect? I guess it is, unless, of course, you are the one of those fools who believe they are in charge oppressing those below them with their dictates on how their subjects should express themselves. Another tiny gain for the New World Order in their ultimate quest to leave us with little or no possibility for expressing ourselves freely.

"Reptilians in the Matrix"

Information is never truth and reality is never what it pretends to be.

Belief systems tend to discourage us from seeking the truth, because we have already made up our minds based upon limited perspective and experience.
If we is disagree with Oprah, MacLaine, Keene, Laird, Finkelstein, Semkiw or Ryerson, expect legal threats.
Disagree with global warming and be labeled a terrorist and end up in a FEMA camp.
We don't really need higher consciousness to see what this all means - just common sense.

Knowledge is nothing without wisdom. Without the cultivation of wisdom we cannot even begin to understand what truth is.

{ktoś} as for jesus christ, isnt he just a made up symbol originally derived for sun whorship, the 'sun' god..
{odp.} You've been listening to too many reincarnated freemasons and globalists like David Icke and others.
These kinds of people, manipulating mass consciousness, have mixed agendas.
The Akashic Records reveal to us that Jesus not only existed, but also attained enlightenment.
Only in states of higher consciousness can we gain access to the Akashic Records in order to experience and understand these things for ourselves.

I assure you that Jesus can be encountered by anyone in states of higher consciousness.
That Icke, with all his boasting about his great spiritual awakening, has yet to experience this is, frankly, no surprise.
It's just another indication that humanity is in serious trouble.

(...) There is nothing to fear when we take responsibility for our past lives and the actions we have chosen to conveniently forget. (...) The knowledge of past lives lies at the very lowest regions of higher consciousness.
It's just the first baby step on the journey to greater awareness of how the universe works and the discovery of who we really are.

Where do the really advanced souls end up?
It certainly isn't Earth.

{ktoś} Did you know that they have a device that can electromagnetically capture Soul essences when someone dies? They do this through ritual and tranfer these souls to new bodies and so avoid repercussions of this life in the afterworld. Think of these people as just demons in suits of skin, like the queen
{odp.} This is easy to accomplish, especially for those adept at metaphysics and the dark arts. It's nothing more than using mind control to conduct traffic.
If a soul remains content to shuffle back and forth between the earth and lower astral planes, it won't grow spiritually - especially if it continues to reincarnate into the elite bloodlines.
The terrible karmic repercussions only kick in when the soul decides to break free of the control grid and take full responsibility for its actions.

Even Tibetan monks who have never heard of Jesus encounter Him in their meditations.
Jesus is very active. If we explore genuine states of higher consciousness, we will inevitably find Him.
I'm talking about mystical experience - not mere intellectual understanding or faith.

{ktoś} lolz so these high profile political figures died and have been reincarnated as mediocer actors bent on world domination.Sounds like a bad episode of south park
{odp.} High profile political figures have always been mediocre actors.
Their success is due to the support apparatus created by the rich elites that have certain agendas.
For example, if Al Gore really gets off on all the adulation about being a savior of the planet through contrived political machinations, he may well seek out more of the same addictive sensations through other means of media mind control in future incarnations.

Learn to read the Akashic Records for yourself and formulate your own definition based upon that experience.
How can this be achieved? Find someone who can read the Akashic Records and ask them to teach you.
You will know when you have achieved success when you can access everyone's past lives with ease.
As most self-proclaimed psychics and mesmerists cannot demonstrate this basic ability, we must assume they are all charlatans and/or deluded fools.

The Buddha after attaining enlightenment realized just how hard it was to attain and, therefore, was unsure whether being a teacher would be truly worthwhile.
In states of higher consciousness we can become masters over the demons, both the external and the internal ones.
It is very unwise to just let them run amok.
It is the elites that openly worship Satan and it is the elites that have cleverly made us willing accomplices to all their evil deeds.

Higher conscious is a tool of empowerment.
Hitler talked about higher consciousness, but never attained it himself.
Similarly, most New Agers are unaware of their limited abilities and the hindrances to spiritual progress that their huge egos present.
They are part of the stifling control grid that tells us that we must bow down to an elite hierarchy of demonic channelers.
Both Jesus and the Buddha demonstrated the way to higher consciousness.
Should we really ignore what they taught us?

{do kogoś, jak zwykle} Remember everything is consciousness and therefore there is nothing that is not created from it.
Everything is absolutely made up!
That's the whole point!
If you ask for proof, then try proving your own existence first and then realize the impossibility and absurdity of the task!

According to the Gnostics EVERYTHING is Satanic in nature, except the one TRUE God - not the false God that went around causing untold problems in the Old Testament.
The pro-Christian philosophies have caused the greatest destruction and slaughter of all the other philosophies and systems of thought.
The New Age movement, with all its supposed wisdom, will, no doubt, ultimately emerge as the greatest oppressor and destroyer of all humanity - both literally and figuratively.

Even our most corrupt and narrow minded scientists agree than all energy is recycled and can never be destroyed.
We must achieve greater things and achieve greater status than even the Buddha or Christ before daring to utter complete nonsense and falsehood with the intention of destroying truth.
It would be easier to become enlightened and this is surely hard enough.

Brianstalin is not asking anyone to buy into anything.
If that were the case he would bend the truth to make it more believable and more profitable.
Brianstalin just invites us to explore what he says. In order to do that we must learn new skills that will not only heighten our own consciousness, but the consciousness of the whole planet.
Time is short and our lives and freedom are very much in danger.
Satanic Hollywood is just one symptom of an extremely sick and manipulative society.

The nightmarish vision of a future in which autonomous killer robots turn on their creators and threaten the extinction of the human race as seen in Hollywood blockbusters such as Terminator and The Matrix are part of the Pentagon's diabolical war plans against us.
Some perceive this as the only way to save the planet , while others see this as the ultimate power trip.
What is certain is that we will all be consumed and destroyed in the madness unless we do something about it.

We cannot understand what love really is without learning how to access higher levels of consciousness PROPERLY.
Hitler talked about higher consciousness and the coming race of supermen. Despite being trained in the Black Arts by "experts" and "adepts", Hitler failed to attain high levels of consciousness, sufficient enough to shake him out of his negative programming and serious delusions of grandeur.
Is it the same with our present day elites?
The ones so intent on killing us?

Why can none of the self-professed psychics and all the other "experts" teach us simple and direct techniques to raise our awareness and allow us to access truth directly?
Because they don't know what truth is, they are lost in delusion and part of the evil global mind control program to keep us all in the dark.
Poisons and pollutants deliberately placed in our drinking water to sterilize, kill and dumb us down is just one of the many hidden facets of the devilish agenda.

{ktoś} it is quite simple to access higher levels of consiousness, all you need is pure intent and an imagination...meditate on a pure white light, meditate on words that hold power such as love, truth and peace. meditate on words like war, hate and money. you will see that your mind begins to expand and you may even meet higher beings during this process. Pray to the Most High, whatever and however you percieve that to be. Much success to you.
{odp.} This kind of sloppy New Age thinking merely encourages access to higher levels of delusion.
In proper meditation the mind becomes totally still, the breathing stops and the physical body experiences temporary death.
Imagination and wishful thinking cannot help us.
As for higher beings and Illumined ones, they are the source of most of our problems.

The smart people out there don't look so smart from the perspective of the Akashic Records or of higher consciousness.
The smart people who believe they have a right to poison, sterilize, murder us and control all aspects of our lives, in fact, appear to be extremely dumb and mere moronic and robotic slaves of the lower astral planes.
Unfortunately, it doesn't mean these types are harmless - quite the opposite.
If you don't understand what I'm saying - don't worry, you soon will!

Metaphysics is scientific, but way beyond the limited brainwashing of having to make theory fit observation to find general acceptance.
Truth is NOT consensus, nor some dictate.

"Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth." M. Gandhi.
It would be better to study Brianstalin's techniques thoroughly and test their worth. It would be better to attempt to gain higher consciousness rather than assume we are aways right and thus remain in permanent spiritual stagnation.
Brianstalin has often said there are many forces wanting us to remain stuck just where we are.
If we are part of these dark forces, maybe it's time to break the negative programming.

If Brianstalin's findings could be proved there would always be idiots insisting we write the data down in our CVs or put it into databases.
Walter Semkiw is guilty of such stupidity, but fortunately he has neither skill nor sense. Nor does he have any proof, except in the form of acceptance by New Age gangsters and frauds Like MacLaine and Geller - representatives of Spiritual fascism and thuggery. Mind Control.
Semkiw is even collaborating with geneticists.
Very ominous and sickening.

Brianstalin can offer no proof to destroy the ever tightening stranglehold of the self-proclaimed spiritual elite.
He can, however, help the few who are willing to explore GENUINE states of higher consciousness without the dangers of turning into a Hitler, Stalin or Illuminati member.

The lower astral realms are able to project their evil influence into this realm via our astral bodies.
The astral body being the seat of the passions and emotions is almost a complete destructively oriented automaton running on internal and external programming.
If we can overcome that, we will start to make sense of what is really going on and understand who and what is the real obstacle to the spiritual advancement of the human race.

Celebrity? The media gets to decide who gets it. It is merely a reward for contributing to the hidden goals of Luciferic Consciousness.
We all want fame and fortune because we are all programmed automatons and support the corrupt and evil satanic system that has openly stated that it's going to exterminate 90% of the world's population.
That none of us are doing anything about it just demonstrates our full commitment to Luciferic Consciousness and its destructive goals.

Be realistic.
Look around you.
We are little more than wild animals.
Have we been brainwashed by fairy tales of Ascension?
Love is an abstract concept unless we can enter the higher mystical states.
We are in a fight for our lives.

Indifference to evil is definitely NOT a sign of spirituality nor is the constant repetition of New Age insipid platitudes that have no real meaning or substance.
New Agers are all about MIND CONTROL, get it? They speak nothing but lies. They twist, pervert and distort ancient knowledge for material advantage and gain.
"Do not think that I came to bring peace on Earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword." - Words attributed to Christ.

The only ascension we are headed for is as puffs of smoke rising from the grimy chimneys of crematoriums.
It will take approximately 2000 years before most of us overcome our animal natures and become real human beings.
For the Illuminati it will take much much much longer.

Alice bailey wrote about the creation of a group of elite masters and divine dictators to lead us - this all part of the Illuminati mindset.

We should remember that he ruling Satanic bloodlines are in competition with each other, constantly vying for ultimate supremacy over the others.
A lot of "innocent" people also get caught in the crossfire. However past lives make it clear that nobody is really innocent or else they would have been born on a civilized planet.
The world has always been run by gangsters and the little disputes and squabbles with the rivals "gangs" have done much to shape human history.

The main threat to us is our unspiritualized egos.
The unspiritualized egos and Satanic practices of many people connected to the ruling bloodlines, media, politics etc. now and in previous lifetimes have created the dark conspiracy to murder most of us in order to save the planet and maintain control (compare Hitler saving Germany and indulging in genocide).
History is like a wheel and reincarnation is a big part of the process.
Understanding reincarnation means understanding ourselves.

Those who have accidentally or intentionally connected with the lower astral planes (e.g. sorcerers, ET contactees, drug addicts etc.) WITHOUT any disciplined psychic training tend to become messiahs, puppets and propagandists for the demonic intelligences.
This propaganda has been incorporated into the New World Order as part of their mind control agenda.
Great teachers like Christ and the Buddha have been replaced by Satanists, Fascists, misguided wannabe gods, superheroes and fools.

If we rounded up all the reptilians, Illuminati types and all their supporters and executed them all, there would hardly be anyone left.
The Akashic Records tell us that we are the Illuminati that constantly reincarnates to experience the bitter poison of its own egoistic machinations and pathetic dreams of superiority.
Will we ever break this crazy cycle or will we just continue to moan, whine and blame others for all the suffering and inconvenience?

The Akashic Records tell us that we created the Orwellian nightmare and contributed to its success in this and previous lives. We can, with enough spiritual insight, accept responsibility and do something about it instead of blaming reptilian shadows and alter egos.
Only reaching higher states of consciousness will empower us.

New Age shallow thinkers, who insist there is no objective truth encounter a paradox when it comes to the Akashic Records.
Common sense tells us that the Akashic Records must be an objective record of events, thoughts, actions, dreams etc. If this were not so the Akashic Records could not exist.
Psychic investigations tell us that New Agers are lying to us because they want to control our minds.
Wake up!

Drunvalo Melchizedek comes up with the absurd notion that people have actually tried to destroy the Akashic Records.
This, at least, indicates the idiotic mentality of some people who fear the Akashic Records.
To some, objective truth is viewed as a threat or something to be feared.
We cannot deny truth forever, no matter how many people continue to insist otherwise.
Truth will triumph!
Mind control only works on the weak-minded.

{ktoś} 1- any human being can find any answer about any subject by tunig himself to the knoledge encrypted in his own cells and the universe surrounding him and the entities looking after him
2- you can access any knowledge by following simple cosmic law like eating vegetarian, and spreading quality frequencies through your thoughts, sayings and acts.
3- focusing on illuminati/reptilian subject only give them more strength (in the case they do exist) and will not help you in any manner
{odp.} Regarding I and 2, if it were really so easy to do these things without interference and manipulation, we would all be well aware of the objective truth instead of being in the sorry state of ignorance and dependence we find ourselves in now.
As for 3 the idea is to understand and explore the truth of this Illuminati and reptilian stuff that is being forcibly shoved down our throats and implanted into our minds.
There's obviously some truth in it, but truth can be used negatively.

{ktoś} this is maybe a video about bullshit
{odp.} Bullshit or truth? Have we really achieved a high enough level of psychic competence to make informed and unbiased assessments?
If not, then what hidden forces might exist that might seek to induce our psychic centers to shut down completely or prevent us from even achieving the most basic or most modest levels of psychic competence in the first place?

{ktoś} Don't forget that all organized religions were also created by the illuminati. That includes christianity, judaism and islam!
{odp.} Don't forget we are all reincarnated Illuminati elite from lifetime or another or at least the reincarnations of their most ardent and trustworthy servants.
WE created organized religions, wars, famines and the rest.
Instead of accepting responsibility, we just buy the books and DVDs produced and manufactured by conspiracy theorist superstars.
We then sit back and moan about how unjust everything is without accepting or acknowledging any personal responsibility.

{ktoś} The reptilians move between the physical and astral planes. They feed off our energy and eat our flesh.
{odp.} So the reptilians will become the new scapegoats.
They will be hounded, exposed and exterminated.
Very much like the Holocaust!
Hitler, of course, had Jewish blood running through his veins.
When the extermination starts we must exterminate ourselves to be on the safe side.
Reptilian just means cold-blooded and suggests the inability to give love without the need for something in return.
Receiving love for these types means adulation or willing subservience and obedience.

The Illuminati are crazy about exterminating 90% of the population. I wonder if this reptilian nonsense is part of the plan.

The Akashic Records chronicle not only the entire illusory journey of every soul from beginning to end, but contains all the information we ever need to understand not only the human spirit, but all manifestation of consciousness within this and other universes as well as an almost infinite number of other dimensions.....right?!

{ktoś} I wish your vlog was more convencing, unfortunately, I just don't get it.
{odp.} If truth were more convincing than falsehood things would be a lot different.
Have you not considered that the problem lies not in the theory of reincarnation or Brianstalin's research, but actually in our own limited intellectual, psychic and spiritual development.
What forces could have conspired to make our minds limited prison cells?
Have we been willing accomplices in this conspiracy?

{do kogoś} In the end, isn't genetic memory itself just a sorry hypothesis with very limited scope for exploration and investigation?
Did you say you got this info from a vision?
It almost seems like a deliberate attempt to keep our minds in jail.

When we dabble in any form of lower psychism, we can open the gateways to the lower astral and a flood of demonic propaganda and lies streams through.
It is a significant breakthrough, but NOT for us.
In our newly "enlightened state", we become puppets, mouthpieces and false messiahs spreading lies and confusion.
Communications with the demonic realms, dreams, visions, hypnotic trances and forms of voluntary possession can often result in dull, bland and often contradictory nonsense.

We have a right and duty to empower ourselves in a world of deception that utilizes both subtle and blatant forms of mind control to influence the weak-minded.

{do kogoś} Remember the readings have been checked by people who can read the Akashic Records AND also teach others to do the same.
This is real empowerment.
Brianstalin does not produce unconvincing individual readings like the fakers and charlatans who use poor techniques or none at all. Instead he explores soul groups - large groups of people incarnating again and again in different periods of history.
If you think it's easy to fake, then try it for yourself.

Being Reptilian (i.e. active servants of Lucifer) may be less about 'superior' genes and extraterrestrial origins and more about personal choice.
Fame, power, sexual perversion, murder , black magic, cannibalism, material success etc are intoxicating drugs to many elitists and those aspiring to rise themselves up to be among their ranks.
But this may be all part of our negative programming.
Is the open expression of the dark and satanic parts of our natures really about free will after all?

Brianstalin readily admits that satanism may be a necessary, even essential, part of our spiritual journeys.
But what if this reptilian stuff just becomes an insipid media driven frenzy by false messiahs like Icke?
What are the hidden agendas of people like this who are exploiting mass mind control techniques themselves while pretending to expose the 'bad' guys?

Icke and New Agers INSIST that we use our intuitions to guide us.
They know, however, that intuition is NOT enough to rise above deeply embedded mind control.
It doesn't matter if the mind control is blatant or subtle. We no longer have the tools to perceive it clearly and no-one in the media, especially people like Icke, UFO contactees and New Agers are really going to bother about doing anything to really empower us.
After all, where is the profit or glory in that?

Other people, just like past lives, are illusions. We are not separate, but part of the same consciousness.
Beyond consciousness there is nothing left to explore, because consciousness is everything.
Love, not joy, allows consciousness to respond to those higher vibrations that facilitate our access to the higher levels.

All religions, bogus or otherwise, are about control and tend to be led by egomaniacs and lunatics.
Hollywood is a mad playing ground for egoists trying to outdo and outshine each other or die trying.
Hollywood is a huge mind control center owned by the Illuminati.

Accepting responsibility for the mess we have created is a good starting point for doing something about it.
Responsibility is the flip side of power ("with power comes great responsibility").
When we become empowered through the attainment of higher levels of consciousness we can actually start to evolve.

Consciousness is what creates the illusory world we think we live in. The world does not pass us by, it was never here!
Consciousness is the only thing there is to work on and some people don't want us to bother with that. Higher consciousness is deemed off limits.
Instead intermediaries are created - angels, demons, ETs, channelers, mesmerists, media mind controllers and false messiahs who pretend to do the work for us but instead block the way!

Hitler certainly believed in higher consciousness and along with it the coming New Age of the "Supermen".
Such an idea drove the occult based Nazi regime to commit genocide and leave its mark on human history and the human psyche.
Now we have to put up with fools believing they are gods or at least channels of divine wisdom.
That's the New Age for you!
They even have the effrontery to call it wisdom!

The Illuminati are fools to believe they have special powers and abilities which allow them to rule over inferiors.
The Akashic Records according to Brianstalin reveal that the so-called inferiors have all been Illuminati bigwigs in former lives! That means in essence the Illuminati are not exploiting mindless sheeple and cattle but, in fact, dangerous adversaries who will in future incarnations rise up again and exact revenge.
The cycle may repeat again and again without end.

The Illuminati need David Icke to be brought in to tell us how clever they have been throughout history.
The fact is, they haven't been clever at all.
They've been really dumb and so have we.

Our own brainwashed minds blinded by logic and programming along with the astral bodies that are the source of all of our thoughts are our worst enemies.
How can we blame the government when we elected them?
How can we dare point the finger of blame at others?
Karmic law forbids us to encounter evil conspiracies and agendas if we did not participate in them in the first place.
Since we conveniently forgot all of our past lives and even deny their existence our guilt goes unacknowledged.

{odp.} When we stop laughing (a programmed response actually) and take the necessary steps to investigate this we may find it's all true.
If we follow the necessary steps properly and discover it's not quite accurate, we will at least be empowered to see what is really going on and share the information with others.
Until then, it's the guys in control of our minds, thoughts, emotions, dreams and astral bodies (pain bodies) etc. who are doing all the laughing.
They've been laughing a long long time.

Everything has been tampered with - not only history.
Our minds, thoughts, emotions and responses belong to something else known as the Luciferic Consciousness.
We have lost contact with ourselves. We no longer know who or what we are. We are often so busy working for the bad guys under their hypnotic mind control that we no longer seem to care.
Karmic law tells us if we work for the bad guys like this we deserve to be in jail.
Look around - we already are!
Instant karma!

Actually our thoughts come from our astral bodies.
The astral body is a programmed automaton that constantly sucks energy from us and its immediate surroundings.
When Morpheus in the Matrix points out we are nothing more than batteries he is talking about something that some people already know all about and use to further an evil agenda.

The reptilian brain controls the body's vital functions such as heart rate, breathing, body temperature and balance. Our reptilian brain includes the main structures found in a reptile's brain: the brainstem and the cerebellum. The reptilian brain is reliable but tends to be somewhat rigid and compulsive.

If all aliens are really fallen angels or demonic and egoistic false meddling messiahs / ascended masters, wouldn't it be prudent to reach higher levels of consciousness directly with out the interference from all this crap?
Isn't all this interference a dangerous trap to keep us permanently dependent on unreliable and exploitative elite masters?
Overcome your programming.
We must empower ourselves and become Masters of our own destinies.

{ktoś} There are no Reptilians in this reality. There are just Avions, Amphibianoids, insectiods, and Humanoids. (well that's the major four types of aliens).
{odp.} The most advanced and adept spiritual masters have always pointed out that ALL is illusion.
That includes Avions, Amphibianoids, insectiods (sic), and Humanoids.
Even reincarnation!

If we cannot demonstrate any real control or mastery over our own minds, bodies and souls it's very likely that we have already given this control away to someone or something else.
The Luciferic Consciousness!
The real battle is for minds and souls.
A few of us may still be alert enough to do something about it .
Perhaps that's just wishful thinking?

We all grope around in blindness seeking for truth until we can directly experience sufficiently high levels of consciousness.
We are somewhat hindered by the inadequacies of language, our limited physical senses and limited mental capabilities including our insistence that everything has be explained using logic.
Scientists are slowly waking up to the idea that the material universe comprises a mere 5-6 % of a wider hidden spectrum. Remote viewer Ingo Swann has talked about this.

Metaphysics does not belong to the realm of philosophy, but to the realm of experience.

We have all lived in the past and returned to the present. It's called reincarnation.
We are all fallen angels who have disobeyed Universal Law. We don't die - we only think we do.
Reptilian - hybrids is just a silly label to identify a certain class of demonic entity that has hustled it's way back to the earth plane to continue it's journey of self-gratification to the detriment of anyone else getting in it's way.
It is the "hero" figure that the Hollywood mind control factory extols.

Quite a few dishonest psychic fakers have found pictures of historical figures and told their clients they had been those figures in previous lives.
The problem is these fakers are unable to do any deep research into wider soul groups and show no interest in empowering their clients by teaching them how to read the Akashic Records for themselves.
This the fakers obviously cannot do, because these fakers can't access the Akashic Records in any meaningful sense.

This is curious because past life retrieval is the simplest of all psychic tasks and can be used as a sign of competency and used as a basic assessment tool.
Brianstalin has discovered to his disappointment that nearly all the famous media psychics and nearly everyone else calling themselves psychics or mediums were either faking it or completely self-deluded.
Houdini among others made efforts to expose them, but the problem persists.

Science is merely the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation and theoretical explanation of phenomena.
With Metaphysics, the queen of sciences, the observation becomes more and more direct until it becomes mystical experience.
With mystical experience comes higher forms of communication with what at first glance seems to be internal and external agencies and entities.
Later on profound understanding and wisdom begin to blossom and we experience truth directly.

{ktoś} what a load of bullshit.
You want to believe in Metaphysics go ahead - your just fooling yourself.
{odp.} Prove it, either by logical and rational argument or by demonstrating a more profound understanding of the processes of which I have spoken just a little.
When you talk of "self" are you referring to the brainwashed programmed automaton that we mistake for self?
If you were talking about the higher self then that should have been demonstrated by a wiser response.
As for belief systems - we don't need to cling to them because we like them or they seem to give us comfort in a hostile world.

Brianstalin has pointed out on numerous occasions that reincarnation cannot be proved.
He goes further and points out that NOTHING can really be proved and that is where science fails us.
Reaching higher levels of consciousness allow us to free ourselves from brainwashing and programming.
When we obtain these, we are TOTALLY free to make up own minds about truth, reality and a great many things besides.

Many great mystics have pointed out that all is illusion, but Brianstalin has discovered very simple tools that allow us to explore, in minute detail, how the illusion actually works.
A key part of the illusion is the constant recycling of intelligent energy into material forms that seem to follow certain subconscious programmed agendas to create a totally messed up world.
Science can neither prove nor disprove that this is not so.
Brianstalin's past life data is very real.
Deal with it!

Flush philosophy down the toilet - conceptual thought is a barrier to higher consciousness.

I have spoken to many adepts of Vipassana (insight meditation), but they can't give you any answers to specific questions.
They simply have not developed enough focused concentration with other practices like Samatha (focused meditation).
Samatha is very difficult, dull and too much like death.
Vipassana is considerably easier and often mistakenly regarded as superior to Samatha.
However, in practice, this is not so, unless Samatha had been practiced to very high levels beforehand.

Only when we detach from illusion and see right through it do genuine psychic abilities arise and with it higher and higher levels of consciousness.
Satanists like Hitler and the Illuminati are just too materialistic i.e. intent on shaping the world for their own selfish ends to experience the very higher levels of consciousness. They just get stuck at the lower levels.

If you are unable to quieten your mind and see the true nature of reality for yourself (which is very likely considering all the crap the media throw at us plus the New Age mind control stuff that plugs up and distorts our only escape route - our minds) I suggest finding a good teacher who can guide you around any obstacle so you can see and experience objective truth directly for yourself without the intervention of ETs, Ascended Masters, Experts, Gurus, spiritual celebs, channelers etc.

Throw away your books they are full of lies written by monkeys with small brains and big egos.
With meditation and states of higher consciousness we can become real people with real destinies.

That is why New Agers like Tolle step in and prepare people for occult power and states of peace and bliss, but do nothing to show us how to reach higher states of consciousness beyond these preparatory steps.
This is why people smell something fishy.
Tolle is quick to label himself as a spiritual teacher and so people will listen but not understand that he is helping the agenda of the other side - our enemy!

It is possible to live in the world, but not be of it, but it's the most challenging thing you can ever accomplish.
If you succeed, the angels and demons from every realm will come and worship at your feet.

{ktoś} Gary. I constantly follow your posts here and elsewhere. You, and of course BrianStalin, have teached me a lot.
Did Rudolph Steiner have the real access to the Akashic Records? He claimed that he was able to read the AR. You would know if you checked Nietzsche's past life; Steiner claimed that Nietzsche was a Franciscan monk who punished himself regularly. August Strindberg was Julia, Augustus' decadent daughter, according to Steiner.
{odp.} We all have real access to the Akashic Records.
Steiner, Cayce and many others dealt with the lower levels of access meaning their information was not precise or accurate in any real sense.
That's why it's important to use the most appropriate and objective techniques to access past life data and other esoteric knowledge and to do it for ourselves using sufficiently high levels of consciousness well beyond normal limitations.

We can start with long hours of focused meditation. Internal Masters and teachers will come along, but we warned - they are often not what they seem.
We have to rely on discernment, objectivity and inner wisdom to guide us.
If this is lacking we must seek out people who have already made the journey and be prepared to accept their guidance.
If the guidance turns out to be less than adequate or involves exploitation, we must look elsewhere.
It's not an easy path.

Psychic abilities and past life knowledge arises naturally from a still and focused mind.
If these little obstacles or diversions can be mastered without going off the rails i.e. getting side-tracked, proclaiming ourselves spiritual teachers, Messiahs etc. before we have even begun to deal with the serious stuff, then truly exceptional states of higher consciousness will inevitably lead to great spiritual growth.
In the end we will directly experience the true nature of all existence.

When the kundalini energy rises up the spine to open the third eye we are empowered, but we may also be at our most vulnerable.
The power of NOW that can be directly experienced with a still and focused mind free of all thought is a very powerful occult tool.
Tolle who calls himself a spiritual teacher seems unconcerned about the dangers involved in utilizing this tool to its maximum potential.
He seems unaware of the many higher states of consciousness beyond inner peace and bliss.

Only by reaching higher states of consciousness can we see truth for what it really is and not just how we or our superiors/experts/gurus/progra mmers expect it should be.
Many so-called mad people (geniuses, mystics and visionaries) were so dubbed because they had the ability to rise above "group think" and the herd mentality.
A lot of them were disposed of because their unique input upset the so-called natural balance of things.

if there really is any truth to conspiracy theories then direct experience of the Akashic Records is the ultimate source!
No need for gurus who give us truth spiked with small drops of poisonous lies which are subtly slanted in ways to keep us stuck in the jail of imposed prison consciousness.
Keeping our minds constantly going in circles is an old mind control trick.
The only way to empower ourselves is by identifying and accessing sources of objective truth.

What is more evil and cunning than exposing the truth in ways that are designed to keep us stuck just we are?
The truth is out there, but truth in itself
(especially if it is craftily and deliberately distorted) can do nothing to save us.
Ultimately only higher states of
consciousness can save us.
Instead of creating a race of occult, new world order, Nazi, supermen fully aware of their god-like status, Brianstalin proposes better and surer ways to evolve.

False reincarnation claims promoted by dishonest priests, shamans, past life regressionists, deep trance channelers (Edgar Cayce included), New Age gurus with agendas and weak-minded egoists clinging to false fantasies can be replaced by accurate and true readings.
Reincarnation can become an observable fact using the most appropriate and direct psychic techniques.
Past lives need not belong to the realm of exploitation and mind control.

Remember we all have a so-called Reptilian component to our brains. Reptilian is less about originating from certain sectors of the Universe, but more about attitude, or more accurately misguided perceptions and ego.
It's unwise to embrace exotic new conspiracy theories without being aware of deliberate intention to mislead.

In the end "Reptilians" is just a new, sexy and misleading label for followers of Satan.
We are told to love them by Icke and others!
We shouldn't fight them, because we would become like them - WE ALREADY ARE THEM!!!!!

Objective truth untainted by ego and wishful thinking can be very unpleasant and sometimes sparks off a lot of deep soul searching.
This is in sharp contrast to a lot of New Age fantasy that insists we are entering a new era of enlightenment and just need to hang around doing absolutely nothing to empower ourselves in ways that are free from the manipulation of self-appointed gurus and experts, deep trances, hypnotic states and demonic messages from the lower astral planes.

The ultimate truth is realized at the moment of full enlightenment. It is something that cannot be expressed in words and is beyond all understanding.
For the moment, the search for more objective forms of truth that are free from the interference of brainwashing, mind control, consensus, logic and evil agendas is something we can all aspire to.
This search is just one of many tiny basic steps that will ultimately result in the development of true inner wisdom and spiritualization of the ego.

Direct access to higher states of consciousness and direct access to hidden sources of objective truth is actually not that difficult to achieve.
The major obstacles are ego, programming, brain-washing and malicious interference from the lower astral and their willing puppets and subordinates found all over the earth plane.

{do kogoś} I'm sorry I can't even prove that your existence or even mine is anything more substantial than a mental projection or a dream.
Is proof part of mind control, do you think?
False propaganda supporting a particular theory or point of view that is cobbled together using tenuous logic or manufactured using underhand means or convoluted thought processes?
Similarly facts are really just what the majority chooses to accept as truth and are therefore equally worthless.

{ktoś} On the night if Dianas death it has been disclosed that the queen warned body gaurd Paul Burrows that there are DARK FORCES at work. What ever the hell the so called innocent old lady meant by that. The lavish life she lives...What would she know about fear...?
{odp.} Templar Knights.

{do kogoś innego} I agree that human beings are dumb and that demons are the main driving force behind the New Age movement.
But why pick on the concept of reincarnation for attack? Have you not considered that your own thoughts are the result of programming and brainwashing since birth?
Full time meditators have EXPERIENCED reincarnation for themselves and the Buddha talked about escaping the reincarnation cycle.
Because reincarnation is so little understood does not mean it must be false.

If you have any real proof that there is no reincarnation, then pass it on to me and I will get Brianstalin to present it to the Dalai Lama.

Demons are very adept at twisting and distorting the truth for their own evil agendas and for the one great agenda of creating the New World Order with the express intent of completely enslaving mankind.
If demons engaged in blatant lies, then no-one would believe them. It is very important for them to have people believe in their stories and it is these stories that get channeled and enter the mainstream media.
The experts who endorse these stories have no proof to offer us they are true.

The evil criminals i.e. EVERYONE born on this miserable prison planet (even the misguided, self-proclaimed messiahs, saviors and enlightened ones) might take time out to consider what went wrong and ask themselves why they were not sufficiently developed spiritually to be born on "nice" planets in more enlightened sectors of the universe in the first place.
The next step is to do something about it.
That means breaking free of all mind control and programming.

It means serious reform and the seeking of ways to achieve higher states of consciousness with wisdom and humility.

Where do the demonic spirits come from and where do they go?
They display so much interest in the earth plane because they have been here before in human form and will be again and again and again to continue their grand evil designs.
When we acknowledge we are these demonic spirits reborn onto the earth plane, trapped in a prison of our own making, we can begin to make some progress.

The belief systems of masters, gurus, New Age leaders, mesmerists, politicians, control freaks, magicians, fakers, exploiters, New Order architects, messiahs, angels, enlightened ones E.Ts, satanists, media personnel, fools, bystanders, experts and egoists etc. is really all about mind control and the forcing of random and ill thought out viewpoints and theories upon anyone with a weaker will.
The truth, however, always remains unchanged, but not necessarily out of reach for the earnest seeker.

I find nothing confusing in Brianstalin's research. It is quite precise.
Many people find the information unbelievable and a little difficult to handle. That's not my concern.
Past life information is of minor importance. Exploring realms of higher consciousness with sensible, non manipulative techniques should be encouraged.
There's no way the New Age can prevent a backlash against its blatant lies, mind control games, demonic propaganda, exploitation and manipulation.
Truth WILL triumph.

{ktoś} Dude I am GREEK!!!Go watch the news and see how we Greeks rioted the past 4 days! And that because we accept no government and propaganda shit!!!!Athens is on fire!!!
{odp.} Problem-Reaction-Solution scenarios are deliberately generated to impose ever central greater control and destroy our personal freedoms.
Do you really think riots are all about free-will? If Athens is on fire, it's because those in control have arranged it.
It's time we empower ourselves so we can act independent of any programming or hidden coercion.

Those who seem to know all about programming and mind control and step into the media spotlight to become prominent whistle blowers often use the same mind control techniques as the oppressors.
This was also blatantly demonstrated in the movie V for Vendetta, where V uses torture and mind control on Evey.
That's why we must be cautious about accepting everything the conspiracy theorists tell us. What exactly is their agenda?
Is it really to enlighten?

{do kogoś} The owners of entertainment use it as a tool. Many movies are blatant propaganda supporting a world view we are told (not invited) to endorse.
Brianstalin has no belief systems and states that any belief system automatically imposes crippling restrictions upon our abilities to reach any objective truth.
If you have any reason to support the idea that we live only once then please share it.
Why rely on what the Church and Christianity say?
They seek control and do not empower.

Hollywood is just a big mind control center owned by the Illuminati.
It is the place where reincarnated egoists, Ascended Masters and Satanists wind up.
They are all drawn to Hollywood.
Alternatives are rock and pop music, sports and politics.

Consider our planet as a prison - we are here because of past crimes we have committed against Universal Law, but we conveniently forget all about our past misdeeds.
Amnesia may be a form of denial - "I'm innocent. I don't belong here" or as part of our programming and brainwashing since birth.
Those who think they can remember their past lives are nearly always incorrect - lack of appropriate training and appropriate techniques used to recover "hidden" knowledge.
Ego is a big barrier.

The quest for psychic power is almost always for ego gratification - even if we seek to become Messiahs or Supermen and save everyone from evil it is still black magic.
Psychic development plus ego = black magic.
Only when the ego is dismantled or spiritualized can we begin to see the truth clearly without any interference.
When we no longer seek fame, wealth (New Agers call it abundance) or power we become free from any entanglement in Satanism which creates unending karmic consequences.

{ktoś} dude, look at it this way, it takes on average 7 years after the dali lama dies for his disciples to trace through the stars and find his re-incarnated soul.
{odp.} Remember even Tibetan monks and Lamas rarely identify the reincarnations of Dalai Lamas and Rimpoches correctly. They just think they can. Ego!
Tibetan monks also like the dark stuff and even gave aid to Adolf Hitler.

{ktoś} Just watched an interview with Richard Gere and they were talking about AMERICAN GIGOLO and I couldn't help but laugh at the irony of that.
{odp.} Clues and irony relating to our past life identities are all around us. We cannot do or say anything without revealing who we are, who we were and who we will become.

{inny ktoś} LOL ... this sux big time.
Lots of claims and NO PROOF!
{odp.} Remember nothing can be proved - absolutely nothing!
Proof is manufactured by the media and supported by restricting logical parameters that have been programmed into our minds since birth.
If you use Brianstalin's techniques and access the Akashic Records for yourself you might want to make certain changes.
The experience of past lives is direct and simple, but there are many subtle obstacles to accurate insight.
Your comment and similar ones like it are examples of a certain mindset.

Almost everything we are told is untrue.
This is because the information comes from unreliable sources.

We cannot prove anything because the matrix that we find ourselves in is an illusion.
Those who try to deceive us with expert and scientific jargon have hidden agendas.

Why the need to prove anything?
Truth is all around us and can be plainly seen!
What can really be proven anyway?
If we can't even prove life is not a dream then what is the point?
Is the demand for proof just a part of our shallow programming?
A necessary requirement for enforcing our points of view upon the weak-minded?

No need for experts, gurus, Ascended masters, angels or ETs to distort everything beyond measure for their own egoistic and disastrous agendas.

It's very easy to forget that we are all reptilians or, at least, their close and ardent supporters.
Almost everything we say, think or do gives support to their Great Satanic Conspiracy.
It's a prison consciousness we have created for ourselves.
Even the Illuminati are imprisoned within the false illusion of their own superiority.

{ktoś} The world would be better without douchebags like you, especially in the medias.
{odp.} I believe the usual procedure is ridicule, censorship, persecution, torture and extermination - but not necessarily in that order.

{ktoś inny} there are a lot of iluminati , reptilian and conspiricie theory videos no longer available ,or is it just my networkxx
{odp.} The Illuminati is behind all this conspiracy nonsense - an attempt to alter mass consciousness. The Illuminati do not always work to together as a cohesive unit - there is a lot of infighting for supremacy.
Some of the Illuminati understand our gross ignorance and guide us like sheep, but the temptation to exploit is beyond measure.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Pretending to ban and censor conspiracy theories is just part of a mind game.
The Illuminati revel in such activities.

{do kogoś} It's simply a matter of moving beyond our conditioned programming, producing unique data by means of higher states of consciousness and testing it with simple and direct tools like pendulums which defy all human logic, but at at least provide the means by which others can independently verify the data.
Just the first tiny step in the exploration of a wide range of ever increasingly subtle, powerful and accurate psychic awareness tools and techniques.
You and your kind can continue to reaffirm the prison that envelopes the minds and souls of human beings for as long as you like, but ultimately a few are going to escape the net and come back and start blabbing.
You can ridicule and\or crucify these people over and over again, but the process isn't going to stop just because you don't like it or don't understand it.
Evil agendas and prisons will ultimately buckle and crumble before the radiant intensity of pure and untainted objective truth.

Logic can be a prison of limitation for our undeveloped minds. Our minds can work quite freely without the need of any support from logic and intuition.
Hidden truths, of course, lie well beyond the confines of logic and intuition.
David Icke and his New Age pals INSIST we be guided by intuition, but this simply is not good enough.
Although the Akashic Records confirm a Satanic conspiracy, we have to free ourselves from the agendas and influences of all meddling self-proclaimed prophets.

Logic and intuition are not the same, but intuition when guided by the logical mind is led astray by subtle programming.
Manipulators of mass consciousness like David Icke and New Agers understand this.

Brianstalin is somewhat bemused by his reputation as the most accurate past life reader (also having the guts to share this rare and important information) presently living.
Can no-one relieve him of this accursed affliction!?
Why can't any of the self-proclaimed media experts step in and respond with alternative and more convincing data?
Are they really all con artists and frauds with evil mind control agendas?
Where is the evidence to the contrary?

As for ACTORS, gigantic egos, flamboyant and reckless lifestyles within Hollywood Mind Control Centers and their offshoots owned by rich Illuminati control freaks - I refuse to comment!
But certainly check out their past lives to reveal rather obvious and predictable patterns of ego gratification, control, black magic and perverted sensuality among other things.
The Akashic Records are a real eye-opener!
They're on free public display - there's no censorship and no locks on the doors!

We are here to reform. Fritz Springmeier's deep insights into Illuminati activity and brainwashing, in particular, are all supported by the Akashic Records.
This is very disturbing, to say the least!

The pendulum is the simplest and most direct way to access higher consciousness.
The more meditation and energy work we do, the more accurate and reliable it becomes.
All channeled information must be tested and never taken on faith.

If we check the channeled messages which form the foundation of the New Age movement we find most of it to be utterly false, manipulative and dogmatic.
For instance, according to dowsing, ALL of Dr Semkiw's and Kevin Ryerson's past life theories and input are false and alternative and more convincing data can be readily provided.
The reason why New Age experts and gurus insist on and need to validate each other's work is obvious, because it's all about media propaganda and mind control.

Even the great Edgar Cayce got most of his past life data wrong-no doubt because he utilized deep trance to access higher consciousness.
Cayce's good karma, however, allowed him to reincarnate into the elite egoistic Hollywood mind control system that attempts to alter our consciousness and perception in certain ways that benefit the agendas of the ones in control.
One agenda is to encourage Harry Potter-like forms of lower psychism instead of any direct cultivation of higher consciousness.

For instance some unscrupulous people have been using Walter Semkiw's and Brianstalin's past life readings readily available on the net and dishonestly pretending they are the source of these readings and using them as examples to get clients and extort money from them.
Mankind, it seems, will do everything in its power to corrupt and pervert the power of truth and light.
Few people understand the significance of objective truth.
But as Bill Hicks said it doesn't matter - IT'S JUST A RIDE!

Brianstalin doesn't charge for past life readings, but now accepts donations.
A steady stream of emails indicates that people are open to the possibilities of reincarnation and the possibilities of being able to see them with accuracy and objectivity.
The readings(the waste products of psychic abilities) pale in significance to the teaching of empowering and focused psychic skills required to access hidden objective truth - a truth that is well beyond our logical and limited comprehension.

The Reptilian conspiracy theory states that there are occult blood lines that control a secret society that runs the world.
People who are overly sensitive to negative demonic energy vibrations will see lizards and reptilian forms in the auras of satanists.
Assuming the reptilians are an invading extraterrestrial race is a bit of a cop out.
We all have a reptilian or satanic component to our brains/minds.
Simply put - the reptilians are our satanic natures freely expressing themselves.

The reptilian theory - a controversial branch of the satanic New Age movement will be slowly absorbed into popular pop culture along with the grays who are nothing more than incubi and succubi. [demony - przyp.red.]
Knowledge of such things and our indifference in dealing with them will sink ever deeper into our subconscious minds and help to reinforce both our satanic and demonic natures and the prison we find ourselves in.
It's about media mind control - are you up to the challenge.
Our very souls are in peril.

only by experiencing and exploring reincarnation can we fully understand why we live in a prison run by satanists.
Reincarnation tells us we are the satanists and the prison has been self-created and only we can dismantle it.
Did we not vote the satanists into power and did we not give our full support to the government bodies that run the process?

Are we not, therefore, more guilty of satanic compliance than the puppets in power? Is this not a trend we have created through countless lifetimes? Has it become impossible to break free from our subconscious satanic programming?

{ktoś} Wipe em out. NWO scum out this planet, out!
{odp.} That means wiping everyone out!
We are the scum!
We are the NWO - we have helped to create it in our past lives and most of us are helping to create it now and no doubt we will still be helping to create in the future.
It's an absurd situation!

The law of karma would never allow a person to come in contact with an evil conspiracy unless that person contributed to it in some way, either in past or present incarnations.
To claim to be an innocent bystander is to shirk responsibility and run away from the truth.
The greatest satanists are also the greatest philanthropists - their occult knowledge accepts the need for karma balancing and therefore millions are given away to ensure a comfortable rebirth to continue the great crusade!

We cannot resist or fight against human nature or the Luciferic Consciousness it operates under.
We can only hope to acknowledge it, understand it and ultimately transcend it.

Those in disagreement with Brianstalin have little to offer the world except opinion based on lack of experience and understanding - this is often a knee-jerk reaction due to wounded childish and petulant ego.
Brianstalin's research tells us WE CAN KNOW EVERYTHING and with this ability we will find the truth that can set us free.
If we say we can't know such things or this information is hidden from us for a reason we create and reaffirm the prison we find ourselves in.

People laugh when it is suggested that Satanists run the planet, but the Akashic Records tell us this is very true.
The Records suggest we have all been associated with the ruling Satanic bloodlines in previous lives. No doubt becoming demonic satanic world leaders or the like is a necessary stage in our spiritual development.

{ktoś} wow, of all the wild theories on youtube, this is the most silly. by far.
{odp.} Of all the crazy planets in the Universe, the earth is the silliest by far!
So truth may sound strange to ears accustomed to hearing nothing more than a continual and steady stream of egoistic and authority laden mindless twaddle.

One of Brianstalin's meditation Masters said ordinary people have to wait 500 years before incarnating - but Brianstalin has yet to find any ordinary people in the Akashic Records.

It is very unfortunate for the frauds and quacks in the media spotlight that certain people have experienced the Akashic Records to a competent enough level to retrieve very specific, accurate and reproducible past life data. These skilled people also have demonstrated their competency by teaching this valuable skill to others.
Shirley Maclaine, Oprah Winfrey, Kevin Ryerson and the other self-proclaimed experts cannot teach this basic skill and yet scream blue murder if anyone else can!

It is also very fortunate for the frauds and quacks that past lives cannot be proved and so we see these people conducting mind control experiments with us in the media, using the past life fantasy attachments of the simple-minded as material for the New Age mind control concept that we create our own reality.
According to the objective truth of the Akashic Records we are creating our own fantasies.
As a result we do not threaten the current satanic control system, but help reinforce it.

{ktoś} you have an interesting video here. how do we get to learn how to read the Akashic Records? can we see the Akashic Records of everyone?
{odp.} Get proper training. Yes. Everyone.

The Akashic Records contain valuable objective truth - it's validity will remain intact until the end of time.
It's only limitation is that it describes events within the Matrix which turns out to be nothing more than a shared dream or virtual reality.
However, the information contained in the Records, if used wisely, is a valuable tool in understanding and escaping from the limited confines of the Matrix.

Brianstalin says although his teachers have confirmed his findings there is always the possibility of shared delusion.
The only way to assess the validity of what Brianstalin and his teachers are telling us is to go to the Akashic Records and experience them for ourselves.

Past lives just like the existence of God cannot be proved. Yet past lives can heal us and teach us many things.
Past lives can only exist as possibilities for the open-minded. The incarnations of the Old Testament God can be found in the Akashic Records. In fact Jehovah is incarnated now on the earth plane and Brianstalin along with many others has even studied with him.

Do you really believe the jealous, wrathful, vengeful and destructive God of the Bible wanted us to know the truth? We were, after all, created to be slaves.

Brianstalin has stated countless times that he neither believes nor disbelieves in reincarnation. He simply reads the Akashic Records. Regurgitating religious dogma that contradicts what the Akashic Records is telling us is unhelpful and simply reaffirms how easily we have become conditioned to OBEY AUTHORITY. OBEY AUTHORITY is what New World Order is all about.

Brianstalin's work is NOT about reincarnation, but about reaching the highest levels of consciousness. It is from this higher perspective we can decide if reincarnation is more than recycled energy trapped within the confines of artificial or illusory matrices and we can decide to what practical purposes we can apply this knowledge.

In the Gnostic gospels Jesus berates the disciples for still worshiping the false and imperfect God of the Old Testament even after His coming.
The disciples are the epitome of mindless and thoughtless worship of false divinity and authority.
Anyone claiming to be a disciple of Jesus in a past life must also admit (if they are right) to a great lack of understanding of Gnosis and if they are wrong (which is more than likely), they demonstrate a singular lack of ability to dismantle ego.

{ktoś} There seems to be many holes in you proposed facts.
{odp.} The Akashic Records do exist - people have experienced them and retrieved information from them.
It's best to do this with accuracy and to have the knowledge and the skill to navigate any obstacles and work freely without the need for lower astral intermediaries whose job it is to hide the truth from us.
The holes you speak of only exist in your mind because of your lack of experience of this process and your insistence that everything must conform to logic and common sense.
To assess the readings properly requires learning new skills. Minimum requirements being the ability to access the lower levels of higher consciousness.

Before Brianstalin started his own study and training with people skilled in these things he thought very much the same way you do. Now he is more open-minded.
Information can be retrieved. Communication with entities appearing as angels, extraterrestrials, ascended masters etc. is pretty simple.
New Agers seem (or pretend) to be oblivious to the fact that information is next to useless unless it used for practical and beneficial outcomes - healing NOT propaganda.

Our so-called reality is created by the mind anyway - it's just a dream!
Instead we must rely on experience and inner wisdom and even these can lead us astray if used unwisely and with too much ego, but still teach us valuable lessons.

this kind of objective truth, unhindered by theory, speculation and demonic intermediaries, can be experienced by anyone.
It's not research in the traditional sense.

The New Age movement is a mixture of black and white.
On the negative side it promotes unsafe acts of lower psychism - past life regression therapies and deep trance channeling.
Brianstalin is concerned with the shoddy and inaccurate information the New Age movement has been putting out through media sources.
Past life reading remains the most basic psychic skill known to man.
The fact that few people can demonstrate this basic skill and pass it on to others suggests that our psychic centers are being being shut down by clever external programming.
Whenever people try to access higher states of consciousness through new age teachings they almost always end up connecting to demonic entities of the lower astral realms who pose as ascended masters, extraterrestrials, angels and enlightened beings.

We ALL were prominent people in MOST of our past lives. We are all responsible therefore for the mess - no good blaming it on the reptilians.
It seems all the celebrities and prominent people are empty shells - just mind-controlled zombies and slaves. The ones who think they are in the know and believe they can control the thrilling process to their advantage are mind-control programmers.
They are often the ones wanting most attention and making most noise.

The Matrix movies and V for Vendetta are all about Mind Control.
In V for Vendetta, the masses rebel against their oppressors, but such attempts we know always result in even more monstrous regimes. Rebellion is a form of New World Order recruitment - that's just how Hitlers are created!
The blood-red "V" logo is reminiscent of the occult Baphomet goathead.
Charles Taze Russell was a Satanist. The entertainment and music industries are mind-control centers.
Look beyond the surface.

V is an artificially created Nietzschian superman who operates not by free will , but the programming he has been given.
V develops unusual psychic and physical abilities - the same abilities that the New Age Movement (the religion of the New World Order) entices us with.
Why so many TV and movie super heroes in recent times?
Finally - V engages in the torture and reconditioning of Evie, taking her against her will and imprisoning her in a cell - all for her own good! Very nice!

V did not awake from the Matrix, but just became another superman who became even more evil than his oppressors and creators.
Similarly Neo from the Matrix is another false Messiah who saves everyone. He does not lead them out of the Matrix, which, of course, real Messiahs do through their acts of healing and teaching. Real Messiahs don't manipulate the Matrix for selfish gains or do battle with enemies.
They point the way. It's a difficult journey and not very glamorous.

The media - books, entertainment, movies, music, sport and even conspiracy theories are owned by a small elite.
These industries attract ego types who are either consciously or unconsciously working for the Illuminati and the complete control of the human race by the New World Order.
How much time is wasted in front of TV and movie and computer screens?

A certain amount of time is taken up (9-5) getting the basic income to live. Free time outside work in drawn into the time-wasting media hype of the media.
By subtle control we have no remaining time for more constructive pursuits like reaching higher states of consciousness. This would be threatening to our leaders.
For those interested in so-called "higher" pursuits and self-empowerment the New Age Movement was created.

The primary function of the New Age Movement is to replace the Church and diminish the role and importance of Jesus in our minds.
The New Age promotes unsafe and unreliable practices like past life regression, deep trance channeling etc.
If psychics are not properly trained they encounter the world of demonic propaganda which is just the astral counterpart of the Illuminati's mind control program.
These psychics then inject themselves into the media and become spokespeople and messiahs of BS.

Some of these messiahs and spokespeople even talk about the evil New World Order and pretend to oppose it.
Some of these fools raise hopes of alien intervention to destroy the New World Order insisting that for this to occur a certain percentage of the population must start thinking differently and invite these angelic extraterrestrials down among us.
It's all mind control from the same source!

Channeling becomes unsatisfactory when everything is filtered through the logical mind. The logical mind is severely limited by its lack of experience of the highest states of consciousness. With psychic impressions based on dowsing principles there is less reliance on logic and less input by the ego that always insists on viewing things the way that it thinks things should be and not as they really are.
To assess the information properly requires reaching higher levels of consciousness.

{ktoś} WTF? You're saying Emma Smith was a Reptilian?
{odp.} We all have a reptilian component to our brains. We don't use it - it uses us.
Reptilian forms aren't about our extraterrestrial origins, but about our membership of a group, which clings to sick fantasies and agendas.
Our willing assistance in the dark agenda to enslave the weak-minded will make people who are overly sensitive to negativity perceive our auras in frightening ways.
Some people simply project their own fears and negativity onto others, because they fear to look within.

{dalej ten sam ktoś} And that tied in to Emma Smith HOW?
{odp.} Emma Smith, like all of us, is a co-creator of the matrix. She has to bear the responsibility of her past, present and future actions which have, either actively or passively, supported the creation of a New World Order which has enslaved humanity.
It's a heavy burden and may often bring moments of despair and rage.
Our minds do not need to be imprisoned forever.

{inny ktoś} the matrix film was based on a comic book called the invisibles written by a freind of a freind of mine called grant morrison,they never gave grant a penny from the film and made it kinda shit compared to the comic,grant to my knowledge is normal
{odp.} Alas! Nobody is normal. We all have a reptilian part of our brains. We do not consciously use this part of the brain - it uses us!
The Law of Karma seems to be cruel - only because we lack the full picture. In reality there is no such thing as injustice!

I probably don't need to remind you that we have been, for many incarnations, unable to rise above our programming and open our inner (third eye).
Self-proclaimed psychics and people under hypnosis do not possess the most basic skill of accessing the Akashic Records. Their lack of knowledge and training allows them to see only the false Astral Plane.

If we aspire to be a champion or hero it is because we are responding to our negative ego programming.
It is the easy path involving eternal competition, battle, ego-gratification and suffering. The other path is the less attractive and more difficult,but inevitably leads to total freedom.
The ego path may help build character and satisfy the lower passions temporarily.
Older souls, who have been through the mill countless times, may be ready for something different.

Past life knowledge requires the activation and opening of the third eye.
The reptilian alien (lower Astral) agenda is to prevent this happening at all costs, because a programmed automaton slave is replaced by a free-thinking enlightened individual, immune, at last, from any external manipulation.
This is a manipulator's worst nightmare!

We don't have to give our support to the reptilian agenda EVERY lifetime!
We can take a break occasionally!

All heroes are, in fact, anti-heroes, because they glorify the ego, which is an analogy for Satan!
If Charles Taze Russell was a satanist, then perhaps encounters with demonic influences taught him valuable insights.

{ktoś} This is funny.
{odp.} The funny thing is that everything is an illusion created by our minds working together to create a matrix that works by consensus agreement to produce a forum of experience and experimentation. For soul growth or sense/mind pleasure.
Those who are bored by the whole circus disengage or unplug themselves by meditating in caves to achieve the highest consciousness and perhaps become co-creators of more advanced and spiritual matrices in other universes or dimensions.

One must access the Akashic Records directly. This is very easy because we just use the very lowest portion of the super-consciousness - the area of the mind where this information resides.
Those people channeling demonic entities are relying on relayed and unreliable information.
These entities can interfere with us in the deep trance states found in hypnotism and certain dangerous forms of channeling.
These entities perform a special function - to keep us in perpetual ignorance!

The ONLY reliable chronicle is the Akashic Records! You have to go there yourself and deal with your own past life links, love affairs and disputes with the Illuminati and ruling bloodlines etc. both upon the Earth and Astral planes. It's all about accepting and dealing with responsibility.